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 ER4SR already cover 20Hz to 20kHz flat to human hearing. If you are referring 'flat' as in a straight line in FR curve, it will just sound completely unnatural to human.
 My last listen to DX90 is ages ago, so it is impossible for me to compare the two.
SR and XR use different transducer. So no switch in the world would be able to give you both SR and XR sound in one ER4.
 Note that the amount of hardware gain is determined during the design phase, thus the noise produced by the hardware is fixed. Any software gain adjustment will likely only affect (*limit) how high the DAC's voltage output is, it won't change a bit on how much the amp section's hardware gain is, nor how much the background noise produced by the hardware.
  That is a misunderstanding on balanced audio. Yes, it reduces EMI and common-mode signals, but - firstly,  unless you are putting the DAP into a microwave or wrap the headphone cable around a cellphone all the time, there won't really be that much EMI inside the DAP to reduce in the first place. Secondly, if the noise isn't itself a common mode signal (identical in +/- channel), then it won't get cancelled by the balanced circuit regardless of how well the circuit is...
Not sure I like the idea of combining coax-out into USB-C port, but otherwise it seems to be a pretty solid design feature wise.
 I only know Taobao has them. I got mine here (dimension 4.8mm, a pair) and dirt cheap, though you might need a forwarding agent. p/s: the metal filter already has double sided tape on them.
 Just need to be sure you are not talking about USB-out, which is also digital. Didn't have any music in m4a, but mainly mp3 and FLAC. Otherwise didn't experience the same issue you are facing. Mine just moves from one song to another normally as expected..
 Which digital out?
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