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 Don't forget the gain switch as well.
 Channel imbalance is inherent in every analog potentiometer. It can be either better or worst, but there is really not such a thing as totally balanced pot, except for digital or stepped attenuator that often costs a lot and as big as half a E10K. AFAIK, FiiO didn't try to fix any balance issue with any of the E10 reversion. Reversion 2 with the gold RCA is for time delay fix, the reversion 2 is for the headphone jack. The pot that is used in E10K currently is the same...
UD120 can run 32/384 in ASIO mode, otherwise 32/192 max.
 Both are SMD. The opamp are SOIC8 and the buffer are TO-263. You might be able to replace the opamp but the buffer won't be easy, even with a heat gun, given the metal back plate is also soldered onto the PCB and packed very tightly with other components surrounding it. Here is just the front with the buffer. Opamp are on the side of the PCB, with no room for any adapter.  
 Of course you can.
Yes, it has shuffle, but it is pretty limited. If you want to shuffle all 5000 songs in file browser, you will have put them all under one single folder, which will be a mess. Otherwise you will have to use the library to shuffle, but it will have the file number limitation.
 There is a freeware call GUIformt, google and download it to format your SD card to FAT32. Allocation size is not important. Just leaves it on the default setting. exFAT doesn't have any major speed advantage over FAT32, that is why no one is talking about it. Plus, reading / writing speed is mainly determined by the hardware (SD card class and reader's limit). Also, you can always reformat the SD card back to exFAT if you needs it for something else. The only significant...
 He is referring to micro iCAN and the answer has been given a few post above.
 AFAIK, only gain switches were added.
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