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I recently bought some Wharfedale Diamond 9.1s for $320 + $22 [NZD] shipping ($275USD). Bought a budget amp, Topping TP20 for $100NZD incl shipping ($80USD). Not sure what it sounds like yet. I have an old amp which I plan on powering them off until the budget one arrives in the next few weeks. I can tell you how it sounds if you'd like? I mean.. i'm not expecting this to blow me away or anything, I just wanted something better than what i've currently got at my desk. I...
I downsized and have two.   DT880/600 - They're good al around TripleFi 10 - They sound decent, good enough for travel   Done :)
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My Shanling PH-100 has received little love over the last 6 months as I have upgraded my rig and never got round to selling this one. I purchased the amplifier June of 2009 and It's working just as well as when I received it.   $230 NZD within New Zealand $190 AUD shipped to Australia     TradeMe Auction - You can check my feedback on TradeMe as well as my sig. Offers are welcome. The item is currently located in Wellington, New Zealand - Pickups or meetings...
Not recommending OP to get these but... these are vibrating headphones.   I've seen them before in stores, they vibrate with the bass. I'd say here isn't a great place to ask since the general interest here is audio perfectionism.
I had a pair of HD555s once. Straight outta my laptop they made the said sounds. When i later acquired an amplifier, the problem disappeared.   If you're using a software equaliser, this is also likely the problem. Software equalisers distort sound when pushed more than a notch.
Comfy pads are horrendous sound wise  
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