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 Sure, I own a pair - pretty good sounding but it is on the bright side. In any case, it is an IEM, not earbuds.
Many headphone / audio seller on AE are reseller that have no official tie to any of the brand they are selling. They stock up on popular models, then mark them up for resale on international market. They are really more like grey market exporter then your average online audio shop.
 Let not pins what some Ali sellers have done to PureSounds altogether. I got my PureSounds with my own money (PS100-600 only costed about USD$100 after Taobao discount) and they do make good earbuds. Not the best of the best perhaps, but still well above average. If every headphone brand must be judged by its worst seller ever, then there won't be any headphone left for us to buy.
 X5III and X7+AM3  Same as mine actually.
 Interest. That kind of different from my own observation of the two. I do agree Yinman 500 has a better treble extension than PS100-500, but otherwise I find Yinman 500 to be the warmer sounding of the two. The mid range of Yinman 500 is thick enough that I'll refer it to be veil sounding. PS100-500, in contrast, is cleaner sounding.
 Because "Extraordinary Sound" is the actual English brand name which the maker of 舜仕01B has chosen to put onto its box.  This is one of those earbuds that truly defines the meaning of stiff cable. I'll recommend skipping it as the sound quality, while decently good, is not enough to offset its impracticable cable.
 Can't help you on that one. Yinman 500ohm just doesn't impress me enough for me to try the 600ohm.   Of course I had. They are quite good a combo. M1 by itself is roughly between entry and mid range DAP to my ear. But for the price, there is really nothing I'll complain about it.
150ohm earbuds should be generally fine. I just spent some time on M1 with the 600ohm PureSounds P100-600 actually - it isn't half bad and I was on low gain.
Haven't heard any other K yet. There are simply too many earbuds to try these days.
K's 500ohm cable isn't stiff at all. The reason of cable noise / microphonic is purely because the lack of strain relief. There is a way to fix it,  by simply gluing the cable to the housing. However care must be taken as you must leave some room for air to vent or else the sound is ruined. But if you do it right, the cable noise issue will be fixed.
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