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 To the Sony product page or where I ordered it? Well I got mine from Amazon Japan using forwarding service to my country. You can however find it on eBay, just search 'CKS-NWA10'. It is about $55 ir so, not exactly cheap.  As only a source? As in using the line-out? Well, my LOD is still somewhere in China waiting to be shipped, probably won't get it  for at least another week. If you are asking as a standalone player however, here is my impression.
As promised.             Pretty high quality piece of kit.
 My sentiment as well.
     Also note that even with WMC-NWH10 and self-power, there is no guarantee that the USB DAC will work. I think so far we already find out Denon DA-10, ALO International and International+ won't work with A10 series.
 I only had a brief audition of Hugo to compare it to my iDSD micro a few days ago, and I am pretty much agree with the guy over at VR-Zone. They are, to my ear, about the same level of performance, with (mostly) pros and (very little) cons of their own.
You will need to be able to use Taobao to get this, but here is my solution:  
 No just USA, most of Sony DAP's accessories are not available outside of Japan. For the Sony I know, regional offices usually don't talk much to the Japan HQ (nor has much saying anyway), and therefore very likely just don't know much about anything beyond the basic stuff. This problem of disconnection between departments has been an issue within Sony for decades.
 Their site as in Amazon's? As Tenso doesn't take your credit card number (Paypal does). Anyway, here:
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