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 There is a ledge / hook thingy on the upper side of the battery bay, use a small flat piece of object to push it slightly in and at the same time, lightly pry the battery out. If you prefer not to pry the battery, just hold the whole player screen-side-up (battery-side-down) and use you finger to push the ledge / hook inward and allow gravity to drop the battery out for you.
There is only one relay inside X3 so what you are hearing is the opening and closing of the same relay. My guess is, there is either no power / signal on of the the channel due to unknown damage to the voltage supply rail (as the headphone-out opamp is only half powered), or your opamp has a cold solder join (less likely). The worst case is there might be some high DC offset (which the relay has protected you from). The opamp buffer on the line-out actually can work with a...
 I won't say it is 'significantly' better, but it is noticeable if you are a critical listener. I'll however rate E12DIY to be better of C5 and on par with O2. Given E12A's performance is very close to that of E12DIY, I'll rate it better than C5 as well.
   That's typical of Sony, especially for their Japanese division. They are too in tune to their native market that they just ignore the outside world and instead rather adhere to their own way of doing things. All of their past Walkman and the accessories were designed to work with low voltage so they keep designing new DAP that only work with low voltage, sort of turn into a vicious cycle.
 Okay, I just spent some time switching around LO and HO to O2 + ER4S and MDR-1R. The difference is really not that big, I'll say most people will probably miss it in a quick listen. I try to volume match the HO to LO (and for those who are interested, 24/30 and 25/30 is the closest to LO. 24/30 is closer but a tiny bit less volume, where 25/30 is slightly higher). Anyway, I'll say I noticed HO has a slightly wider but flatter sound, where LO gives a slightly narrower...
 The answer is no.
Just received the LOD (FiiO L5).   For SQ, I am pretty impressed. It is very clean and transparent, well suited for amping. It is however fairly low in voltage though, just around 0.245Vrms. Headphone-out is double that.
 Your friend has soldered it in the wrong orientation. The sloped edge should have faced upward (toward the SD slot) in the picture, but it is not. My guess is the chip has likely burnt out, better order a new one and hopefully no other hidden damage that will render the X3 unrepairable.
 Nah, EMS for me. I already spent too much on the DAP to not pay for the extra shipping. The Sony official case is nice too, but I'll use the Dignis case when I am stacking the A15 with iDSD micro, so no flip cover to get in the way.
You can always opt for snail mail :p
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