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Quote: Originally Posted by iamthecheese Thanks for the info...Zorander what cable did you use? I saw this recable guide... He makes it sound like its easy to open them up...I tried quickly and failed... I used whatever wires available around me at the time, which invariably is SPC (sleeved with multi-filament nylon). I guess the scissors trick would work if you have one with small- and...
Quote: Originally Posted by scompton I'm unhappy to hear this because my K501 has a bad connection in the cup. The K501 uses screws for the caps and hence is easier to open than the K601/701. You should not have much difficulty opening them.
Opening the grills is a major pain. I re-cabled two pairs of them to date but, as I have not the right tools, I end up damaging the grills on both pairs. The re-cable IIRC helped make the phones sound less anemic in the bass and simply more alive. It's worth re-cabling them though it's also a good idea to have correct 'grill opener' (any suggestions?) before attempting it. Cheers!
Quote: Originally Posted by plonter thanks for the advice. are you talking about the K240 MKII? i saw a pair at headroom but I don't know if that's the one you are talking about... AKG K 240 MK II - Full Size Headphones | HeadRoom Audio they are closed though...and i was thinking about something open. What he meant is the even older K240 that is no longer in production (search Head-fi for 'Sextett'; they crop up for sale here quite often)....
I can't really think of one that would represent a cross-over between the two, though if I had a choice, I'd pick the vintage (1980) DT-880 over these two.
I vote for the Piano Black finish! p.s. can we add a poll here?
Quote: Originally Posted by mr. nice sorry people but i am telling you the facts. You mean 'my opinion'?
And I actually still prefer the HD-650.
I acquired a pair of HD-580 and a Creek amp (outside Head-fi) to supplement my speaker rig. I browsed around Head-fi to affirm I made a sound choice. Everything looked good and I was content. A few months later, I experimented with purchasing new, unknown stuff from the classifieds section. All started to tumble from there.
I have been using Foobar2000 for 6-7 years now and won't be changing to anything else in the foreseeable future.
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