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It better be. Not that I know how the other DACs out there sound in comparison.
I'm still using the same DAC I bought 5.5 years ago. Should I be ashamed too?
For that budget and the targeted audience, I think it's a fine and safe choice.
Can this work with 220-240V AC outlets?
Quote: Originally Posted by Heady I used a variation to get the water out - spin cycle only, in a washing machine. In my experience, washing pads work for those fabric type pads only. Grado type pads, ie entirely made of foam without fabric cover, should not be washed. They fall apart quite quickly after washing. No idea why. Seems to me spinning the pads in the washing machine causes it. I have had zero issues with hand-washing pads, whether it...
Soak them in detergent water for about an hour or so, rinse off with water, squeeze most of the water out and leave it to dry in the air. Enjoy.
FURRYLETTERS: EXPANDABLE SLEEVING COLORS, DRILL BITS STANDARD LENGTH, CLAMP ADEL misc. I purchased some from this seller before. Somehow I cannot find this product amongst his current offering but I'm sure he has some in stock or can order some for you. Cheers!
Quote: Originally Posted by sunneebear Like this maybe? Very nice job! How did you do those grills and the white backside of the drivers?
Quote: Originally Posted by iamthecheese Thanks for the info...Zorander what cable did you use? I saw this recable guide... He makes it sound like its easy to open them up...I tried quickly and failed... I used whatever wires available around me at the time, which invariably is SPC (sleeved with multi-filament nylon). I guess the scissors trick would work if you have one with small- and...
Quote: Originally Posted by scompton I'm unhappy to hear this because my K501 has a bad connection in the cup. The K501 uses screws for the caps and hence is easier to open than the K601/701. You should not have much difficulty opening them.
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