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 How much you need to eat depends on how hungry you are, and how much output power you need depends on how demanding your headphone is. If we have no idea what kind of headphone you are using (or plan to acquire in near future), there is no way for us to know what kind of output power is enough for you. As a rule of thumb, whenever you need an answer in the forum, you should start by telling us a bit detail about your situation first.
 If it was purely a number game, I would think it is wroth reminding ourselves that ESS9018S in X7 is not a stereo (dual cores) DAC like AKM4490 - it is an octa-DAC (with 8 individual DAC core inside). So in theory, one single ESS9018S can do that same job as four AKM4490 combined.  Of course, in the real world, implementation is probably more important. More realistically speaking though - given X7 is still in production, you would think that making an X5III that is...
 ...then again, Onkyo doesn't have to make much money on DAP since it isn't part of its core business  . They can afford both the price tag of an expensive SoC order and sit on it even if it doesn't generate money fast enough (*if I am reading their financial report right, Onkyo makes some $64B in revenue last year!!!). FiiO doesn't have the luxury of a big bank account nor a high end AV business as back up if they didn't sell enough DAP. If FiiO misjudged the DAP market,...
 A Chord Mojo with a good digital source can rival any TOTL DAP, for example, FiiO X7 with either AM2 or AM3 - and as I already said before, X5III isn't quite at the level of X7 yet, though it is close to that of X7 with AM1.
 A long time ago I decided to rip and tag all my multi-disc ablums as separated, individual album on each disc and thus making them dumb DAP proof, so I can't tell you whether they'll show up in proper way or not if they were ripped as same album with different tag on disc number. For example, if album XXX has two disc, I'll rip it to two album: 'XXX disc 1' and 'XXX disc 2'. So all my DAP will see two different smaller albums instead of one bigger ablum.
 All my music app are paidware, so I really can't say which of the free one is better.
  Not the best music app ever perhaps, it is still overall more than decent. Besides, you can use any music app on Google Play and it should give you the same sound quality as FiiO music app.  You have to ask FiiO for that.
 So far, I haven't noticed any problem.  UI for FiiO music app or just Viper Effect? UI for FiiO music app is pretty smooth. There is a small learning curve to overcome to figure out which button does what, but once you figure them out, it is pretty easy. Viper Effect's UI is a bit more complicated, as there are quite a few settings you can play with. It also does get slightly lagging if you turns on a lot of the setting.  Not that I know of.
 I think an iPod digitally feeding a HA-2 can rival most upper mid level DAP. Sure, there will be difference in sound signature, but not so much in overall quality. That being said, I think an iPod + HA-2 can standup to X5III, not necessarily better or worst in absolute terms, but of the same level of quality in overall sound. To me, if I can only keep one, I'll probably go with X5III. It has more features that I'll like to have and I don't have to bring two pieces of...
 No need for root, as Viper Effect has been licensed and integrated into the FiiO music app already (same goes for X7 as well). However, you do need to pay a little to have full access to all the features. Otherwise, only some of them are available to be used for free.  The original firmware 1.0 is already fairly stable, and new 1.0.2 seems only better, but it will take me a couple more days to get a more completed feel about it.
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