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regardless of price, what are the 5 best sounding albums of all time: please list if its dvd-a, sacd, blu-ray, hdtracks, 24 karat gold cd, vinyl, MSFL, 24/192 bit FLAC file, etc.
Thank you for your input BRCMRGN.   Initially, I ordered the Westone UM3X. Today I have also ordered the IE80, based on some excellent advice via PM.   I also found this thread, in case someone else wonders:   Now let's see how do they compare, for I also listen to the eventual jazz & blues!
Any suggestions?
I'm looking for that punchy feeling in the low frequencies without losing razor sharp definition in the highs.   So, which ones would you recommend me?   Any others I should consider too in this price range?
Thanks for the suggestion Bokyung.   I found these:         Sony MDREX600       Sony MDR-7550      Sennheiser IE8     Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10       Found this other relevant thread too:         I see that the SE315 and SE425 match the...
  Hi,   I'm considering to purchase new IEMs. I had the Westone UM2 and I was very happy with them until the cable broke.   Fortunately I have found that they have just released a new model, the Westone UM2 RC (RC = replaceable cable):       In this price range (150$-300$) I would like to know what other alternatives to the Westone UM2 are.     tl;dr: IEM's with replaceable cables.
Good thread & info, thanks!   You might also want to consider these two threads:         Forget the audiologist! Audiophile Holy Grail Heaven for just 1$. Blu Tack and In-ears: BEST. HACK. EVER.         and:      
    Great! Please don't forget to take some pics for us please!   
p.s.: Incidentally, I just realized that I originally I posted this in the full-size headphones forum. Could any mod move this thread to the IEM forum at ? Thanks. 
Hey, I'm back :)   I think some other people might find it useful that I repost this ( ) here too.          Hey, glad to see someone else tried this as well!    After posting this thread, I'll add that the blu-tack mod worked solidly for me for another 2 years...!    ...until my UM2 cable broke (obviously, due to usage, not to the blu-tack mod, which...
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