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Quote: Originally Posted by scytheavatar And for your information, the STX is far superior to the Zero DAC. STX? You mean the Xonar Essence STX?
Quote: Originally Posted by BigTony I'd leave tubes for amplification and not the output stage of a DAC. You'd be much better off buying a good dac and a separate headamp (with shiney glowing tubes). Well in that case, how do you feel about a Zero DAC paired with a Little Dot MKIII?
Hmm...are there any good tube amp/dacs? I just really have my heart set on tubes.
Well, I have never used the SR60s, but I can tell you that they have a 1/8" jack (computer audio jack), and come with a 1/4" adapter.
I would be greatly surprised (and saddened) if Grado, of all companies, went with metal for their new flagship cans. As for what they are doing with the rest of the line, well, I suppose we will simply have to wait with baited breath. That, or hyperventilate till we pass out.
Quote: Originally Posted by eddie78 I believe it does not make sense to spend to much for amplification in this case. The MS1 is easy to drive, and does not have so much resolution that you should be able to hear differneces between the amps. The Zero should definitely be enough. Well, the reason for the amp was twofold: firstly, because I've read some things about tubes that really made me want to give them a spin, and secondly, because if I...
OK, so I've spent the last week or so browsing and reading any even seemingly useful information I could get my hands on around here, and I think I've made some decisions about what I'm looking to get. Currently I'm thinking about: Source: PC* DAC: Zero Amp: LD MKIII Cans: Alessandro MS1s I'm pretty set on the cans, so it's really on the rest of the setup I'm looking for any tips, pointers, etc. Would I be better off forgoing the Zero and getting a superior...
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