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Quote: Originally Posted by WalkGood In store $20.00 for 2gb clip starts tomorrow, read Thanks again for this link! I picked up my 2gb clip yesterday for $20, and am thrilled with it so far. 2gb fills up pretty fast, but for a "gym" player, I'm pretty happy. And, $20, if it breaks, I'm not really crying over it or anything. No biggy. -S
Quote: Originally Posted by WalkGood In store $20.00 for 2gb clip starts tomorrow, read Excellent! I'm definitely going to hit that up. Thank you!
Ok. Guess I'll pick me up another Clip. Quote: Originally Posted by average_joe Well, you asked for recommendations in a forum then complain about group-think? Go back and show me the "complaint" in my post. If the phrase "group think" offends you, another way to put it would have been "Gee, everybody here is saying Clip but nobody says a) why they chose it or b) why competing models aren't as good." Recommendations without context aren't...
I'm honestly surprised you all zeroed in on the Sansa Clip so fast? We have a lot of Clip fans here? I'm a little concerned about group-think. Again, the main factors here are:Price. < $100 for sure. Ideally, < $50. Cheaper is better. Durability. This is where the Clip lost me. It broke in three weeks and I was more than a little afraid of snapping off that plasic clip on the back while I was working out. Flash memory. Almost exclusively for working out,...
Meh. The whole "dying in one month" thing kind of turned me off. Plus the plastic clip and it's mount didn't look very reliable to me. There's nothing else around this price-range worth looking at?
I bought a Sansa Clip a few months ago on recommendations from this site and I liked it quite well. Unfortunately, it died on me recently. I was able to return it under Wal-Mart store policy, but it has been removed from all shelves in my immediate area. If I'm going to buy online, I'm curious if there's anything out there I should be looking at. Whatever I get, I'll pair them with my NuForce NE-7ms, which Ive been enjoying for their isolation. I prefer clarity over...
Update: I've been wearing these for about a week now, and I gotta say that I really like them. It's all about the tip and forming a good seal, imo. Without a seal, they sound pretty rough. My first impression was "I paid $50 for these and the headset that came with my $50 MP3 player sounds almost as good." Once I set them up, though, they really started to sound good. Thanks for the recommendation, folks!
Interesting. Thanks for the review.
Mine should be delivered soon. Glad to hear you guys enjoy yours.
Those are foam. He said non-foam. I'm interested in the same question, if others have thoughts on this.
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