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 Read this: I have leftover blank buffer adapter if you want, payment and shipping conditions (listed in 'Extra' section) are the same as thread above. PM me if you need them.
 You should learn the right way to solder with a soldering iron, not trying to short cut by pulling out trick with a heat gun. You might get away this time but heatgun can cause more trouble when not used properly.  DON't even do that. You'll just destroy the buffer. Follow the marking on the adapter and you will be fine.
 You will use a heat gun to desolder IC, not to solder them. Rotate? Don't really know what you are talking about.
 Supposedly yes, though Hifiman hasn't released much detail about it so far.
 HM901S actually.
 I am not that sure. USB host comes with iOS7, and iPod Classic doesn't run on it.
Unless you know the USB DAC has really good implementation on sync or adaptive mode, it is almost always better to use an async mode USB DAC.
Make sure you are running the update with admin's right. Also, remove any other USB device before updating.
If you have more warmth, of course you will lose some treble clarity - and no, I am not talking about E12DY lossing clarity, but your ability to focus on different thing at the same time, as a human. You are simply overwhelmed by the present of more information that you can listen at the same time, which is perfectly normal IMO.
 Even heard of OPA2134, which has been widely used since the day Chu Moy put one into his first portable headphone amp some 16 yrs ago and basically jump started a new market? Yes, the same thing - just that OPA134 is the single channel version of OPA2134. TI may have rebranded OPA134 series under the SoundPlus series recently, but it is still the same old wine in a new bottle. Using OPA134 is likely walking backward at this point.
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