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 What kind of OTG cable has you tried and what kind are you ordering? Note that to get E5 USB Host mode working with UAPP, you need the microUSB-to-microUSB OTG cable.  Sorry to inform you but A15+WMC-NWH10 only work on some USB DAC but not all. In the case of E5, it doesn't.
 First, you need to be sure that your E5 has the latest firmware. Second, you must disable E5's charging (by double press on the power button and it will start flashing) or else your smartphone might not have enough power to detect it.
 Yes, it will be reviewed soon.
 A200p is the same as A&K AK10, running on a Wolfson WM8740, which should be better than the DAC inside iPhone. Though not nearly as good as the ES9018K2M inside HA-2.
As far as I know, only Sony is capable of streaming hi-res contact over BT using its proprietary LDAC codec. Given Sony history, doubt they will license it out, or more likely no one will want to license it from Sony. That being said, no, iDevices only output 24/96 over USB connection, not BT. That's the same for Android.
Not entirely unrelated news - I just picked up the Moonlight Z1 as I saw it was on discount on its official TaoBao store with $16 off, at a total of only about $64. AT worst, it will still serve as a decent burn-in source for my IEM. Will report back how it sounds once I received it.
 There are a lot of story and rumors regarding BBK and OPPO, but I am pretty sure they are two independent companies. A far as I know, the founder of BBK retired from the company (though still remains as one of its major stock holder / board member) and migrated to the U.S. in early 2000s, but went back to China to find OPPO with an ex-BBK management a few years later. From what I have read, OnePlus has a fairly similar beginning as it is also found by an ex-OPPO...
Finally! I have been waiting for a new FutureSonics for too long!.
 Please check the VE Zen thread as I replied you there. Also, is your E5's power button flashing? If it is so, that means you accidentally activate the stop-charging option and therefore it is not charging. My E5 charged perfectly normal in use. In fact, I connected it to my PC and use it to burn-in a pair of IEM for almost 24hrs non-stop without any problem.
 More detail can be found with google, but to put it short and simple - Music is an AC (alternative current) form, swing from positive to negative and back again. Class A amp runs full time regardless of whether there is a signal or not, usually gives the best SQ but also consumes more energy and generate more heat, making them less ideal for portable use. Class AB amp is much more common - it switches off the side that is not in use (so when the signal is positive, only...
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