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 Sourced from Japan, if I am not mistaken.
 https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z09.2.0.0.SZH5RY&id=537751451188&_u=d1j64hnie9b8  There are way to do business without costing an arm and a leg, say less than the cost of a pair of QFred a year. While FB is free, relying purely on FB's PM and email isn't a proper way of doing business in the long run. Must give bengkelMACRO a big thumb-up for actually having a functional website.  I am not saying there is any problem, just that FB isn't setup properly as a business...
It has been bother me for awhile - what is with these FB based earbuds maker? FB is just a terrible way of conducting business, even a small one.
Nope. Haven't seen any cable quite as nice as this one on the BK.Don't want to get too far ahead of myself as it is still on the burn in process. But as far as my initial impression goes, I don't see why not.
 If you are in one of those areas with Taobao forwarding service, you don't need an agent. You can just order it on Taobao and they will ship it to you.  These places include HK, Taiwan, S.E. Asia, Australia and NZ. Since you are not, you have to order it using some kind of agent service - MisterTao for example. In most case, AE seller are like agent as well. They just resell Taobao's stuff + extra fee.
 Always, whenever I can anyway. It is almost always cheaper than AE, plus a pretty fast shipping (usually less than 2 weeks from order to receive), provided if you live in one of the country with official Taobao forwarding service.
 Official price is supposed to be RMB999, or about USD150 for the normal version. Balanced version (which I ordered) should be about USD165. I got it cheaper because I am a returned customer, plus pre-order special discount.
Received the Shozy BK - really amazing cable, probably the best I have ever seen on any earphone. More amazingly is its SQ. To put it short, it is the perfected Shozy Cygnus.
 It is one of those earbuds that a person won't miss if (s)he didn't buy it.  Mine is already sitting in the nearest warehouse two days ago, but unfortunately the deliveryman is either too busy or too lazy to drop by. Oh well.
 can't recall if I have explicitly told them where I am, but it is obvious they know I am oversea since I am using Taobao forwarding service.
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