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 Given the price tag and the delicacy of the whole setup, I am not sure it will be an open audition even if it is here (*it was an invite-only last time). However, I can attest that it is a life transforming experience for any headphone user.
 Don't forget you also need to sample it for a minimum of 88MHz.
 There is no confirmation yet on whether the red version will go into production or not.
 The balanced-out on X5III is following A&K's standard (2.5mm TRRS) and it is probably one of the most popular of all the balance connections on earphones out there (*full sized usually go for the much bigger XLR). FiiO does makes balanced IEM cables, provided you have an IEM with replaceable cable that can take advantage of it. There are also plenty of after market option out there as well. However, if you have no idea what balanced audio, there is no need to rush out to...
 I don't subscribe to any music streaming service, so I don't know whether offline listening works or not.
FW1.0.8 released.
 Working but very glitchy with both Mojo, micro iDSD and HA-2.
 Oh, forget to mention the above is with Mojo only. With micro iDSD:UAPP - DoP mostly stable with lesser pause issue than Mojo.Onkyo HF Player - working but glitchyNeutron - didn't bother to test. With OPPO HA-2UAPP - Quite stable, can't detect any noticeable pause anymore.Onkyp HF Player - working but glitchyworking but glitchy
Quote: With FiiO, it will always be a work-in-progress. As I told someone in the X1-II thread, if you don't have the patient to wait for bug-fix., better just skip all Chinese made DAP together and go for a big brand name.  I know a couple of reviewers have got their hand on the X5III as well and their unit (as well as mine) seems working fine. Besides, the Chinese market already have it for over a month now. If X5III really suffer from major build quality issue, we would...
 X5III supports DLNA and yes, you can use it while connect to a USB charger.
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