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 The current Chinese firmware already has Google playstore on it. Of course if you are in China, you won't be able to use it unless you find a way around the great firewall of China. but If you are not in China, then it is business as usual.
 Not true. I think you sort of reading too much into FiiO's reply. There won't be any new feature on the international version of X5III besides the fact that the international X5III will have Google service running on it while the Chinese version won't (*because all Google server access are banned in China, so there is no point running them as they won't be able to connect to Google). There is only one reason why FiiO is selling the X5III in China first, because they know...
 Sound Cloud - workingBandcamp - Mostly working. song's timer doesn't work.Youtube - Mostly not working. Audio only, no video. Never tried to use another Android to control it, so dunno.
 It is solid. At least for me, all the basic functions I used are working fine. Gapless is slightly glitchy on the last firmware but I haven't tried the latest firmware yet (just released yesterday, still downloading). As far as basic music playback using FiiO music app goes, there isn't any major bug I can see. Some album arts are missing. but those are no big deal. Third party apps for USB DAC (UAPP and Onkyo HF Player) are working but not the most stable. I don't use...
 Not much has changed in regard of my opinion about X5III - these days I use it more than X7 actually - still not saying X5III is better sounding of course, but it is good enough that I don't miss X7 that much.
 You don't need to unzip the firmware file. You just use the support app on X7 and select the whole zip file for upgrading firmware.
 If there isn't anything important on your X7, I'll suggest you try a system wipe from the recovery first (hold power + volume+ during during startup)
 Technically I installed the FW3.1.1 about 12 hours ago, so far I have at least reboot at least 6 times during the days as I was testing various things as well as listening to music on and off.
 No problem there. I can change Viper Effect setting after reboot without any issue.
My testing with Viper Effect (on FiiO music app of FW3.1.1beta) so far is that, even if it is enable, it will stop working after a reboot. Then it will have to be re-enable (a quick flip on the main switch) and it will work again.
New Posts  All Forums: