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TY HP-650, 650ohm.
@vapman has already responded to the complaint, so hopefully it will all be resolved soon.
Hopefully we will have an happy ending
Even if it is indeed an shipping problem on his side, @vapman shouldn't have tried to sell @rggz's MX985 before the issue is completely resolved between the two of them. That in itself would be wrong and no different from stealing IMO.
 Seem like you might not be the only victim in the forum. It will be quite sad to see such an old timer here going down the dark path. I hope you'll get your stuff back.
 It will be like you are trying to compare an old BMW flagship motorcycle to its latest flagship 7 series luxury sedan, which is basically uncomparable.
 ^ That is that only thing I know as well, that it is supposed to be an total upgrade over Cygnus. That Taobao seller mentioned above is somewhat known as the main Shozy retailer in China and he seems to have very close relationship with Shozy owner. He has every Shozy models in his store before everyone else, sometime even before Shozy official announcement. I know he was selling at least 4 different Shozy models (including Zero and Cygnus) almost month before everyone else.
 It isn't 'Shozy Cygnus Black', but 'Shozy BK'. It is not a Cygnus in black case but a new model intended as an upgrade over Cygnus.
 On each channel, one opamp for gain stage while the other for current buffer, thus you need 4 in total. Apheared 47 amp is meant to improve the current output of the cmoy design.
Always interested in seeing more piezoelectric + dynamic hybrids. Hopefully these will be well ahead of Radius Japan's DDMs
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