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BUILD CLOSED.   This is the 3rd (and quite possibly the last) run for me to offer my free labor to build an Etymotic ER4 replacement cable for you, in either P, S, or B version. You will be paying for the cost for parts and shipping only. Same conditions as my last previous two builds (here and here) - please check them out for detail.   Again, no profit for me and purely to help those of you who don't know how to solder.   Note: ONLY works with the original...
 That's the assumption, but I haven't read any impression of it yet.
Farerl's earbuds are not differentiated by color of the housing, as they all come with various color. There are two version of 64ohm, referred as 1.0 and 2.0. Besides 2.0 being a bit more expensive, there is no difference on the look alone (and my bet is most, if not all of the 64ohm in HF are probably 1.0). There is however just one version of 300ohm - again, same housing as the 64ohm and you can't tell them apart by look alone.
 Not saying you are wrong in anyway and hope you haven't took my previous comment as such. I am stating nothing beyond the scope of "one man's meat is another man's poison". We all talk about what each of us like and dislike in the forum and everyone's preference is totally valid to his/her opinion - even if it goes against the public opinion. The lesson to take away is however for oneself to know whether his/her opinion and preference will line up with the public opinion...
 A little bit of everything. Think of MX985 as grander sounding on all aspect.  Again, nothing wrong with PK3. If there is any fault to speak of, it is that it is an older model and there are better sounding choice out there.  ...or maybe your listening preference doesn't lineup with others? Just because it is the public opinion doesn't make it the right opinion on personal level.
 Beyond that Tomahawk is better sounding than PK3, differ as in?
 Nothing wrong with PK3, but I'll suggest spending just a bit for a MrZ / Music Maker Tomahawk instead for a more noticeable SQ jump.
F A R E R L   Doesn't quite make sense to me as well, but that's what he said.
 Just talked to the manufacturer a moment ago - apparently the official name is FARERL
 It will be like comparing a Toyota Prius to a Ferrari 488 Spider - both are really good for what they are designed for, but otherwise not actually comparable besides the fact that they are both cars.
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