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Still worth trying to rwplace rhe elastics with even tighter ones. You may be surprised at the result.
I don't think these phones really 'warm up'. It's more likely your ears getting attuned to their sound.I'm personally not a fan of tubes so my exposure is almost all transistors. Speaker amps will definitely have the power to drive these but be wary of the background hiss they tend to exhibit. This (and the space taken) are quite the reason I do not use my Cyrus integrated amp with my phones.
You can replace those with the headband ties girls use. It's about 1-2cm in diameter. I don't have pictures on how to do this but it's quite simple. From memory, unscrew the inner and outer cup sides (not the ones covered by the pads). The elastics will be exposed, allowing you to replace it.
I have owned a number of K340s, bass -light & -heavy (based on listening to them, rather than the driver colour -which do indeed vary from model to model-). I modded all my K340s (with the exception of one which still had perfect-shaped cable), being dual-entry cable, internal silver wiring, cotton mod and cloth grille. I have come across some I consider 'tired-sounding' and also some which are simply 'vibrant-sounding'. If you think yours is the former, the mods improve...
Got the C5D today. It's working great out of the box with the Note 2 and Neutron player. It's a notable improvement from the Note 2's already decent built-ins, esp. in terms of background noise (which the CK100Pro picks up easily). It's very clean-sounding, for lack of better words. I need to get a replacement micro-to-mini OTG cable though. I accidentally bent the pin on one end when I put it all into my pocket. Anyone knows of a good place to buy short OTG cable (that...
I have Android version 4.1.2 on the Note 2. Will the c5d work with it?
How do I tell what version I have?
HI, I just noticed this thread in my search for a DAC/Amp combo for my Samsung Note 2. How does it match with the AT CK100Pro? Also, I am using the Neutron MP player; is there any issue between this software and the C5D? Thanks.
I have been using my AT-CK100Pro iem driven directly by the Note 2 and using Neutron MP player. It sounds good to me if a little strong in the upper registers at high-ish volume. I have been contemplating an upgrade to this setup. For comparison sake, I tested the CK100Pro on an old rockboxed ipod 5.5 coupled to a Corda Move. The sound signature is different (darker/blacker) but otherwise superior esp. in terms of texture and control in the highs. I have been looking at...
It's weird that attack on titans is only 25 episodes long (according to Wikipedia anyway). We're 22 episodes in and there is still so much questions on the titans and the story definitely can be fleshed out into at least a 52 episodes series. Anyway, my thumbs up for a good series indeed.
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