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I personally find the wanton lack of moral restraint by the protagonist disgusting. The ending though (nice boat) is quite something and I admittedly felt a kind of satisfaction watching that bit.
The 1st season starts out like your typical Key dating sim (guy protagonist getting close -not dating- to each of the heroines) and concludes with him pursuing further relationship with the main heroine. The 2nd season ~After Story~ is where the fully fleshed twist/storyline occurs.Something to keep in mind in case you are expecting to be blown right away from the first episode.
Great to see you're expanding down under. All the best to you and, yep, count me in!
I can't think of any other anime more heart-wrenching (touching really) than ~After Story~. I would even put it ahead of Grave of The Fireflies.p.s. Episode 18 is where it's best....
Xam'd Lost Memories was great too. It may not be the top in terms of plot depth but the subtle plot revelations and suspense are well done. I picked this up because the OSTs were composed by the same person who worked on the first FMA run (Michiru Oshima). I was not disappointed and very much loved the dramatic presentation.
Finished The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's how the second season (disappointing) should have been. It's also nearly 3 hours long, which is very rare for an anime movie, but very well-paced nonetheless. Started Nichijou recently and have been laughing myself silly. May not be worthy enough to dislodge Azumanga Daioh as the jokes are often overdone but it's still an enjoyable comedy show.
I would actually like to see something that combines the bass articulation/punch of the DT-880 and the mids/smoothness/detail level of the HD-650.
Shouldn't be the case. I personally find the Sextett to have syrupy mids and less bass extension/punch than the HD-600. The latter also reveals significantly more detail.Either there is something wrong with your HD-600 or you received a superb-sounding pair of Sextett. Regards.
Looking to obtain a pair of these, with close-to-new conditions, i.e. thick padding. Please let me know if you have one such pair you wish to sell away. I am in Sydney (Australia). Cheers!
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