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It comes from a Chinese DIYer. He was trying to fix a pair of unbalanced ER4 for someone and he found out one of the driver is pretty much dead. So he ended up replicated one side out of hard acrylic (same way how CIEM is build) and one thing led to another.
Without further ado...  
 It all depends on how much power is being drew over the USB connection. Newer generation of DAC/amp that are optimized for OTG usually have either fully self-powered USB DAC section or draw under 150mA in total in order to work with smartphone's very limited USB power supply. Older DAC/amp however are designed with PC in mind and thus draw too much power from the smartphone - which either trigger a warning on over-drawing power on the smartphone itself or the smartphone...
Just don't want to ruin the surprise.
I might have something kinda special coming tomorrow (or the day after, delivery is a bit lazy these days). No, it isn't the new ER4, but I'll think it should be equally intriguing to most Ety fans
BTW, just a heads up - begin in May, all new Ostry KC08 should have a new tuning. It will be the final tuning and there won't be any Chinese vs. Japanese version anymore. I do believe Ostry offers those in China who doesn't like the old tuning an exchange for the new version, though I don't know much of the detail. They also showcased KC08T in China a couple of weeks ago on trade show, not much detail on that yet except it will be an even better model than KC08.
 It will be much easier to get a smartphone headset, then a PC adapter.
 Comply 500 series. 400 series will fit as well but requires a little bit of pushing. If you are going for the cheaper Chinese foam, aim for those with the Comply 400 size.
 I still have my very first pair of olive from 2008, around the time when Shure first introduced them, and they are still fine, that should tell you their staying power.
 SeaHF = Bug guy, the original maker  / OEM for both Headphone Association, (presumably) DarkHouse as well as TY Hi-Z. Note that I said 'presumably' because DarkHouse is a brand invented by AE seller and not directly associated with Bug guy. Headphone Association and TY Hi-Z on the other hand are both working with Bug bug directly - therefore by reason of elimination, DarkHouse is probably either Headphone Association or TY Hi-Z. Here is the difference between Headphone...
New Posts  All Forums: