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 SR and XR have pretty much the same impedance - they use different balanced armature driver and thus there is no P-to-S adapter that can convert them from one to the other. The other two questions have been covered in the past of this thread multiple times, you might want to search them out.
You can use headphone of any impedance. What control the power is the volume knob.
Just signed up. See you guys then .
 Yours are from a official Taobao retailer (which means you get AT's 1 yr warranty in China). Also RMB119 is probably already discounted. The regular price is RMB159. Fake one goes around RMB59.
 We covered that last week - there are current quite a few fake C770 on Taobao right now that is extremely cheap (under $10), so one would expect to get an equally cheap but also equally fake C770 from eBay as well. A real C770 from Taobao will be at least twice as expensive.
Is it like light tick-tick-tick sound? If it is, that actually the sound of the digital volume control switching between resistance and perfectly normal.
Can you describe the cracking sound in detail?
ES9018K2M is not an expensive DAC chip, so I doubt you'll ever get fake one. Besides, faking DAC is too expensive a process to worth while. Those opamp however is a fair game - the more wellknown the opamp, the more likely it isn't going to be the real deal.
 Taking the battery out is just a precaution. If you are not connecting it to a headphone and source, it really doesn't matter..
There is already a big Trinity Audio discussion thread here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/760277/introducing-trinity-audio-engineering
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