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 Comply 500 series. 400 series will fit as well but requires a little bit of pushing. If you are going for the cheaper Chinese foam, aim for those with the Comply 400 size.
 I still have my very first pair of olive from 2008, around the time when Shure first introduced them, and they are still fine, that should tell you their staying power.
 SeaHF = Bug guy, the original maker  / OEM for both Headphone Association, (presumably) DarkHouse as well as TY Hi-Z. Note that I said 'presumably' because DarkHouse is a brand invented by AE seller and not directly associated with Bug guy. Headphone Association and TY Hi-Z on the other hand are both working with Bug bug directly - therefore by reason of elimination, DarkHouse is probably either Headphone Association or TY Hi-Z. Here is the difference between Headphone...
 If the eartips have been used for some time before that happens, it means it has degraded and need replacement. If it is relatively new eartips, then you need to clean it's inner tube with a tissue, as well as the nozzle, to make sure there isn't any skill oil / wax on them.
 They are pretty much made by the same guy, what else would you expect?
I do believe q-JAYS 2 only comes with a pair of M size Comply. The corresponding olive size is of course M size as well.
 Pretty sure it is fake rating since 1200mAh will likely be physically too big to fit inside a 9V battery housing. If it is real, that will be some kind of next gen. battery tech no one else has used yet. p/s: there is one explanation though - if you consider the inside is a 3.7V 1200mAh Li-ion, then converting to 9V will give you around 490mAh (actual capacity will be lower than 490mAh because voltage step-up will eat up power as well). But instead of quoting its capacity...
 They keep saying that, perhaps just hoping one day it might come true.
 Diaphragm material, composition, and thickness. voice coil material and wire thickness, housing design, internal dampening, open vs. close vs. semi-open, front grill  / vent, etc. Everything that can be changed, can be used for tuning. Impedance is only a very small part of whole design, and certainly not a determine factor of how a driver should sound like. Sometime two driver might look similar in spec, but can be very different sounding because they really just 'look'...
 Yuin might have made a name on that housing design, but for what I know, it was used by some Japanese / Korean OEM earbdus in the past. So I won't be so quick on calling who copying who - not that it matters much among the Chinese earbuds maker, since they seldom use any original design. That why you can't (and shouldn't) tell them part by look alone.
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