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 Let wait till it is actually out.
 Haven't taken any picture yet, but it looks identical to Headphone Association 400ohm earbuds. The only difference is the Hi-Z logo on the earpiece.
The Hi-Z 400ohm has arrived, here are its measurement against Headphone Association 400ohm, both naked as well as with foam:     The graphs pretty much shows how I have heard between them - without any foam, I like the Hi-Z a bit better, as it sounds more balanced to my ear while HA tends to be a bit more forward on the mid. With foam however, I prefer the HA a bit better as Hi-Z becomes a bit too smooth. But as you can see, the tuning is actually not that different...
 There is a B200?
 It is in my Earbuds Roundup thread. Also, dual dynamic isn't something new in the earbuds world. Panasonic had made a name for their dual dynamic earbuds back in the 70s~90s when they were still serious in the headphone business. A mint condition HV100 probably cost more than gold of equal weight these days.
 Besides Mojito, no.
 https://xiaoyudehifi.taobao.com/ The company started around October last year. Pretty sure it is a college's spin-off.
 I believe the actual name is Margarita, as in the cocktail . Here are the whole current line-up, from cheapest to most expensive (based on original Taobao price) 1) Unnamed - RMB88, supposedly in-ear, meant to be entry level.2) Aurora - RMB449, single dynamic.3) Hybrid no.7 - RMB799, 1 BA + 1 dynamic4) Margarita - RMB1099, dual dynamic5) Hybrid no.8 - RMB1399, 2BA + 1 dynamic6) Mojito, RMB1499, dual dynamic, earbud.7) Unnamed - RMB1800, 4 BA, upcoming.8) Cappuccino -...
 Unfortunately $500 won't really give you to the top end level DAP, but X5II is still a very solid choice. If you need more power in the future, you can always get a E12A.
To be more correct, they are called Rose Technology. Slightly funny how the name comes about as it has nothing to do with the flower, but how the company name spells in Chinese - '弱水‘, which actually means a mythical river.
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