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 Oh, never actually saw anyone selling those individually. But you can probably but a piece of silicone mat and cut it out yourself. Just recalled FiiO does sell them as accessories. You can find it here:http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/FiiO-Silicon-Rubber-pad/1473108_32339738547.html (copy and paste link if clicking doesn't work).
 Newer iFi packaging comes with special made thin rubber feet by 3M, which I'll guess you can't buy from anywhere (but you can probably ask iFi customer service if they can send you some). Older iFi packaging come with the thicker 3M Bumpon SJ5303, which can be easily found online.
  ER4S with Pono / PHA-3 balanced termination - built mainly as a proof-of-concept.
  Sure.  Tomahawk is pretty easy to drive, so I don't really see a problem there. Besides, Apple's gears usually have quite a decent power output. I'll say Monk is a decent upgrade but you are still more or less in the same ballpark. Tomahawk on the other hand is next level ball game.
 Already have a pair ordered from Taobao, with the silver plated single crystal copper cable option. Should be here by early next week, Saturday if really lucky.  Haha, at least the 'German made' part of the claim is true with Tera player
 Life is going to be less than bearable if we paid too much attention to the bad stuff
 Typically that just means no resistor at all.
Because 3DHS for headphone (on micro iDSD, iCAN and iCAN SE) is a different implementation compared to the 3DHS on iTube. This is the section that introduces 3D sound on iFi iTube's page (see RED)  Can you like the speaker version of the 3DHS on headphone? Maybe. But in my experience, it tends to screws up the stereo image on headphone more than it helps because the relative position of instruments and vocal are pushed to all the different places that ain't related to the...
 Should have asked around here first. That particular earbuds have already earned a real bad rep. among the Chinese. See the suspicious term "德国正宗"? It means  'authentically German', which is an common phishing term used by shady Taobao seller to lure in the unsuspicious Chinese buyer (*because like many other places, many Chinese blindly believe German = quality). Also, the are several cheap DAP from unknown factories keep marketing themselves as 'authentically German'...
 Note that iTube's 3D implementation is really for loudspeaker only.
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