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 MUSES8832 can not be used on E12DIY. In fact, you can't even use it on a dual battery cmoy because how low a voltage it runs.   That will be absolutely pointless.
If that's the case, I guess 901s won't be a improved version of 901, but more likely a stepped down instead.
 E11 doesn't have 'sibilance cut down' EQ as well.
 For the use of mounting SOIC8 opamp / buffer or TO263 buffer and use them on the E12DIY of course, which is quintessentially the 'DIY' portion of the E12DIY.
 It depends on the opamp you are pairing it with. But most of the time I do prefer HA-5002 over the stock.
 Haven't used FooBar for awhile now, but are you trying to play DSD on UD120 (via DoP), or are you trying to setup FooBar so it does internal DSD-to-PCM conversion, then play it on UD120? If it is former, then I can tell you it is not possible since PCM5102 in UD120 doesn't support DSD playback.
 There is no dedicated USB chip in X5, but there isn't much to worry about jitter anyway as the USB is in async mode when it is used as an USB DAC.
 Yes, and don't forget to put some tape over the top of the adapter to insulate them before mounting.
 So all the different channels are preserved? That's interesting. I am thinking this might be more like a software glitch that allows you to do that.
 The only problem with this test is that you assumed that the DTS files will be somehow bypassed by the firmware / SoC and just outputs the digital files without first trying to figure whether it is processable by the system or not. I'll say it is highly likely the firmware will just reject the files upon reading it, since S/PDIF carries uncompressed PCM. That means whatever files the SoC read, it will have to convert it to PCM first, then send to the S/PDIF output. If it...
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