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 That ^^^
In general I won't recommend Tingo unless you are the adventurous type. They don't really have any consistency when it comes to build quality ... and TC200 definitely doesn't have the MX985 driver like they have claimed.
Not to brag but you could have gotten one of the ER4 cable I help to build for less that $40.
 Will fully update the list before the end of the month, hopefully.
 Actually I think it might not be Vpp but Vrms. I just did a very simple test with some dummy 16 ohm resistors - max volume on turbo mode and the resistors heat up enough to burn my fingers in a few seconds (would have burnt out in a few more seconds as I already able to smell the burning fume). For the few seconds I had, I measured just over 5Vrms, so it will be at least 14Vpp. I recalled iFi mentioned there is a protection circuit that will kick in when the output is too...
Since you are in Singapore, just easier to visit Jaben with the PFE, then ask the stuff to find you a suitable pair of eartips
 Let visit some old posts: 
Just an extra note: the audio engine (both hardware, the audio driver and the music app itself) inside the X7 is an unique solution developed by Hiby for FiiO. Those are pretty much proprietary and won't be published even if the source code is made public somehow.
   Some of you might have missed the point on what FiiO's engineer means when he mentioned RK3188 - it means FiiO bought the SoC solution from RockChip, which means it isn't just hardware but also the firmware solution as a package (which is how SoC package is normally sold in the industry, by bundling firmware and hardware together, then you ask the SoC supplier to modify it to fix your purpose). So there must be contract binding FiiO that won't allow it to release any...
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