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Beside SQ, what I am most impressed about the HA-2 so far is that, not only does it support iPod Nano 7G for digital-out over the Lightning connector, but it also supports my good old iPod Nano 4G on its 30pins connector.       Did I say I am impressed?
 Yes. Also, FiiO X3 2ndG has 200mW on the left, as well as on the right channel. If it were to be written in the Sony way, it will be '200mW + 200mW'. That's kind of a waste of time to write so, given both channels have to be equal or else it must be faulty. Of course sometime manufacturer also list the rather misleading 'combined power', which adding power from both channels together.  It usually means the headphone has a 67ohm impedance @ 1kHz on the right and left...
 That will be wrong. DSD-over-PCM means disguising DSD files inside a PCM wrapper so it can be send over USB connection. When USB is first conceived, the USB governing organization does not implement a way for DSD files to be send over via USB (as they never thought there is such a need, since PCM has been the standard for PC audio from early one). So to solve the problem, some clever soul figure out that, by putting DSD files inside a PCM outer shell, the USB connection...
 Yes, you can apply SBX to the line-in signal.
 EQ is analog, controlled via a dedicated chip after the DAC stage.
 I'll suggest your friend to wait for the iDAC 2. It has iDSD micro's DAC section and there is a chance he'll have enough money left for an iCAN.
 Definitely not. BH is the better amp, both sound and technical wise.
 If you are asking the 'value' question, then you might be happier keeping M2c. Even with Sennheiser MX985's designer's grade metal pieces and top-of-the-line SQ, I am still not sure I'll say it offers better value than the M2c. This can be said to Blox TM7 or Yuin PK1 vs. M2c just as well. At the end, all the money you paid for Zen / TM7 / PK1 and even MX985 are purely for the SQ they offers, not the high 'value factor' that isn't there. That, I think, is what justify the...
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