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 No problem there. I can change Viper Effect setting after reboot without any issue.
My testing with Viper Effect (on FiiO music app of FW3.1.1beta) so far is that, even if it is enable, it will stop working after a reboot. Then it will have to be re-enable (a quick flip on the main switch) and it will work again.
 Have you tried changing the filter setting to 'Bit-Perfect'?
 I understand, but you never know someone else might has other idea.
 In case someone thought that FiiO has abandoned X7's firmware development already because they have the new X5III now?
 You should know that X5III is using pretty much exactly the same firmware as X7 - whenever a bug is fixed on X5III, it is fixed on X7, vice versa.
 The best budget, portable transport is what you already have - the X7, as all you need is either (1) a cable that will take the coax-out from X7 to the S/PDIF-in of micro iDSD, or (2) a microUSB-to-USB-A-female (otherwise known as an OTG cable for smartphone) that will allow X7 to connect to the micro iDSD over USB using apps such as Onkyo HF Player or USB Audio Player Pro.
 Don't have, and don't know.
 Blue screen on the X3II?
  X5III will be way more than sufficient. As a general rule, you don't want to have 'just enough' power, as that means your source is always near its limit. You will always want a bit more, but not so much that you will never going to use it. Also, unless you are planning to use just one pair of headphone forever, the smarter thing to do is to have a source with just a bit more output power in case your next headphone isn't as easy to drive as your current headphone. Of...
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