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 That site sometime give the wrong result because they uses the wrong spec, so be careful what you read on them.  No, not really. The amp section uses a single integrated headphone chip (*not an opamp) that can't be easy replaced.
 iDSD micro has a (much) better sounding DAC than iDAC, but a lesser sounding amp than iCAN. Overall, I'll go with iDSD micro first as the amp section on iDSD micro might not be as good sounding as iCAN (when both are used as standalone amp), it does however compliment the iDSD micro's DAC very well.
  Quote: Actually there was mention on enabling WiFi in future firmware back in the very early days of HM901. Guess that'll never happen at this point.  Amp card probably, as the pre-order package stated that it includes the balanced card as stock.
 In normal power off, the A10 only goes into sleep mode instead of a true power off (hence it turns on instantly). But after a set amount of time, it will truly shutdown to save battery and that's why it needs to rebuild the library when turns on again. In other words, yes, it is perfectly normal. No, there is no OTG support for external memory. Only limited OTG supports for USB DAC.  Lowpass filter is either in or just after the DAC (depends on whether it is a digital or...
 Well, half empty is half full?
Get the blue SE215SPE (or special / limited edition as some place call it) instead. It is a little more expensive than the regular SE215, but overall a better sounding IEM with a more balanced tone. You really won't find overpowering bass on SE215 / SE215SPE. Shure just doesn't have any IEM that is particular bass heavy, especially in the SE line-up. The connector issue seems to be better now as Shure tighten up their QC inspection.
 You are confusing frequency response to oversampling. Yes, music stops around 22kHz frequency wise because that's generally accepted as being more than enough due to human hearing range, however it doesn't in any way tell you anything about oversampling. Those are two very different concept. Oversampling is about, well, oversampling the frequency in order to push the sampling noise way higher than what the normal 44.1 / 48 sampling process will generate. Even with...
Have to say I still find the old HM901 is bit more classy on the look, though the new industrial design is pretty good as well.
Something like this:  
 IIRC, aptX runs on a data rate of 352kbps with full bandwidth of 16/44.1.While it is based on ADPCM, there is however more to its encoding method.
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