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I have the ck10 and ck100pro. In terms of isolation, the ck100pro is more isolating IME but both do a good job at it nonetheless.
Perhaps you might want to detail, in this thread, what headphone and shop you want to buy from? If any aussie-based member feel they can do it, they can then PM you to take things further in the background.
Hi Yaluen, Thanks for your reply. I won't go so far as to say the CK100Pro was not the right purchase. Its sonic signature is indeed similar to the CK10 (which I like) and, as already mentioned, it is easily the better of the two. The drawbacks are that: 1) it picks up the background hiss of my Note II (I tweaked settings in Neutron player and it is barely there now, even if still audible in quiet passages), and 2) it is quite energetic in the high frequencies it makes...
I've been reading about the Note II, the background hiss and consequently intrigued by USB DACs. The HiFimeDIY Sabre Android DAC is an interestingly tiny proposition which I can live with (don't want to lug a brick of DAP+amp+cables). Are there any others like it (at whatever price)? I know it's a low-cost device but that's the only one of its kind I know of. p.s Loving the CK100Pro. It's very clearly more capable than the CK10 (which itself is already a very...
Looking to get these to pair with a ck100pro and Note II phone (background hiss issue). Like it mainly for the size. Does this have much background hiss I sh be worried about?
Got these today and have been listening to it straight out of the Note II. First impression: I can now hear the infamous background hiss that the CK10 does not pick up. Combined with the stock comply tips, the presentation was maddeningly bright (but otherwise a clear improvement over the CK10 in many areas). I swapped the tips with the triflange I had been using with the CK-10 and it toned the brightness down to much more natural level. Voices/instruments seem more...
Sounds like the CK-100Pro is a winner then. Thanks for the suggestion, everyone. p.s. missed a used pair for AUD$300 yesterday but I guess another $100 or so for a new pair ain't so bad...
I know the CK-10 is not a very common phone but the SR-535 and W4R should be. I honestly expected more discussion/response. Are these in an uncommon price bracket (for portables) or am I just not asking the right question?
Thanks for the reply. I can find these on ebay for just a little over AUD $400. Should I be worried about fakes?
TL;DR: Want an upgrade from the AT CK-10. Looking at either the SE535 or W4R. Appreciate any opinions on these or other alternatives.
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