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 It is a brief listening that is enough to get a basic feel of those earbuds, but not enough to read write any detail about them.
 It was a very short listening session with quite a few earbuds in a fairly noisy environment, so I'll prefer not to post any impression that isn't 100% sure.  Unless we are talking about the Hi-Z 650ohm, I don't really know any other 650ohm earbuds from SeaHF / Bug Guy.
Big thanks to @rudi0504 and @Cyperus for letting me tried all your earbuds. It was a short but sublime experience and absolute a highlight for me in this year CanJam Singapore.
Big thanks to @rudi0504 and @Cyperus on Sunday at CanJam Singapore I got to listen to QFred, CampFred (both balanced and single ended), Blue Dart and the CampFred 2. Gonna say I am mighty impressed. While it is only a brief listening, it is easy to tell they are Contender / Champion material.   p/s: Tried @rudi0504 Zen 2 Black with VE's full balanced portable amp as well, and it is also an excellent setup abide it is more transportable than portable
We are not cavemen, get yourself some wireless headphone!
For those of you who are attending CanJam Singapore over this weekend, I'll be bringing my Rose Mojito / Masya and Shozy BK with me. If you bump into me, you are welcomed to give them a listen.
For those of you who like to try out some earbuds - I will be bringing Rose Mojito and Masya (original version), plus Shozy BK with me. I'll be there both days and if you bump into me, you are welcomed to try them out. For IEM, I'll have my Etymotic ER4SR and Elecom EHP-SH1000SV with me.
 Excellent, I'll definitely pester Rudi for an audition
 Great. I'll be there for both days as well and definitely love to listen to your earbuds. p/s: will bring Mojito, Masya (original) and BK to the show as well, maybe some IEM as well . Those of you who bump into me are welcomed to give them a listen.
 That obviously depends on where you drew the line between 'still-worth-it' and 'enough-is-enough', and we all drew that line differently. Some people can settle for X1-Ii, while other won't want anything less than X5iii.I am myself more of the later, and I can't the same can apply to others.
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