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 If I am not mistaken, it has dual OPA1642 for gain and TPA6120A2 for buffer.
 MDR-1R is indeed an excellent all-arounder.
I love my Ety but strongly suggest everyone to avoid MC5 at all cost. Also, I'll recommend Zero Audio DX200 for Classical as well. A10 should have no problem driving DX200 and get to keep a similar Ety-like sound without being too sterile.
 Try an ER4S first, then you'll know why it is the long running production IEM ever - some 24 years and counting.
 A bit OT but you should try Etymotic ER4S if you can. Just about everyone I know who listen to Classical love ER4S. I auditioned the XBA-H series and never really impressed by any of them. Somehow I find their tuning all wrong. On the other hand, I do like my XBA-A3, more so than XBA-Z5.
 I do own a JDS Labs C5,  As far as being a pure amp, I'll say HA-2 and C5 are pretty close. I'll say technically C5 seems just a bit more capable, though the difference to my ear is pretty small. I'll have to put HA-2 to measurement as well as carefully A/B'ing to really tell them apart, which I haven't done yet. But at least to my ears they are about equally good so far.
To expend what I have talked about: Say an iPod has a max output of 10 on its circuit, and will distort when the output beign pushed over 10. Normally this won't be a problem because when you max out the volume on iPod, the output only reaches 10 and no more. But because EQ on iPod "digitally" boost the max output (for example, to 11), now the signal coming out of the DAC want to push over 10 - and of course it can't, because the circuit itself only physically /...
 HA-2 arguably has a better (*though not vastly better) amp section than iDSD micro, despite being much less powerful. It is however much more neutral and transparent. But the DAC section isn't as good. Like all ESS's DAC, the ES9018K2M in HA-2 sounds a bit drier and brighter than it should, where the DAC in iDSD micro is fluid and musical without being colored in any way. As standalone amp, I prefer HA-2 over iDSD micro. But as DAC+amp as a whole, I prefer iDSD micro over...
 Those distortion come from iPod's EQ as it is digital and Apple doesn't reserve any headroom, therefore EQ on iPod almost always result in clipping. The only difference I can see here is having much more power on the E12A makes the distortion much more obvious. Basically it is a case of crap-in-crap-out, and why disabling EQ turns everything back to normal again. It is, unfortunately, a long time problem for all iPod and Apple never care to implement its EQ the right way.
 That's exactly how a Bit Perfect filter should look like on an FR curve, so nothing wrong there. If you need an explanation, I'll suggest you start researching the topic of NOS (Non-OverSampling), which is what Bit Perfect filter is. Here is how all three filter settings look like:   p/s: FYI, the bass roll-off on DX50 is caused by output capacitors. p/s 2: forgot to mention the above FR curve is for 16/44.1 (and 48) only. Upsampling will result in a different looking curve.
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