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 To put it short, iUSB Power is for cleaning up the power lines, where iPurifier is mainly for cleaning up the data lines.  I'll imagine the richer, warmer tone from the Hugo should be a really good match for some headphone, though personally I think it is more related to synergy rather than performance difference. Beyond that, I just don't 'hear the price difference between them, for better or worst.
Yer, I got an update from Creative PR that the E5 is about to hit the market too.
Got to hear Chord Hugo today head-to-head against iDSD micro. Can't say I find Hugo to be any better sound. Both are excellent DAC/amp but Hugo has a very obvious warmish / richer tone. One thing I dislike about Hugo is that it is a very user-unfriendly design, with almost no marking on the casing to tell you which does what, not to mention the design is rather ugly. Chord should have more paid attention to the little detail consider how expensive Hugo is. It is like...
 ...and snake oil cures cancer, so said the seller.
Battery of the same physical size and chemistry but different vastly in capacity will violate law of physics.
 Inside the metal box that has all the opamp and buffer, the blank PCB are sitting underneath the foam. Pry the foam out and you'll see them.
 Nope. I can (somewhat) turn my E12DIY into a Cayin C5 by using plugging in an OPA2134 (C5 uses 2x OPA134, same chip as OPA2134 but in single channel) and I know OPA2134 isn't much of a looker (as I have used it a long time ago). That's just no attraction there for me to get one.
 I got mine E12DIY for less than $200 actually, so are many others. E12DIY is originally not intended as a money making project but only for FiiO to prove its engineering capability as well as giving back to the HF community. The reason why it is $250 now is because you are buying the 'leftover' / overstocked unit of the original E12DIY project, so the price now reflects not just the cost but also the necessary profit for retailing. Where E12A only has a fixed...
 It will involve replacing (desoldering / soldering) 4 resistors, IIRC. You can ask JDS for detail.  E12DIY, as you will benefit more for higher voltage swing and opamp rolling. I'll say E12DIY is at least a class better than E18 as purely an amp. Given E12DIY doesn't have a DAC section, there is no point in comparing.
 Lower gain on E12A is -1dB IIRC, so it is about 0.9x. A zero gain will be the closest.
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