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F A R E R L   Doesn't quite make sense to me as well, but that's what he said.
 Just talked to the manufacturer a moment ago - apparently the official name is FARERL
 It will be like comparing a Toyota Prius to a Ferrari 488 Spider - both are really good for what they are designed for, but otherwise not actually comparable besides the fact that they are both cars.
If any of you are wondering between Fareal 64ohm and 300ohm - just get the 64ohm as the 300ohm isn't exactly better.   Also, it should be Fareal, not Faaeal - the R and A font are slightly different on the earbuds.
 The one with the red adapter? That's mine, not related to Snugs.
I think it is worth noting that the 3D setting on iDSD only gives you either 3DHS or not - but on iCAN, you also get a more conventionally implemented crossfeed setting (which works better with older, fully pan-out recording), besides 3DHS.
I am in a place where Internet access is very limited. But I think they are the same graph?
Agree. Mojito is more neutral sounding to me.
As much as I like mojito myself, it is not wise to buy things you don't fully understand of. Double or dual dynamic means two dynamic transducers, or sometime referred as 'moving coil' driver, are on each side of the earphone. So they're total of 4 drivers. Using foam is highly recommended, but it is essentially a personal choice.
 It is, IMO, really really really impressive. I'll be at E1 Audio tomorrow in the afternoon, probably around 3pm. If you want, I'll bring along the Mojito and you can demo it for yourself.
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