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Just updated to firmware 1.0.2, and rocking out on Viper Effect     p/s: USB DAC function also working fine now.
 Yes, you can. Yep, I see your issue there - hence why I never invest heavily into the whole Apple ecosystem because I know I'll never stick to their stuff for very long.
 Oh, it was one of those powerpoint slides  - I never did read them until now, hence why I don't know about it. What I had referred are the main features listed on FiiO website and the early introduction docs I got from FiiO. None of them mentioned anything about detail on SPDIF.  
 Actually I don't recall FiiO advertised DoP on coax-out as a feature on the X5III. But if they can do it, why not?  With a silence track (so that no music is playing, and any sound I heard can only be hiss / noise from X5III) and a Shure SE530 (well-known for its high sensitivity to hiss), with volume max-out to 120/120, I really can't hear any hiss. Here is what it looks like from an audio analyzer - volume sets to 50/120 (which gives a normal and comfortable music...
 As I said, "now". I am only reporting the result of which I connected X5III to Mojo (the later does support DoP) via coax-out while play DSD file - the color on Mojo shows that the sample rate is green (96kHz), not white (DSD).
 Luckily for you guys I do have an audio interface that supports up to 192kHz input, so here it is:  Here is the once and for all proof that the EQ is working on Hi-Res mode, no down-sampling at all. As a bonus, you also get to see the Short Delay Sharp filter a bit more, rolling off to almost 50kHz. Let don't ask me to do more of these measurement anymore, I am tired of it.     As far as I know, the coax-out on X5III won't do DoP now - not sure whether future firmware...
 Dunno, as there isn't anyway to test for that.
  Ok, this one requires a bit more explanation: Sharp and Short Delay Sharp have the same line, blue in the graph and the flattest. Slow and Short Delay Slow have the same line as well, in purple. Super Slow, in yellow, is by itself. In case you wonder, both the sharp and both the slow have the same FR curve, but they different in ringing, ripple and phase, which this graph can't show you but will sound different in your ears.   In any case, I took this from Absolute...
  16/44 as reference with EQ off. 24/96 and 24/192 are both with a single +6dB EQ bump on 250Hz. Conclusion? The EQ works fine with HiRes music.
 All you need to know is that the power source (USB adapter) should always have higher outputs rating than the recipient's (A3) requirement. ...or in simple words: yes, you are fine.
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