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  Lost of sync most likely - I covered this awhile back. It is not an issue of FiiO but an inherent problem of Windows.  
 Not going to pick a 9018D up since I have my money invested on something else. Will need to start printing money to be able to afford all these toys. However, I do have the Oppo HA-2 with me, which also uses the ES9018K2M, and will be reviewing it soonish.
 Assuming the DAC in NX2 is better than the built-in DAC of your laptop, then yes. However, the DAC in NX2 is actually a pretty basic model and there is no telling whether you will find it better.
 Got the HiFimeDIY USB DAC  this morning and just run through some test. As expected, the basic topology is almost identical between it and UD100. The real difference is that HiFimeDIY sets the ES9023 to the lower max voltage output (about 1.84Vrms) where UD100 is set to full 2.06Vrms output. RMAA measure is also very close between the two. The only noticeable difference is that the lower output on HiFimeDIY seems to improve the overall stereo crosstalk on ES9023 a bit.
 E12 will likely to serve you better, given neither Note 3 nor Nano 6G is known to have high output themselves.
 I think you are meant to say oversampling. Upsampling and oversampling are not the same thing.
 If you are keeping the budget under $100, then FiiO E11K might be your best option (provided you have a decent source with good output). Though if you push your budget a bit more, an FiiO E12 will be a better, and likely a safer choice.
 What kind of setup / source were you using for your listening? Also, as far as I know, iDSD doesn't have an upsampling algorithm, so to speak, unless you are referring whatever software upsampling you were using at the test.
 Not the loudness, but the physical dimension of the knob.
Thanks for the comparison. If you get a chance, do try some other opamp and buffer outside of the stock combo as it might surprise you how far you can push the E12DIY.
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