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 Should have asked around here first. That particular earbuds have already earned a real bad rep. among the Chinese. See the suspicious term "德国正宗"? It means  'authentically German', which is an common phishing term used by shady Taobao seller to lure in the unsuspicious Chinese buyer (*because like many other places, many Chinese blindly believe German = quality). Also, the are several cheap DAP from unknown factories keep marketing themselves as 'authentically German'...
 Note that iTube's 3D implementation is really for loudspeaker only.
 Got the wrong 2.5mm balanced plug?
 Agree. One thing you won't find on Head-fi is an universal consensus on a 'flawless' product. Besides, most of those complaints were mentioned and addressed during the R&D time (which iFi has explained quite a few in length). Many are compromise for other more important features. By 'fixing' these complaints, you inevitably will create other complaints. Then what are left is the question of, should iFi launches a micro iDSD 2 with only minor upgrade? I would think that,...
 Mojito sounds slightly bright with K1, and get even brighter with Fulla. But if you are willing to spend $100, I can recommend Encore mDSD. It uses the same DAC chip as Dragonfly Black, and goes quite well with Mojito.
I just PM'ed Music Maker using Taobao's messeger service, and he confirmed that both 2015 and 2016 version sounds exactly the same. All the changes are cosmetic only, case closed.
 If you are referring to the version with the fake crystal, that is the same Tomahawk as well and is offered since the beginning (alongside silver and black color). All have the same sound. If you are referring to the marking of 'Music Maker' vs. 'Toneking - those are still the same Tomahawk. Music Maker decided to switch its brand name to Toneking when they released the Ting, which is a newer model after Tomahawk, so early Tomahawk has the older brand name while newer...
 Those are the same thing. MusicMaker has never made two different version of Tomahawk.
 Never listen to Cayin before, but C421-OPA2227 is pretty good as well, just about as good as O2 with ER4S. Neither is as good as C421-AD8620, but they are still excellent choice. Same can be said for JDS C5. These are all pretty good sounding amp with ER4S, but they don't quite have the kind of synergy as C421-AD8620. Actually you can convert a C421-OPA2227 to AD8620 by simply changing the opamp, but you need to know how to desolder / resolder SMD chip.
 Hiss as in sibilance or background hiss? If it is the former, that could be that, because the higher end is more rolled off that is caused the upper mid content (upper femal vocal, a la, ssss~) to be more noticeable. You will have to measure it. There are several ways but by far the ARTA's build-in impedance program is the easiest, but it requires a simple measurement rig to be built (though you can also buy one from Taobao).
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