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I like the fact that they are taking the design cue from Phonak on Techne, though I must admit I'll like it even better if it is used on the Delta.
 Not an iPhone user so I can't really say it from experience, but HA-2's DAC is more capable than any internal DAC used in iPhone -  plus you will be double amping since Lightning connector doesn't give you line-out at all (though the result might still be fairly good and more than acceptable). On paper, I'll say E12DIY / E12A does seems to be better bang for the buck, but HA-2 will be the better choice technically. As for how the two setup compared in real world - well,...
 Don't know any specific model, but I'll think any self-powered USB hub that support BC1.2 and has a 5V wall adapter can probably take the iPower, which should give it very low noise.
Saying 3D Holographic Sound adds treble might be a bit too simplified
 If look is really that important, you already know what you should be buying then
 A few things that I have noted between E12A and HA-2 are: First, HA-2 has a lot less gain in comparison, especially in low gain setting. Secondly, while HA-2 doesn't have a bad soundstage per se, E12A definitely has better 3D rendering. Thirdly, E12A has a slightly richer tone, though neither is colored IMO. All and all, I'll say E12A has a slight edge - but it is very slight by all accounts. I'll say they are practically the same level of performance, and belong to the...
 Since it comes with barrel plugs, as listed in spec, it definitely doesn't have a USB port nor is it an USB adapter.
 Never own a ZX before, but what you have described is a common problem for all analog volume pot. You can try turning a few more minutes to see if it will get even better.
 Try this first: disconnect the ACM module (or shut down the PC, or make sure nothing is connected to the ACM), then turns the ACM from one end to the other and vise versa. Repeat for 1 minute or so, then check if the noise is gone or not.
 Make sure your iDAC output is 24bit (*check its property), then lower the digital volume on your PC so that you can listen to your iDAC comfortably when the volume knob is around 12 o'clock.
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