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Amazon should be relatively pain free, even with a third party. Though the IC might not be covered by warranty, it is your right to receive a fully functional package, cable included. Make that a case and Amazon should side with you.
You should have contacted the seller first as it is his/her duty to exchange it for you. If you contacted FiiO, then it will be treated a warranty claim (or not, in this case).
 I agree with addsfsds that it does seem like fake. Currently only Sandisk has the technology to produce 128GB microSD, and they are the only one in production. I will be very surprise to see a generic manufacturer is able to beat Sandisk at its own games, consider Sandisk is only able to produce it just a few weeks ago. Also, because of the large capacity, microSD of this size must be SDXC since SDHC can't access anything beyond 32GB due to hardware limitation imposed by...
Since most of the suggestion on hardware has been mentioned, I'll suggest a look into the software. Perhaps a more advanced driver control panel with customizable setting or even some dedicated plug-in for some of the popular playback software.
 To be frank, I haven't heard much difference between a $6 cable and a $300 cable. I mainly get the HPC-MSS because it has the right length and good design for an interconnect cable. I can easily DIY myself a short IC but it will never be quite as small.
Yes, built in storage = zero.   You need to use microSD card, and the current maximum size on a single card is 128GB, which is pretty expensive (2 of them can equal an X5). I'll recommend SDXC (Class 10) 64GB instead.
 Don't just swap them out as some of them are no even opamp. The only opamp that are swappable are OPA1642 and LMH6642. OPA1642 is a very highly rated opamp, so rolling it doesn't make a lot of sense. LMH6642 are used as buffer, which you definitely want to be careful when rolling since you are much more likely going to downgrade them with less powerful opamp than actually improving them. Personally, I just don't see why anyone wants to roll the opamp in E18 except those...
 I am not a iPhone user so I can't be 100% sure, but it is reported by another member:  
iBasso DX50 comes to mind. FiiO X5 will be even better, but it is out of your price range, Neither really lasts for days but you can carry extra battery for DX50 or get a USB power bank for both.
Probably not having too much power but the E17 is drawing too much power from the iPhone. If an accessories is drawing too much power, the smartphone will stop it automatically. You might want to look at E18 instead. I seem to remember people are reporting it can work with iPhone 5 as E18 is self-powered.
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