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I guess I will start the feedback thread for Gubretti. I sold him a pair of HFI-780s on here. He was a pleasure to deal with and paid promptly. I would do business with him again.
Sold an Ipod to Todd. He was great about replying quickly and it was a pleasure to deal with him. Highly recommended. Thanks Todd!
Thanks for the feedback. Brad is actually my dad's name because I do not have a paypal account, so I had to use his.
Sale Pending
With shipping.
Bump for final price drop
Ipod A: Ipod B:
Hey guys, I have two 5th Gen Black Ipod Videos I would like to sell. They are still working and are in decent condition. They have been used pretty well though, so they aren't the shiniest. I am looking to get $50 a piece (shipped). I will be posting some pics later on today. PM me if you are interested. Thanks! Ipod A => Sale Pending Ipod B => Still available, but a few offers have been made If you are interested, just send a PM. Note: Ipod B is OEM and come with just...
^ for price drop!
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