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 There is a good chance the chips are burnt even if they are only turned on for just 1 seconds. You need to plug them back in the right orientation and check for damage. Fingers crossed.
 Batch 3 hasn't opened, so there isn't a list yet.
 If it is the famous one (muse, silmic II, etc), no, especially if they are from the Far East.
 Sure, just be sure they have the right size.
I haven't heard an E17 for so long that I really can't recall its sound, but for the least, I have not find the DAC inside X1 to have any sonic problem. While the internal amp isn't the be-all-end-all by a long shot, the line-out is pretty good in quality and will shine with a decent portable amp
 Yes, capacitance does make a difference. First, it can't be too small. Because the caps is there to remove any DC input just before the opamp, they form a high pass filter together. When the capacitance is too small, you will start to lose most of the sub-bass. The stock Wima is 2.2uF, which is a fairly safe number to use. I'll suggest you should at least match it, if not higher. Too high a capacitance also won't help, so keep it reasonable, probably around 10uF~22uF,...
 I don't have an E17 anymore so I can't do any direct comparison. However, I don't think you can get that much power from X1, especially since E17 has much higher gain setting. As far as raw power goes, I'll say X1 is easily above that of Clip+, but perhaps less than or around iPhone. It should be more than enough for your average headphone, but not near enough to drive any monster load.
 Yep, cmoyBB is an solid little amp. But it has its limitation, most noticeably on the power section. It probably won't be a problem and not something that can be easily tell with non-demanding load. For example, OPA627 will be running on its minimum required voltage in cmoyBB even with a fresh 9V, and MUSES01 will be on minimum with a pair of 9V (18V). Since the opamp is driving the load directly, current output and output impedance will vary by quite a lot depends on the...
Batch 1 all sent out. Tracking has been PMed to you.   Batch 2 will be built in the next few days and ready to send out by early or mid next week. Those of you in batch 2 please prepare your wallet for the payment once I PMed you in the next couple of days.   Batch 3 will open soonish, sometime next week. Note that I'll have to reorder new parts for batch 3 so again, it will take about a month from ordering parts to finishing the build. This will be the absolutely last...
 Anything above 6.3V is fine to use (which actually is about every caps). I tried some 25V caps but it shouldn't really make that much of a difference. I was using Silmic II most of the time, but now I switch to OxiCaps.  IMO, you will get different flavor of tone from different TOTL portable amps, but not necessarily different performance.
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