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 My general opinion is that you should always consider upgrading your headphone first, then your source second, and your amp last.
 No, haven't seen any measurement on it. But it only cost less than $10 on Taobao so you can easily pick one up and test it out yourself.
 MX500 has been unofficially reproduced by a Chinese company under a new name, partnering with the original OEM (Foster Japan) for Sennheiser no less. I compared the new model to the original MX500 and they are just about identical. Not meant to rain in your parade, but there is not much reason get NOS MX500 anymore when there are new one out there.
 Just checked, it is a 11.1V battery, which means it is a triple stacked Li-ion (3.7V x 3). So the low end should be (3.2V x 3) = 9.6V. As long as it is around or above that number, the battery might be fine. But if it is well below that number, then it is likely a goner and required a replacement. Before measurement, do give it a recharge for a few hours so you will know for sure it is the battery not taking any charge. There should be 4 wires coming out of the battery, 2...
No sure anyone notice this, but: https://www.instagram.com/p/BFMg2kBDhV5/   q-JAYS Anniversary Edition
If you have a volt meter, you can measure the voltage off the battery. It should be above 9.6V. If it is well under 9.6V, then it is pretty much dead.
 No idea.
Scored a pair of used ER4 on eBay for less than $100 and that's a steal IMO. The cable and filter are both goner, but I really only need the working earpieces to rebuild the ER4 back, since I have all the spare parts. Good days!
 Different? Yes. A lot? Probably not enough to justify owning both.  Just a different color housing, a new back plate and apparently longer pin socket. But Rose mentioned  they ahve the same sound as the old stock as the old stock is going to be discontinued.
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