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I am in a place where Internet access is very limited. But I think they are the same graph?
Agree. Mojito is more neutral sounding to me.
As much as I like mojito myself, it is not wise to buy things you don't fully understand of. Double or dual dynamic means two dynamic transducers, or sometime referred as 'moving coil' driver, are on each side of the earphone. So they're total of 4 drivers. Using foam is highly recommended, but it is essentially a personal choice.
 It is, IMO, really really really impressive. I'll be at E1 Audio tomorrow in the afternoon, probably around 3pm. If you want, I'll bring along the Mojito and you can demo it for yourself.
 Who are you referring to? I paid full price for my Mojito and I am quite happy for what I get.
 The back casing is from HJ329, but I read a post somewhere by the guy who run Rose Tech that they use a custom bass driver instead of the driver that is originally in Panasonic. He did show a picture of comparison. The treble driver is completely new and not related to Panasonic at all.  HV600 and HV100 are two very different beast. HV600, technically speaking, is not a dual driver, as it is a single driver dual diaphragms (one active and one passive). HV100 is however a...
I think I might want to order a 2nd pair...
    Snugs is a UK based company that specialized in making silicone soft-shell custom eartips for IEM. Though they don’t make custom IEM themselves, they do offer a couple of IEM models that you can order with the custom eartips included, from the cheapest GBP $159 SoundMAGIC E10S to the most expensive GBP $1K Shure SE846. They also offer soft earplug if isolation is what you need. But if you already have a pair of IEM, they can also make just the eartips themselves,...
Love to join but it is probably going to be a logistic nightmare from U.S. to the other side of earth.
It has been 3 years since my original review of iFi Audio’s original micro iUSB Power, iDAC and iCAN. Fantastic when they are first released and, in my opinion, still quite relevant after all these time (*with the testimony that they still form part of my PC audio chain), the competition has however certainly stiffen up a bit. In respond to the fast pace of the current digital audio gears market, iFi Audio has decided to update the original models with newer parts, better...
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