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  MMCX was only invented a couple years ago then adapted for IEM use, where pins have been used all kind of electronics for ages - so there is the historical reason. Less fragile isn't a reason for using MMCX, as it is originally invented as a coax connector that is meant to be easily removable but not in frequent -  thus MMCX is actually much easier to fail when plug/unplug frequently than two pins, especially since MMCX is free-to-rotate and thus easier to develop bad...
 Not all wood are created equally. Most wooden IEM is just typical BA/dynamic driver with wooden housing, JVC FX series actually use dynamic driver with special wood composite diaphragm, the housing is actually brass with an outer wood layer (*for the look, not the sound). They are not the same thing and certainly doesn't sound  similar. JVC is expensive for a good reason.
 Haven't really had much time on it to give any note worthy impression. I merely checked if it is working fine or not, then hooked it up to my burn-in rig. I'll say it is pretty good overall - a bit on the warm and smooth side with no obvious weakness.
 I just asked them which is their flagship and how much with shipping....
 Never know they didn't ship oversea. I messaged them on FB about 2 weeks ago, then they quote me back with a price + shipping. I paid, then waited for about a week before it arrived a few days ago.
 My O2 is broken and hasn't been fixed yet (might need a rebuild there), so I can't compare it to A5. However, I'll say if you have the original E12, than A5 is definitely a worthy upgrade. But if you have the E12A and doesn't need the extra power, I think you can save some money for now. The improvement on a darker and cleaner background isn't what I'll consider a must have.
...and as mentioned, I got the confirmation that 'BK = Stardust' directly from Shozy themselves.  
Just listened to A5 side by side with E12A, volume matched - I'll say they are 97% similar in tonality. The last 3% difference is that A5 seems to be just a tiny bit cleaner and darker into the background, where E12A always has just a tiny bit of warmth.
  ...and no, they are not IEM. They are earbuds
 Try this.
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