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It is actually this one - You can find some on ebay:
Hi guys,   here are my graphs of LCD-3(c) and LCD-3(f) after driver failure repair (great service by Audeze, as always):   C   F   As I'm not good at describing the sound changes - I'd just agree with previous posters about them :)
Hi tomb,   thank you for the answer.   What if there is no volume pot? Could we say that input impedance will be equal to resistor which is connected to ground at the input (grid leak resistor?, which is 1M in EHHA), if such resistor exists?
Hi guys,   does anyone know what is the input impedance of EHHA rev A?   I've tried searching this thread, but found nothing.   Thanks, Fedor
Funch, input is from a dual-mono TPA Buffalo II and IVY IV
Thanks for the kind words guys :)   @KimLaroux,  I had to mount L-brackets to the back panel, and back feet are mounted to those brackets, so that trafos are not over-balancing the whole thing.    @kchapdaily, yes, it does sound amazing. 
Hi all, here's my balanced Bijou (not really great casework, but considerably better than my previous attempts):              
Well, transformer is fine then. Did you measure 6.6V with or without the load (i.e. with PS connected)?   As for measuring mosfets for shorts: make sure that capacitors on PS boards are fully discharged (wait 5 minutes after disconnecting power, or check PS output voltage with your multimeter so its 0 volts), then check each of three mosfet legs for continuity between them (if there's any continuity - mosfet is dead).   On the other hand, you've said that PS gave...
Yes, it seems that those additional poles are just for mechanical stability ( panasonic ce tha capacitor datasheet )
Sorry for the late reply.  Let's try to troubleshoot a little:  1. Did you try to load PS with 100K 1W resistor prior to connecting amp boards? 2. What trafo are you using? Are the ratings correct? 3. Check mosfet legs for shorts, if there's any, they have to be replaced. 4. Pictures of fully populated PS and amp boards would help to further investigate the issue :)   As for the leds - I myself omitted them (was too lazy to calculate led resistor), so can't...
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