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Pretty solid collection. I can send you a few blank adapters if you want, but they don't have pins installed (*you will need either Mill-Max 3121-2 or Harwin H3108-01). I am going to start another build thread for OPA627 (or any single channel opamp for that matter) by next month probably, and FiiO has decided to sponsor the adapter for the build.
 I am pretty sure the one next to the pot is OPA1662 and the one next to the LMH6643 is OPA1642. With the close proximity of OPA1642 to LMH6643, I think it is more like the gain stage for the headphone-out (also see the trace from the gain switch to the OPA1642). I'll guess the OPA1662 is likely the buffer stage to isolate line-out from the headphone amp section. I see 4 grey film caps after the bass switch, I assume those are for the classical RC bass boost circuit so...
 There are more like trade-off / pros vs. cons rather than any significant benefit. Well, the price is much cheaper on OPA827, if that counts as one.
 As compare to OPA627? No. AD8599 might be a bit more specious due to its laidbackness, but the two are close.
 Gold case is the limited run (within the limited run of E12DIY no less), so it perfectly reasonable it will be the first to run out. Where you are has nothing to do with it.  No, it doesn't come to me as having more bass than OPA627. Bass quantity on OPA827 is roughly the same as AD8599. In fact, the two shares a large portion of their sound signature. I'll say OPA827 is a bit more forwarded while AD8599 sounds a bit more laidback. The most noticing part is the OPA827 has...
 No. OPA827 only comes in SOIC and MSOP (which is even smaller than SOIC) packaging. It is a single channel opamp so you must get the SOIC version and mount it on the adapter.  It is not an bassy opamp, as far as my listening go. I'll probably categorize it as being more of a clean and clear type of opamp with a slightly sweeter mid range, quite detail but at the same time not edgy. Kind of like a smoother AD8620 or AD797, with a bigger soundstage. Overall I'll say it is...
 No it doesn't, unless the charger is extremely poorly made. Most half decent USB charger should have internal limiter so you can't over-draw its max current output. Thus why it is wise to avoid random USB charger in the dollar store.
I assume X3 just draws as much current as the source can supply. IIRC, there is a chip inside that controls the current uptake and will switch automatically to high current mode when it detects a high current supply, probably by the common method of resistor shorting the D+ and D-.
Just want to add another opamp to my 'must try' recommendation - OPA827. It is detail, airy with a really good soundstage, but not edgy or grainy in anyway, and pair very well with BUF634 and HA-5002. I think it can rival OPA627 or MUSES02 without a problem.
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