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 ...btw, just in case anyone haven't noticed, there is already 3 different OTG cables being included with M1 - a micro-USB-to-Type-C, a Type-C-to-Type-C, and a Type-C-to-USB-A (which is also your sync and charge cable). If you have Mojo or HA_2, then there is no need to buy extra able unless you don't like those stock cable. However, you will need an extra cable if you are using micro iDSD. p/s: another reason to buy a OTG cable is that - if you are using the leather case...
 The micro-USB-to-Type-C OTG cable I have is from Taobao and a bit on the fancy side. You don't really need a particularly fancy OTG cable for it to work and I generally will recommend no-thrill OTG cable from ebay seller 'yourcharger' - search in his store for 'type C OTG' and you will find what you need, but be sure to order the right version as it comes as either right or left angle on the micro USB plug (Type C side is universal and can be plugged in both way). You...
 Tried that when I was auditioning both SR and XR in store with the ShanLing M1. It did get very close but not totally identical. For my own taste, it is good enough just for getting a taste of XR on SR.
 The one with the best implementation... and yes, there is no such a thing as a simple, straightforward answer to your question. You can make a great DAP with decent chips if you implement them right or you can make a lousy DAP with great chips if you implement them wrong.
 Three pages ago: 
I used it mostly with audio book and music with smartphone. But as far as YouTube video goes, it does seems to have a slight lag (sometime not very noticeable). Not sure how that will translate to a BT transmitter.
 Even with a headphone as load, you won't go through a mic. The actual setup is the measurement input (i.e sound card or audio analyzer) is in parallel with the load. Since the measurement input will have much much higher input impedance than then load, it will be 'invisible' to the source. Using a headphone as load will be more realistic and thus the result will be closer to what you will see in the real world. Of course, if we were to standardize to using headphone as...
 Yes it can. Tried a couple times already.
 Actually 10ohm is 10ohm when you are doing measurement on DAP. Almost all credible measurement on source are (and should be) done with 'ideal load', meaning the load is almost purely resistance, a la a pair of resistors.. A 'real world' load, i.e. headphone, will have impedance as well as induction, which will contribute to those problem you mentioned and thus they are not generally used. The idea is that if the source can't handle an ideal load, then it certainly can't...
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