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 2kohm. You might want to consider SMD resistor as it is a tight fit.
 Just want to add that I was able to solder in the missing resistor needed for OTG function in the MusicHeaven cable, and now it works with A15 + HA-2 without a problem.
  If there is DSP in A10, then the obvious question will be why they don't want us to use it on hi-res files? I think the three possibilities are: 1) There is no DSP onboard and EQ is purely done in software / digital mode. It can't work with hi-res files because software EQ on hi-res requires much higher processing power than the A10 can provide. 2) There is DSP but it is incapable of working with hi-res file, could well be the same reason of lacking in processing power,...
 Won't say one of obviously better than the other. For mainstream music, I'll pick E300. For instrument and Classical, probably E600.  Add $9 more to your $50 budget and you can get Etymotic MK5, which is about as reference flat as it can be under $100. But it is an IEM, not an earbud. To mix with earbuds, or with any kind of headphone, you need to beware not to over compensate. The point is to understand what you listen on headphone will not be the same as on loudspeaker.
Actually I would think earbuds are not a particularly good choice for monitoring / mixing. None of them really has flat enough response and the result of mixing might end up sounding very different on loudspeaker.
 I don't see the correlation. Just because one (old) DAP of the same company has a chip doesn't equal to another DAP using the same chip or working the same way, especially since NWZ-A845's SoC can't seem to decode Hi-res at all.
 That of course is device dependent, but I am not aware that A10's DAC has any hardware EQ DSP capability. Also, software EQ doesn't kill battery that much, assuming it is done on 16/48 or less. X5 will be a good example - it has software EQ (as confirmed by FiiO), but enable it doesn't change the battery life by a lot. This is because all the decoding is already done in software, so adding a few more processes doesn't change how much power the SoC will consume.
 Have you used the rubber feet?
   If anything, it is not because you are a 'guest'. If might not occur to you, but you are really asking the wrong question, the wrong way. This kind of non-specific question generally get ignored everywhere, because you think we have some quick answer tucked away somewhere just waiting for anyone to ask. You assumed people have the time to rank all the their earbuds on different criteria, though the process of getting the answer is neither simple nor fast (*don't know...
 Because to calculate any form of software EQ on Hi-res files (as well as if you upsample the music by DSEE HX) will require a lot of processing power, and therefore it can't be done on a simple device such as A10 series.
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