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Quote: Originally Posted by Sasahara Priceless. Sadly I hear good things about Naruto all the time but I don't even want to associate myself with people who watch the show. Makes me wonder if I am missing out lol. You should watch the first season as that is very good IMO. I would skip the whole of the second season (Shippuden) however; it's horribly slow, filler-ridden and does not compare in quality to the original season.
Quote: Originally Posted by cck5 i was creeping in and out for some quick tips, and than it become a habit to check here every week. than i was considering an upgrade for new cans. and now im a member and am here for several hours a day, and now i had a budget is 300 dollars for new grados and an amp, and now i;m looking at RSA amps which should just be called bank account breakers. OMG GET ME OUT OF HEREEE Give up.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoupRKnowva WHAT?!?! i had no preconceptions going into that show, watched it entirely cause i saw that Thora did it, and the screenshot looked cool :P and i loved it, it might even be my new favorite, well at least tied with Raxephon and Evangelion. Next youre gonna tell me those are overrated too lol I actually prefer Code Geass over those shows, as far as the 1st season goes anyway.
All the best to you and your family, Rick.
My current mood (exams and work) is my weakest link right now. Most of anything just sounds bad.
Go see your doctor.
I see dead turkeys...
Quote: Originally Posted by kinsale accurate balanced bass. The vintage (1980s) DT-880 has this. Just plain transparent, musical and packs some real punch.
Another vote for FB2K. Been using it for nearly 7 years straight.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jon L I installed AntiVir, and it definitely installs and scans faster than AVG 9. However, I can't seem to figure out a way to set up regular scheduled scans. How do you set this up? Administration (left-hand side tab) -> Scheduler and tick 'Enabled' for 'Complete System Scan' item.
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