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 It will be like you are trying to compare an old BMW flagship motorcycle to its latest flagship 7 series luxury sedan, which is basically uncomparable.
 ^ That is that only thing I know as well, that it is supposed to be an total upgrade over Cygnus. That Taobao seller mentioned above is somewhat known as the main Shozy retailer in China and he seems to have very close relationship with Shozy owner. He has every Shozy models in his store before everyone else, sometime even before Shozy official announcement. I know he was selling at least 4 different Shozy models (including Zero and Cygnus) almost month before everyone else.
 It isn't 'Shozy Cygnus Black', but 'Shozy BK'. It is not a Cygnus in black case but a new model intended as an upgrade over Cygnus.
 On each channel, one opamp for gain stage while the other for current buffer, thus you need 4 in total. Apheared 47 amp is meant to improve the current output of the cmoy design.
Always interested in seeing more piezoelectric + dynamic hybrids. Hopefully these will be well ahead of Radius Japan's DDMs
 RunAbout is a very solid portable amp that has no problem beating most, if not all sub-$100 amp, though probably not going to top the $200 category. QuickStep will indeed be an even better amp to have and should easily be one of the best of any price range.
  Can't comment on XDuoo since I have not heard it. As for cmoy, I know I can recommend JDS because they have solid engineering and excellent customer service. Don't really know about the other two.
  After 8 months, over 40 cables and hundred hours of labor later, here are the last batch of the whole build. Now the project is official ended.
Disagree that it is a 3 star CIEM. While it might not have a brilliant treble, it is at least quite delicate, and the mid range is rather excellent. Some of my old music, especially those with poor recording condition by today standard, really shines with RE1000. I won't go as far as to say it can compete with the best CIEM out there, but I think it has more than earned its place for being a fairly musical and relaxing IEM to listen to.
 First thing, to say NX1 is 'rated only up to 150ohm' in itself is a misunderstandaing of how spec works. To see how any specific load will work on amp, you need to put them into measurement. One particular 150ohm headphone (in general, including earphone) might work fine with NX1 while another 150ohm headphone might not - because impedance is only one of the spec of headphone - you also need to consider the sensitivity of the headphone as well as the power output of the...
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