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 All switches are safe to move around, provided you lower the volume first when playing around the power mode and IEMatch switches.
 Don't want to argue for argument's sake. Plenty of audio devices have line-out before iOS, so why did we use iOS in the first place? If line-out is so great, who in Apple decided we don't need it in the Lightning connector? Yes, Android USB Audio Class driver implementation is a mess, and it is one of the price we pay for giving freedom to the manufacturer to implement what they see best for their product - at least for me, the high side is I don't have to get locked down...
 Actually iOS only has universal USB DAC capability (via CCK) for just 2 years, since the release of iOS7 in mid 2013. Before that, only DAC with a special chip (*exclusive from Apple, and you need to apply for the pricy MFi license first) can works with Apple devices, which I don't think can be counted as being universal.
 Do note that E12A has MUSES02, not MUSES01. The two are not identical sounding.
 Similar in quality, neither better nor worst.
 I bought a couple from this eBay seller before: here and here.
I recent have the ability to measure IEM's FR curve. It is not 100% accurate as it is done on a DIY measurement rig, but I think it is accurate enough for some basic comparison.       As you can see, mk1 and Classic share very similar mid to treble FR curve, while Classic has more sub-bass. Mk2 has fairly similar FR curve with mk1 on the lower range, but quite different from upper mid range and forward. BE definitely has the most bass, where upper mid range and above...
 It is China, the world's capitol of counterfeit and just about everyone is claiming he/she is selling the real deal. Found the seller you are talking about (since he is the only one selling @ RMB158) and actually there is another one selling  @ RMB99 for the same stuff. These no-box deal is usually referred by the local as 'straight from factory', 'factory leak' or even 'factory rejected', but the true is they are just fake. Counterfeit these days are so well made, you...
 ...because when it is too good to be true, it usually isn't?
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