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Never mind. Reinstalling the driver and Patchmix (the 2008 version) seems to do the trick.
Hi all, A recent upgrade to Windows 10 results in my current PCI 1212m automatically resampling 44.1KHz music files to 48KHz. Attempts to set the playback sample rate at 44.1KHz either in Windows settings or Patchmix yielded no success. As this card is EOL, there are no recent driver files either. I could just ignore it and play back everything at non-44.1KHz but the purist in me can't quite tolerate that. Could you please advise a suitable replacement card? I use this...
Hi Poo, I did get the below information. I have not bought any pads yet due to the price but hopefully this is useful to you: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Email: service@sennheiser.com.au The part is available to purchase, pricing and information below. Part Number 534411 Description Earpads 1 pair Purchase Price (RRP) $129.56 (Inc. GST) Shipping Charge (per order) $10.00 (Inc....
The iPod has been in a rubber enclosure and the protective front plastic sheet has never been removed so the unit is in very good condition. Some smudges on its metal backcase but otherwise pristine and scratch-free. The headphone socket needs replacing however as a headphone tip broke off inside it (not a problem for those who intend to use its line-out with an amp, as was the case with me). Rockbox is installed on this player. The Corda Move was used in conjunction with...
Join date 2004 here. I don't post nor peruse the Classifieds as much now. I still feel sorry for my wallet, having purchased the HD800, CK100PRO and C5D headamp last year. We sure have a dizzying number of choices out there than many years ago.
Thanks! I've sent them an email. Let's see what they come back with. Cheers!
Price dropped to USD$99.
Hi, I'm quite aware how much earpads can cost, having owned the headphones in my profile (feel free to take a peek...). I still have a hard time even now swallowing the prices they demand but the HD800 pads are a new high for me at about 50% more than the HD6xx ones. I acknowledge availability is rarely an issue here in Australia. My issue is the exorbitant price we pay locally (versus importing). Admittedly I did not check out the local distributor because of that very...
Wishing you and your daughter a speedy recovery,
HI all, Looking to replace my current pads as they feel quite thin and seem to affect the sound quite a bit. A quick search yielded the below links:(in order of increasing price): http://www.custom-cable.co.uk/official-sennheiser-hd800-replacement-earpads-ear-cushions.html http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sennheiser-Genuine-Original-534411-pads-black/dp/B008XI7ABS I'd appreciate it if you can advise of any cheaper options as these are pretty pricey for merely ear pads. Cheers!
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