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 We already know that ideal output impedance for all source that is designed to drive headphone - 1 ohm or less - the problem is not everyone is following it.. and there is nothing about output impedance that will stop invention, but plenty to show incompetent.
 Nothing you can do to Sansa Clip that will magically makes it has the USB DAC host ability. iDSD's PC driver is available at iFi website.
 If you can read Chinese and living in specific region, there are official TaoBao forwarding services that you can use and they are generally fairly cheap. That's what I use - basically I can buy whatever they can ship oversea (mostly things that are not too heavy or big), tell them to ship to the forwarding service's warehouse, then the forwarding service send them to me. Shipping fee can be as cheap as US$5 for under 1kg. If you can't read Chinese or living in those...
 Don't see much Moto or LG locally, so a question: does the native USB DAC driver supports 24/192 or just 16/48?
 It will be the same stand they have before. As we have talked about this awhile back, as part of the contract with the SoC supplier, FiiO is not allowed to open sourcing the firmware. Also, the firmware for older devices are not abandoned yet. As James stated in FiiO's Chinese forum. It is just that there are more models to support now, so the firmware cycle for individual device gets slowed down.
 Note that -12dB (*if it is accurate) in EQ means a loss of 2 bits in resolution. I'll suggest you turn on the upsampling option in HF Player, if you haven't done so.
 If you want native (*no third party app) USB DAC support on Android that will allow music streaming service to work, Sony smartphone is probably your best bet, especially the Z series. Samsung on the other hand is usually a hit or miss kind of situation. I think this is more of a problem on Samsung rather than Google.
 Leave that to off, so everything will be played back natively.
 Just select DoP as DSD output in the setting.
 They haven't sent me the Runabout yet, and I don't know when it will be ready.
New Posts  All Forums: