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Hi all, All us phone fanatics will probably know about the note 4 and the note Edge. Wondering if any of you guys know if the the DAC is made by Wolfson or another company? Love my note 2 and planning to upgrade to note edge =)
Just out curiosity which of these headphones looks better? Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 or Bowers & Wilkins P7    I prefer Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 natural leather just sooo pretty
I use either wooduo 2 for pc gaming (love it's bass) or my Fisher Audio fa-003 for console (has nice long cable) 
I'm going buy a lenovo y50 with 4k display pwn your punny screens WUHAHAHAHA   
Hi Guys,   I was wondering if these SRH840 ear cushions would fit with the FA-003 as i'm not sure whether there is a flange for the earpad disc to tuck into.  (the black plastic disc that used to tuck inside the earpad and then slot into the headphone)   Also if there are any other better alternatives you guys can recommend would be much...
Hisoundaudio wooduo 2 has nice bass
not sure model names but companies that have released new headphones are; Hifiman Audio Technica Sennheiser
I say fiio e12 =) 
some amps I recommend; (note im no expert in amps!)  $30 though not sure if that's version 2.0.3 $60   Though if your willing to push your limit go for fiio e12
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