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MUSES01 to me have a rather thick, smooth and well textured sound. I'll describe it as being musical and analog rather than being lean.
Lean will be the opposite of what I'll expect from MUSES01. Are you or the other guy 100% sure about the authenticity of the opamp?
Well, anyone of you find a flawless DAP that no one ever complains about, do tell us.
Sorry, just don't have the time or energy for another build.   I am using a Duratool D00675.
Taichi 2 is indeed fast.
 The above picture show you how to solder the adapter. On top, see the image of the adapter, the red pins are where pin 1 of the opamp should be soldered on. The little opamp marking on the adapter is supposed to tell you which way the opamp should be facing. This is the same for any adapter. On bottom, there are the three ways an opamp's pins out can be marked. The first (form left) is a dot that marks pins 1; The 2nd uses a line, and the third uses a slope on pin 1's...
 Not, that's not new vs. old E11K, but finalized E11K vs. prototype E11K (which I also have one with me). Only a handful of prototype E11K were sent to a few people purely for feedback purpose. There is only one single model of E11K for sale in the market.
 There is no E11K1, or E11K2 for that matter. The original E11 is also known as "Kilimanjaro", and the new E11K is also know as 'Kilimanjaro 2" (*all FiiO amp are named after mountain), therefore someone just called them K1 and K2, to be short. It really should be E11 and E11K.
Do we have to talk about what might or might not happen a few months form now? If build quality is a concern, there are other brands to choose from and there is no need to stick to FiiO - or just let other take the chance for you and check back in a few months. I am sure any problem will reveal itself by then, if it is there.
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