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It does have a line-out, as you can see on the picture above.   Standard TPA-6120A2 implementation of 10ohm resistor can be mod'ed as well. It is possible to solder in a pair of chip inductor right next to the 10ohm resistors and lower the output impedance to less than 1 ohm without causing too much of an ill effect.
Well, iriver is not cheating per se. They just use the same marketing term by Cirrus Logic. It is true that pure DSD decoding just can't work with digital volume control. It is because digital volume control will lower the bitrate of the signal, and DSD only has one single bit to begin with. Whenever you see a DAC that claims to support native DSD decoding and digital volume control, there must be some kind of internal PCM conversion. By the CS4398's datasheet, they put in...
 Use a pointy object? It is designed as such so you can't accidentally change it, or else the sudden jump of volume can deafen the listener.
 Power comes from voltage and current. While UD120 has plenty of voltage, it is not designed to output a lot of current (as it is not designed to drive a direct load like headphone). Therefore the answer is no, it won't have the power needed to driver any headphone well.
CS4398 is still among the best DAC Cirrus Logic made, and still compared well with TOTL DAC from other DAC maker. TPA6120A2 is actually quite common, which you can find it on Sony PHA-1 and Fostex HP-P1. As I mentioned, the problem with TPA6120A2 is that it requires a 10ohm output impedance to be stable. There are ways around it, but often manufacturer just go with the easiest route by using a pair of 10ohm resistors on the output and that's not the best way to implement...
 Well, if the noise comes (or gone) only when you are touching the pot, then it is a sign that it is not grounded properly. But given it doesn't seems to be the case, and the fact that the PCB is already grounded to the housing, I doubt it is of any significant.
You have to use an memory app to kill UAPP completely as it might have some background service running and it will keep trying to detect the USB DAC that is not there.
Still I don't think an insignificant passive metal plate will cause noise. Must be something else at play here.
 With the difference in SQ between them, I'll just go with the E11K myself.
 Your CIEM must be really sensitive. I don't hear much hiss on E11K + SE530 myself, and it is the most hiss prone in my collection of IEM.
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