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 Well, you already know the answer so there is no easy way to avoid bias, even if you are not aware of it and don't think you are. But it is still fun to try no less.
 Of course it will, and that's the main reason why everyone is advised against it.
 Now let starts with a question - if it takes all the internal part of the E12 to make it sound as good as it is, can we expect to reduce and replace a majority of those parts and still makes it as good as it is? Unless it is magic, I'll say the logical thinking is 'no'. Now if you follow that line of thought, summing up what X5 needs for the processor, the DAC, plus all the bits and pieces that required for it to function properly as a DAP, then take them all out - what...
 I haven't heard the finalized X1 (should be here tomorrow), but as far as the prototype X1 and E11K goes,they are indeed match made in heaven. I'll say the combo even rival a standalone X3 without a problem (then again, you can add an E11K to X3 as well, so...)
 Just ask JDS about it and they should be about to customize one for you as the gain is software controlled by the Arduino processor IIRC. If the IEM is indeed super sensitive, you might want negative dB gain.
Headphone jack:   Err, power jack is AC?
 That's the question  Of course, there is always the possibility that my X5 is broken.
 Nothing to add, moving along...
For those who are interested - the result of the X5 firmware's SQ comparison is out:
As far as I know, all the changes made between X5's firmware v2.0 to v2.2 do not involve anything that will affect the SQ. Yet there are occasional discussion that suggests some do hear a difference from one firmware to the next - thus the reason to generate all these music clips for comparison. They are all recorded from X5's line-out into Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, volume matched so the recording is as close to X5's original volume level as possible. Recording were done in...
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