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Sounds like the CK-100Pro is a winner then. Thanks for the suggestion, everyone. p.s. missed a used pair for AUD$300 yesterday but I guess another $100 or so for a new pair ain't so bad...
I know the CK-10 is not a very common phone but the SR-535 and W4R should be. I honestly expected more discussion/response. Are these in an uncommon price bracket (for portables) or am I just not asking the right question?
Thanks for the reply. I can find these on ebay for just a little over AUD $400. Should I be worried about fakes?
TL;DR: Want an upgrade from the AT CK-10. Looking at either the SE535 or W4R. Appreciate any opinions on these or other alternatives.
Hi all, I have been using these for more than 3 years now and it has been absolutely fantastic. Its cable is a little stiffer now than when it was new and I probably need a back-up in case these suddenly fail (it's my only to-go phones). Firstly, where I'm coming from: I like the CK-10 mainly for its (IMHO) relatively balanced presentation. The bass punch is just nice (not too much like the HD-25 or anemic like the K601), detail resolution & isolation pretty good and,...
My brother likes the look of the M3 the most (the RE252 second and the MC5 labelled as too geeky-looking). He's not too particular on the sound (these phones should all sound good and far better than his old CX-300) so the M3 looks won it for him. Thanks heaps for the help.
It is still for sale here so it's still an open option. I can also get Brainwayz phones directly at MP4nation and at their prices, the M3 is also within budget. Should he just spring for the higher-end phone? Seems a logical choice to me. Cheers!
Thanks for the link. My bad for missing the sticky (and for posting hastily on the bus). Plenty of good suggestions on that link and I have picked the Etymotic MC5, Brainwavz M2 and Hifiman RE252 for him to choose from. I don't exactly know his sound preference but I think he's happy with most of anything (as long as it does not stray too far from 'mainstream'). I was going to also recommend the RE1 (or was it 0) but I did the same for a friend before and he found its...
Hi all, My brother is looking for one and has asked me for a a recommendation. I've been out of the loop for quite a while and never even looked at phones with this criteria. He has been using a senn cx-300 (I hope I spelled that right) and was also happy with the hd-25 (cable failure unfortunately put it out of service). Besides the obvious need for durability and noise isolation, I don't know what phones are good in this price category. Appreciate your input. Thanks.
Double post. Please ignore or delete.
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