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 I'll say to this: try it first before you rule it out. You'll be surprised how far BT has advanced.
 Yes, but you won't be using your Xonar DX though as it doesn't take any input besides USB.
 O2 is great, as long as you can bear the size. E10K isn't an amp, nor is it portable. Otherwise E11K is excellent for the price, size as well as its SQ. Not as good as O2, but a lot more practical.
Not all switching power produces high noise. A really good audio purpose switching power can produce much less noise than the ears can ever hear. It is all in the design. Of course most of them are not really that cheap either.
 If it is indeed ground loop between the PC and Lyr 2, then likely yes. There is no way to tell until you try it.  Only if the noise from the data line is above USB transmission bandwidth ( or more precisely, well above iPurifier's lowpass filter) that it will be filtered out. Most switching power noise will not be that high (if it is, very likely you won't hear it in the first place). If it is ground loop, what is needed is isolation on both power and data line, which...
iPurifier is mainly designed to filter out EMI, not power noise. If the power noise is low enough in frequency, iPurifier won't really do much to improve it.
 It is most likely a ground loop. Basically there is an unwanted potential difference between Lyr 2 and the rest of the setup. There are several ways to break up ground loop and some might or might not work for you. Sometime as simple as using a different power socket is enough to eliminate the problem, while other time you might need a ground loop isolator somewhere in the setup, such as iUSB.
 There is app in the app store you can download to fully customize the SBX setting (which includes a bass boost) to your own liking. The same app also gives you customizable EQ as well, in case you don't want to use SBX. Once you finish customizing the SBX setting, the E5 will remember it inside the amp, so you don't need to use the app next time to reactivate it. All you need is to press the SBX switch on the E5 and it will enable the SBX (of your own setting) for you.
I am using Creative Sound Blaster Roar myself. Not the best sounding BT speaker ever, but for the price I have no complaint. Here is a review by Tyll:
 I am willing to accept that it could have been a mobile browser problem, except it was fine until recent weeks and it suddenly happened to two different browser?  The funny thing is that, when I am using Opera and if I click on the right link (such as the forum link in PM box), I get the current list. If I were to click on the forum tab on top of every page however, I get an outdated list.
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