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 Probably not. The bass driver on Mojito is bigger than the 10mm bass driver in Margarita..
 If it is a confined (imaginary) space, TM7 probably has the best rendering of spacial detail and positioning I have ever heard of any earbud. But by sheer openness, nothing comes close to Mojito.
 For anyone who enjoy detail and soundstage, it will be like asking a devoted motorcycle rider to compare a Harley-Davidson to a bicycle.
 Post# 8001.
 Probably typo or just bad translation from AE,  but the correct name should be Margarita, after the cocktail.
 95%, I'll say.
 Just request it. Once enough people request it, there will be another drop. For that kind of price there is really nothing to lose and everything to gain. Even at today's standard, the RE0 (and RE00 of course) is still an incredible value in the sub-$100 category.
If I recall correctly, I am the first person to write an review of the original Hifiman RE0 way back in 2008. I was mightily impressed back then and the RE0 has served as my reference and benchmark ever since, and probably one of the most popular dynamic IEM among HF'er of its time. Even so, it was ultimately phased out by Hifiman a few years ago and eventually the more neutral and detailed sound signature that dominated Hifiman's line-up of the time is also slowly...
It has been rumored to death with the lack of 3.5mm headphone jack on upcoming iPhone but Motorola has beaten Apple to the punch with the new Moto Z / Z Force, which won't come with a 3.5mm jack and will require a headphone with digital input or an extra DAC adapter to work with your 'normal' headphone. So my fellow HF'er, what is your take?
 A P-S-B selector, yes.
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