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 I'll say it is a decent improve over the old E06, but If you are looking for full sized portable amp SQ in a tiny package, there really isn't such a thing as it kind of goes against the law of physics and electronics. If you are willing to carry something bigger however, FiiO E11K will be a noticeable upgrade over E06 / A1.
FiiO A1? It really doesn't go any smaller than that.
Those so called DIY PK1 driver has been sold on Taobao for ages, yet so far none has ever being proved to be the real deal - boys, just buy it for fun and don't put your hope too high.
 You can get a Sony A15 (or A17), and a special cable (from Taobao or Amazon), and they will work with HA-2 as USB DAC.
I don't particularly like Tomahawk's cable either. Way too springy for my taste. Prefer it to have Ting's cable instead.
I listen ed to the prototype before as well as the final version on CanJam Singapore. LMRE is definitely doing a really good job on pushing the budget IEM envelop.
 Nothing wrong with the link address itself but the problem is Head-fi's redirect engine. Just copy the link as text and paste it to your browser.   YongSheng is basically the Chinese side of Neutric / Rean, so no problem there unless you got them from shady dealer. I got mine from here, which is an official distributor: https://ntric.world.taobao.com/category-446003474.htm However, I use this the most: https://world.taobao.com/item/39583979200.htm You can find the same...
 Up to you. I like the B because it is much more secured when fitted, but A tends to have a less impact on shifting the tonality (*not that B has any ill effect).
 First, go through all the Android smartphone setting and see if there is a manual USB detection setting. A quick test is to use a USB OTG cable and a memory stick to test if the smartphone can detect the memory stick or not. If it does it automatically, then there is a good chance your Android has auto USB detection. If not, there must be some setting you need to change or select. Secondly, make sure sure you have enabled HF player's USB driver in its setting. Normally,...
  Yes, of course.  Most branded audio plug on Taobao are fake (and sometime they refer it as certain brand simply because it has similar design), but you can find real deal from relatively well-known brand name retailer. If you want real Oyaide 3.5mm plug on Taobao, buy the one from FiiO (which is official Oyaide partner in China, as is Oyaide being official FiiO distributor in Japan). Not that I care - the fake one is actually quite good in quality so that's the one I use...
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