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 That's exactly how a Bit Perfect filter should look like on an FR curve, so nothing wrong there. If you need an explanation, I'll suggest you start researching the topic of NOS (Non-OverSampling), which is what Bit Perfect filter is. Here is how all three filter settings look like:   p/s: FYI, the bass roll-off on DX50 is caused by output capacitors. p/s 2: forgot to mention the above FR curve is for 16/44.1 (and 48) only. Upsampling will result in a different looking curve.
 I hear you.  I have the 'slim and beautiful' department covered as well. But what could I say? I am more about function than form (not to say these ain't great in their own way)  
 With the WMC-NWH10 cable, yes. When it is paired with iDSD micro, the combo is about as good as any TOTL DAP I have ever heard.  
 Only Creative knows the reason, but I'll guess they pick AOA mode for greater compatibility among different Android smartphone. As AOA is almost guaranteed to work Android smartphone from 3.2 and above, but USB Host mode (which is what most others are using) strongly depends on whether the smartphone manufacturer has correctly implemented UAC (USB Audio Class) driver on each individual model or not.
 If I have to pay that kind of money on a DAP, one of my most basic requirement will be an adequate amp section. ZX2's 15mW + 15mW just won't do it for me. Arguably A10 series doesn't meet my requirement as well, but I bought it for its aptX and USB DAC support (which I have not found on any other DAP for A10's price range that offers them both). Since ZX2 doesn't need my basic requirement, there is no incentive for me to audition it. Of course I'll still listen to it when...
 Not a bug, but a requirement for the AOA (*Android Open Accessory) protocol that E5 is designed to work with
 X5 is still closer to what I'll refer as a reference sound. Overall it is more refined and neutral. I think the gap between X5 to X3II is bigger than X3II to X1.
 No. Have no interest in the ZX series personally.
This should (somewhat) answer your question:  
 Have been listening to X3 II for the last few days. A10 is more of a competition for X1 IMO.
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