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 Don't bother to do a battery mod for larger capacity as there is simply not enough room to fit anything bigger than the stock.
 Is this an one time measurement of all three firmwares (*2.14 once, 3.0 once, 3.2 once), or have you repeated the measurement multiple times on each firmware to check for consistency? Just saw you post above. Any chance you have the average graph of each firmware version?
 It will have an MUSES02 as opamp, and has a smaller voltage swing. No bass boost or crossfeed, but better clarity and soundstage while lower in hiss. It is mainly designed for IEM and sensitive headphone.
   Technically HA9P5002 is the official part's number of HA-5002 in SOIC. You won't find HA-5002 as "HA-5002" normally, as most list it with part number instead of its common name. It comes in 2 flavours: 5Z and 9Z - just get the cheaper one of the two as they perform identically.
 Will you eat the most popular food in town, ignoring whether you like it or not?Will you buy the most popular car in the market, ignoring whether it will fit your need or budget? Sometime it is easy and safe to stick to the popular choice and opinion, while other time it is more fun and satisfied to find out what you actually like, or not.
Just want to mention that E12IEM, or officially E12A, has been announced.
 Hardware info can be found on various teardown guide over the web, it just requires some googling around. But they don't have measurement. I'll suggest you wait for to post the measurement data to give you some idea.
 Note that they are similar in the sense that they both use a gain + buffer stage topology and has the same opamp in gain stage, but the buffer stage are not the same headphone driver chip. They also employ two different implementation of volume control and EQ. So they are not identical sounding.
The DAC is Qualcomm WCD9320. It has been the default DAC to use since SnapDragon 800 (including 801) and Qualcomm has yet to update it. As far as I know, there is no independent amp section for any of the Xperia smartphone, same for Galaxy S series and most smartphone in the market (as no one has ever find a headphone amp section in any tear down guide. The only exception is Vivo Xplay series). My guess is that, they either use the build-in driver inside the DAC or adds a...
 LME49990 is not a buffer. It is an opamp. You can design a circuit to use opamp as buffer, but it won't actually be any better than a real buffer. In this case, I see no reason to use LME49990 as buffer, especially since its output capability is only about 1/10 of the stock buffer in E12DIY. That's more like downgrade than anything. There are only two buffers that work in E12DIY besides the stock, the LT1010 and HA-5002.
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