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 My guess is we will have to wait for the Chinese to clone the connector design from you guys, just as they did with ER4. Hope it isn't going to be too long a wait.
 Likely it will run out before that happens.
 Asked the Stax Japanese rep on why he didn't bring the new SR002 to CamJam Singapore in Feb. (consider he is the same guy who brought it to CES2016) and his reply was that he did ask the HQ to let him bring the prototype to the show, but HQ said they need to revise it further. Basically still vaporware, I think. CES2017?
 Pretty good price for $210, consider the actual full price is $230 on Taobao. However the listed price on AE for almost $300 is a bit ridiculous.
  I'll say UD120 treble is bit smoother than K5, with a slightly richer body and a slightly wider soundstage, but otherwise it isn't anything night and day between them.
 Consider UD120 is no longer being sold for quite awhile now and it is only meant to be used with an amp, the question is not whether you will be happy with it or not but why (and how) are you still want to get one.
 Between AM2 and E12A? Yes, quite similar. I suspect many won't be able to tell them apart without a lot of critical listening.
 TI might like to play with words and invent something out of nothing - but if you look at the datasheet, PCM5102 and PCM5102A are essentially the same chip. It isn't the chip that is different but how it is implemented.
 Did try them with Comply. Not impressed in anyway.
  Are you sure you remember it correctly? That's your picture btw.   Besides, the discount was from AE (which isn't selling it anymore) and not from Rose tech, so no point asking for group buy discount (which is actually against forum rules as well).
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