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 Google them: Mouser, digikey, element14, RS components
 Yes, try again with only UD120 is plugged in.
 If you have older Bravo driver, you need to uninstall them first. Also try to install the driver with admin's right.
 Yes, companies just release a lot of DAP in order to run themselves to the ground - that makes total sense. Seriously, I talked to James @ FiiO (he is the CEO) all the time and he had to change the company's focus from making portable amps to DAP because the demand is well above their initial expectation and they can't fill the order fast enough (for example, they are making more X3 each quarter than they even planned for the whole product's life cycle). Same trend can be...
 I suspect the problem is because iUSB is purely as an clean power source and not a hub. iDSD's smart charging circuit needs to communicate with the host to know whether to switch on the USB charging or not, yet the data line is handled by the PC while the power line is handled by iUSB. So when iDSD doesn't actually get a the right response, it switches to battery mode thinking it is not getting the power needed.  The black USB cable with the right angle USB plug is for...
I'll agree that the general mp3 player market is indeed dying, or more correctly IMO, stop growing, mainly due to the popularity of smartphones. But on the other hand, the higher end digital audio player market is growing faster than ever.
Yep, but Sony isn't obscure or Chinese enough
The official number listed for maximum cable length are 5m for USB2.0 and 3m for USB1.1. There is no maximum cable length for USB3.0, though the still only recommend 3m.   On the other hand, a good quality USB repeater is far cheaper than audiophile branded USB cable.
 Well, there is no such a thing as "re-DAC", and of course you are getting an amped signal from the headphone-out. It is what it is designed for, an USB DAC + headphone amp in one unit.  Yes and no.
 OT, but you really don't have to use a big font every time. Cheer.
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