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 Yes, of course.  Compared to my old ER4 with its well wore-in stock grey tri-flanges, the difference are three folds: (1) bass texture is enhanced a little while the quantity remains mostly the same, (2) treble gets slightly brighter and (3) soundstage opens up more. The (1) and (2) become lesser on ER4SR with Snug when compared to the new transparent tri-flanges, where (3) is even more obvious. I'll venture a guess to say that it might have something to do with the...
 Just cut a hole into them. If you want to do it more elegantly, get a hole puncher from any stationery store.
  Got my Snug for the old ER4, but thanks for the same shape it fits ER4SR perfectly... and the ZO FS+ is where it really turns the SR into XR.
 SHE3800 and E808+ are actually both fake models made-up by some Chinese earbuds maker. Neither Philips nor Sony ever released those models (*well, technically Phillips does have a SHE3800, but it is an IEM and not an earbud).
 The left / right RCA on D3/D03K is NOT for input. It has the same output signal as the line-out (3.5mm) socket, but with RCA connectors. If you want to use D3, your digital box must support either coax- or optical-out.
 If you are on the latest firmware, I personally like to disable the new click wheel feature and solely uses it as scroll wheel. I find the click feature sometime makes thing jump around.
 Assuming both the source, signal as well as receiver are in good design / quality, then they should in theory have the same quality. Of course, that is a lot of assumption in there. Lees than ideal design can introduce jitter and distortion. Sometime even something as trivia as the software decoder can has subtle effect on the final sound, so it is impossible to say in certainty that there won't / will be any difference between the two without serious measurement.
Quote: That's the typical sign that your home audio's aux-in is designed for iPod level of level-out signal (which is typically just around 0.5Vrms or so) and not for something higher. X1-II line-out is about 1.7Vrms (*note that a typical audiophile level full line-out is usually around 2Vrms), and that will cause your home audio to 'clip' the signal and thus results in all kind of distortion. That's really nothing you can do to correct the issue since you can't change the...
 Of course you can. But as I mentioned before, for headphone, being actually flat in FR curve and sounding flat to human ears are not the same thing. It won't be Etymotic / true-to-sound if the goal of ER4 is just to make the FR curve looks as flat to the eyes as possible.
 Agree. No mentioning of scale on the dB nor what compensation it used makes the graph all but useless technically. It is also interesting point to note that most artificial ears I know can't really do very accurate measurement past 10kHz. The fact that the graph goes up to 40kHz is kind of ... well, let just say it is 'interesting' (and of course, pointless).
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