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 Not a problem per se, just that it was limited to 24/48 on iOS and 24/48 on Android until recent firmware update.
 As stated by, you can't. However, if it is a desktop setup - you can try adding a self-powered USB hub (with BC1.2 support) in between your smartphone and micro iDSD and it should be able to keep charging the micro iDSD while in use. If it is meant for portable use and you don't mind carrying a big power bank, an 'OTG power injector' (search eBay) might help. Haven't tried one myself though.
 Clipping is a result where the amp section isn't capable swinging as high a voltage as you are asking it to. Given there is no actual amp section in AK100, there is no clipping, so to speak. What you need to worry about clipping is on the external amp you are going to use, not on AK100.
Be very worry about MX985 / 980 from China, or any close proximity of China. Do note that it is one of the most counterfeited models in Sennheiser line-up after IE8/80/800 in China.
Actually there is almost no 'amp section' to speak of in AK100, and it has one of the cleanest headphone-out, as it is more like a 'variable line-out with buffer' than a regular amp section. The easiest way is just to max out the headphone-out in AK100 and use an external amp to control volume, and that should give you pretty much as good as SQ as using a line-out.
 Never left really, I just spend most of my time in the portable gears forum. Sorry, no more big IEM review from me as I don't have the time to maintain big review thread anymore. GR07 BE has more bass presence. Bass on 2KJ is more neutral in quantity, though it does reach just as deep as GR07 BE and perhaps hit with slightly more impact. It just doesn't quite have the same body.
Just received the final version of DN-2000J. Haven't spent enough time on it yet, but it would seem it is brighter and more analytical than DN-2K. But overall a very well tuned IEM, definitely the best of DUNU so far.
1)Your Location(city and Country ) Paloh, Malaysia   2)Your headphones Just over 400 pairs now, over 70% are IEM. Too many to list so please check my profile for the complete list: here. 3)Your music player Over 20 units, but the most noticeable one include: FiiO X5 and X5 2nd Gen, iBasso DX50, Hifiman HM901, Sony NWZ-A15, Apple iPod nano 7G. Complete list is in my profile. 4)The headphone amplifier you have used before or are using now Have about 60 portable...
 Yes, not all USB port outputs enough current to both power and charge the micro iDSD at the same time. Therefore you will need a high power USB port to make sure there will always be enough. Otherwise just either turn it off or leave it to go to sleep mode for long enough time to make sure it will recharge itself back.
 It is, but we are not talking about whether it is USB power or battery mode, but how micro iDSD drain or charge its battery in both modes.
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