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A redesigned nozzle and a better eartips, then it could be king of kings. That's my opinion.
 They look just like the hundreds of earbuds driver I have seen from different models of different brands on different price. I think you are overthinking it.
International sale seems to stop for awhile now, but it is still possible to get one directly from the creator's store on Taobao. You might need a Taobao buying service depends on where you are.   Here is the creator's store: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.1-c.w4004-1134884601.7.THRBmQ&id=4885218596
 Good news, though I guess it probably won't extend outside of US?
 If Mojito's soundstage is a 10, then DIY dual driver is probably an 7.5 and Ting is probably an 8. Ting is rated higher than DIY D.D. because its has a more laid back and slightly more 3D (mostly thanks to its more robust lower end) presentation. As for detail, also with Mojito as a 10, DIY dual driver will be an 6 and Ting will be 7.5. Ting is rated higher because, unlike DIY D.D's high which gets a little grainy on higher volume, Ting's high is more delicate.
 "VVV" as in downward pointing arrows? LOL   Gramo One and Cygnus come to mind. Actually Zen 2 and Asura 2 do quite well on mid with the right source as well. Truth being told, I really haven't noticed any particularly great mid-centric earbuds in the market right now (* not that Gramo One or Cygnus are bad in anyway either, just that they are not exactly mid-centric)
 That VVV ...then again, you won't have sweet mid with this choice.
 I don' think anyone of them has all of the qualities you are looking for. However, out fo the three, I'll recommend Ting first.   It will be higher than Monk but not by much. Exact place not determined yet as I have not spent enough time with it to say for sure.
 I don't like to recommend headphone blindly, so here is something to start you with: http://www.inearmatters.net/2012/07/sound-choice-illustration-of-sonic.html While something that is higher on the list might represent a safer choice, it is not a substitute for considering your personal listening preference.
 IIRC, with only every 1 out of every 25 pairs E100 sounds as good as your E100 while the rest of the 24pairs are crap of their own, then such a poor quality control product is something no one should even recommend to anyone else.
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