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 Well, I didn't check for unicorn inside the Z5 I demoed that days, but pretty sure there isn't any in the A3 I demoed, since it sounds just like the one I picked up later. So I guess you have to take my observation as it is
To me, Z5 sounds a bit more impressive than A3. Just about everything is grander in comparison, but at the end I picked A3 instead of Z5 though it has nothing to do with the price difference. The first time I demoed both, I noticed something doesn't sound quite right about Z5's imaging. Then I talked to a friend at the spot whom demoed both a couple of time before and we concluded that we both noticed that its bass is slightly out of phase. It is like a 2.1 speaker system...
  Highly doubt that one exists.
Given none of us can hear infrasonic, it doesn't matter much.
 True, yes, at least technically speaking.
 I am using the same cable from the same eBayer, Don't really know about GS4 but it does work fine with my Xperia Z2.
 Yes. It shouldn't degrade the SQ.
 For your application, a desktop amp is probably more suitable, and $99 is actually a pretty good price for desktop amp as most are priced well above $200. Trying to get a really cheap desktop amp might degrade the SQ of your setup rather than improving it, so I won't really recommend it. With Magni 2, at least we know it is fairly well regarded. If you really need to keep the budget low, I'll suggest you start hunting one down in the for sale forum. How much power you...
 It is a known issue for some USB 3.0 controller to be very buggy with USB DAC.
 No, it has to be an amp to work, so to speak on a technical standpoint. ANC circuit isn't very hard to build as it is basically an amp with reversed phase and careful volume control (well, maybe a good mic or some FR compensation as well). The mic picks up the external noise and sends it to the amp, then the amp / ANC circuit creates a reversed phase signal, mixes it to the music and sends it to the headphone drivers. The drivers play both the music signal+reverse phase...
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