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Cool. I just contributed to a RockMaster IE.
 Am I the one here that is making claim of something happening? If a person makes the claim, then (s)he shall provide the proof, that's how thing works in my universe and science in general. If you tell me swans come in 7 different colors of rainbow, then I'll want you to show me all 7 colored swans, while I shouldn't be the one to provide evidence that you are making empty claim.
 I listened to PHA-3 before. Overall nice, but you won't find $800 extra stuff on it.
 Yes, why not?  Option 1 was introduced about 2 weeks ago - it SUCKS! I strongly do not recommend it unless you really don't want to deal with forwarding service and extra steps. It is basically the same as option 2, but instead Taobao will select the forwarder and make all the arrangement for you. The problem is that it might select a very bad forwarder with lousy service record (which happened to me on my last order). I'll recommend the 'regular' way of doing it - that...
 Doubt it. C&C's official Taobao store is no longer in operation, and the guy who runs C&C has not been online for quite awhile now. In fact, his long time account over at erji.net (which I also visit quite often) was recently hacked and he didn't even come back then.
 DSD options only affect DSD playback, therefore the only question is whether to upsample your music - given your  previous mentioning on EQ adjustment, I'll say leave it on.
 Actually that might happen, since A15 was first officially showcased on IFA 2014 last September. If I were in your shoe, I might just wait for 2 more weeks till IFA 2015. The next major event after that will probably be in either Japan near the end of year or CES 2016.
   Just to clarify, @HasturTheYellow means 'On'.
 I would thought grounding the whole circuit and grounding the audio channel are two different things - it will be like saying that using an aluminum chassis on a desktop amp (which also are used for grounding on most desktop amp) gives a 'more balanced' sound than using a steel chassis. Again, I like to have some measurable proof, rather then hearsay or impression, because we all know human listening isn't exactly precise - and if someone is making the claim, (s)he should...
 Where is the measurement to prove that A10 needs bigger current, or should I take your (well, nor your, but Sony's) words for it? Or in another way of saying it - where is the proof that the thinner cable is limiting the current flow, which degrades its performance? If cable is such a terrible media for current flow, why not just mount the battery directly onto the PCB with big copper contact? Surely a a thick and even shorter copper plate beats cable for current flow? It...
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