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 Great that it works out for you. However, if you still face the same problem down the road (changing the setting works for some but not all), you will need a self-power hub.
 Just about every Bluetooth module has its own built-in DAC (which usually doesn't sound great). The E3 however has an independent DAC outside of the Bluetooth's DAC. It is a TI's PCM5122, which actually isn't a bad DAC at all on its own.
 If it is a pure USB DAC you want, I'll recommended UD120 before E10K. But getting the UD120 means you will need an amp as well.
 Seems like the old out-of-sync issue on Windows. It isn't a E10K problem so changing its setting won't really help. What you need is a self-power USB hub between your laptop and the E10K to stop Windows from causing the problem again.
 If you are referring to E07K - none that I remember of. If you are referring to E10K - imbalance when the pot is under 0.5 / 8. As a reference, my normal listening volume with DN-2000 is about 1 / 8, with SE530 is about 0.8 / 8 - so I have no problem with channel balance with all my IEM.
 RMAA is not a calibrated test and therefore the number it pumps out has no comparative value outside of your own reference - and if you don't have a good reference to begin with, those number are actually mostly meaningless. So it is not defective, just that the RMAA test itself is very misleading if you don't understand the short coming of the test. Anyway, you don't even need to run the test itself to find out the imbalance - just start the volume calibration (before...
 No, you misunderstand - there is no imbalance in E07K or E17. The chips that control the volume on both of them are manufactured in such a way that it can completely matched the resistance on left and right channels. That is something a normal volume pot can't do. A normal pot will always has some imbalanced resistance on the lower region.   0.25dB will be too small for the majority of human to notice.
 Yes, something like that.  Not sure about S4, but I confirm that works on Xperia Z2.
 Banned, Let just leave it at that. JDS Labs of course.
 Okay, this is a bit more complex - neither E07K nor E17 is actually fully digital. They are using analog volume control with a digital interface, and instead of pot, they are more like matched resistor array. Think of it like a miniaturized stepped attenuator inside a small chip that can be controlled via digital signal - that seems very idea, and yet why ain't we using it more often? Well, because most of them don't actually sound better than actual analog pot. They are...
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