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 It is most likely a ground loop. Basically there is an unwanted potential difference between Lyr 2 and the rest of the setup. There are several ways to break up ground loop and some might or might not work for you. Sometime as simple as using a different power socket is enough to eliminate the problem, while other time you might need a ground loop isolator somewhere in the setup, such as iUSB.
 There is app in the app store you can download to fully customize the SBX setting (which includes a bass boost) to your own liking. The same app also gives you customizable EQ as well, in case you don't want to use SBX. Once you finish customizing the SBX setting, the E5 will remember it inside the amp, so you don't need to use the app next time to reactivate it. All you need is to press the SBX switch on the E5 and it will enable the SBX (of your own setting) for you.
I am using Creative Sound Blaster Roar myself. Not the best sounding BT speaker ever, but for the price I have no complaint. Here is a review by Tyll:
 I am willing to accept that it could have been a mobile browser problem, except it was fine until recent weeks and it suddenly happened to two different browser?  The funny thing is that, when I am using Opera and if I click on the right link (such as the forum link in PM box), I get the current list. If I were to click on the forum tab on top of every page however, I get an outdated list.
It used to be just fine but recently I can't seem to browse HF properly on my Android smartphone (Xperia Z2, 4.4.4). It happens to both Chrome as well as Opera - basically, if I browse the forum normally, what I'll get are thread listing that are a few days old (and sometime a week old) instead of the latest. Refresh doesn't help. Seems to me the forum is feeding me a cached version rather than a current version of the forum. I can change the setting in Chrome to ask for...
 If price isn't a factor, everything can be found on Mouser, except for BrownDog adapter which you 'll have to source from BrownDog.
 The stock LME49600 pairs up pretty well with MUSES02. Personally, I like Intersil HA-5002 a bit more, though you need to use the special BrownDog adapter with it.
Yep, iBasso is pretty dedicated to DAP these days, but you can probably still find the Japanese version.
BH2 fits most of the bill though I don't consider it to be better sounding. T5 would have be the natural choice except the build quality isn't good enough for a recommendation. Unfortunately the only ultraportable that I know that can beat even T5 is pretty much dead in prototype phase.   Right now T5 seems to be the only real option. Hmm.
 That's because E18 doesn't employ AOA, but rather rely on the particular version of Android to support USB DAC class 1 driver. AOA is a more universal implementation that is supposed to work with more Android devices, which is what Creative has designed the E5 on. Heating up is also a result of charging (or more precisely, discharging of battery inside E5). Though I don't think it should discharge so fast when not connected to your smartphone. The discharging rate is also...
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