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 There are a few way to implement volume control, the most common way is to put an attenuator / pot between the DAC's line-out and the amp stage. But smaller pot tends to have channel imbalance issue on low volume, and those good pot tend to be really expensive or just big in size (such as the one in HM901). Therefore they are not the ideal solution on DAP, especially if you want to keep the size reasonably small. Therefore the compromised way is to use the digital volume...
 Desktop gear are different story as they often don't use digital volume control because they have plenty of space to implement a good analog volume control which avoids all the issue with digital volume control.
 I am not actually that familiar with budget desktop amp myself to make any useful recommendation (I am more into portable amp). But if you can find a desktop version of O2 (Objective2) headphone amp then you should be all set. It will cost you somewhere between $150~200 though.
Have you tried the high gain?
 No, you can't get the output voltage from those numbers. Anyway, the max voltage output for headphone-out is about 1.6Vrms and for line-out is about 1.5Vrms.
 Probably taken the idea from pro-audio where two mono 6.4mm plugs are used for balanced signal, then just swap it to 3.5mm mono.
So the same chip is both the headphone driver as well as the analog output stage (summing up the +/- signals to single end) of the DAC, am I right?
 Likely it will be. Then again, it depends on other factors as well.  The software / PC based SBX sounds pretty good to me. Hopefully this hardware version can measure up. I guess we'll have to wait and see. It is probably too late to tell them to made any hardware change. At this point, I would think it is already in production.
It is like 24/192 of yesteryear, where everyone wants one but most have no idea what it is. Now that most have it, they need something else to obsess about.
 Well, I don't know all of them so I really can't say. Many are 'native' in the sense that the DAC itself can accept DSD signal, not necessarily that all the internal decoding process will be purely DSD. Such in the case of CS4398, the choice is given to the manufacturer on what they want to used, depends on the implementation.
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