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Shouldn't be the case. I personally find the Sextett to have syrupy mids and less bass extension/punch than the HD-600. The latter also reveals significantly more detail.Either there is something wrong with your HD-600 or you received a superb-sounding pair of Sextett. Regards.
Looking to obtain a pair of these, with close-to-new conditions, i.e. thick padding. Please let me know if you have one such pair you wish to sell away. I am in Sydney (Australia). Cheers!
I love it to death. Unlike the many dating sims with overly simplistic/typical storyline, Kimi ni Todoke has much greater depth and I could actually relate a lot of the occurences in the show to my teenage days back then (realistic?).Anyway, I highly recommend it. It may be a tad too slow for some people but it's still a very good show IMHO nonetheless.Cheers!
Up for sale is a pair of SR-60. When I purchased these from the previous owner, it needed a new cable as well as some touch-ups, perfect for modding. I got as far as recabling with 2m-long, quad-cored 26awg SPC cable (see photo), inserting a little blutak into the crevices where the rods are (to prevent free-sliding of the chambers) and adding cable tiers at the end of each rod to act as 'stoppers' (crude but effective). The rest are how they came to me originally. I would...
I have owned the HD-650 for nearly 6 years now and I personally rank it on top of all the headphones I have tried over the years. I would vote the K-340 too but I have only owned them for less than 4 years. Hopefully I can sample either the HD-800 or LCD-2 in the near future and see if I have a new "champion" then.
Check out Ebay seller furryletters. He sells a lot of sleeving types so make sure you get the monofilament variant, not the stiff, loosely-braided one. He calls them by a different name but I forget what it is. Your best bet is to describe to him what you are looking for and he will accomodate you. Cheers!
Great advice there and with which I concur.OP is unhappy with the K601 sonic signature so a different headphone seems in order. Yes, a good amp will make the K601 sing far better (I experienced it when I moved to a GS Solo) but it is not going to fundamentally change the sound. Like the OP, I initially disliked the K601 too and, while the Solo allows me to now enjoy it, I am always reaching for the Sennheiser HD-650 & AKG K-340 most of the time (which I love to death from...
I have used Navship's pre-twisted, stranded wires in sizes 26-24AWG for headphone recables. Coupled with the cloth-like techflex (iirc it's called monofilament sleeve) in 3/8in diameter size, they make fine cables. Just make sure to avoid the solid, inflexible wires.   I'm curious so many people are calling the wires microphonic as I don't find it to be the case. Granted, I am using wires purchased back in 2008; it's possible Navship is using more microphonic sleeves...
I'm looking to replace the (near disintegrated) foams in my pair. I understand this is a different foam to those normally found lining computer hardware boxes (which I have a lot of). Would a hardware store have this type of foam in stock? Or has anyone actually tried the 'common' foam as replacement?   Thanks in advance.
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