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 If they are standard USB implementation, then perhaps that'll be the case. But neither A15 nor HA-2 is exactly fully USB compliance. According to Oppo, shorting Pin 4 and 5 stop HA-2 from drawing power from the microUSB port, which is probably how they have programed the XMOS USB controller to tell whether it is connected to a PC or an OTG Host. Here is the HA-2's OTG cable should look like, as confirmed by Oppo.
What is wrong with just calling it amp module anyway? Hifiman is the first to try to name their amp module system in the HM801 but no one really use it at the end (and most probably don't remember that name). Even they don't use it anymore in HM901 and just refer it as amp module, like everyone else.
 Doubt that. I cracked open my MusicHeaven cable (which as I have reported, doesn't work with A15 and HA-2) and have a look inside, noticed the microUSB side isn't wired correctly as pin 4 and 5 are not connected. They are needed to trigger OTG mode. Also look inside the Amazon cable Oppo has referred (which works), and noticed the pin 4 and 5 are connected with a tiny resistor. I'll guess that is the key to why HA-2 will work with the Amazon cable but not (some of) the...
 V-Moda already used that name in the past.
Having had A15 + HA-2 (as well as E12 and E12A) myself, I'll say the combo sounds great to my ears too.
 micro iDSD already has the iPurifier built-in.
 Asymmetrical / J
If it is ground loop between multiple gears, then it is simple and easy to solve where you just isolate the different ground (thus they won't 'loop'). But in your case (which is a flouting ground), it means the problem is more complicated. From what you are saying, it would seem you system isn't probably grounded.
 Given hum is also in the onboard soundcard, I think it isn't ground loop but more likely a case of dirty power. If the hum is only there recently, it could also signal that something is failing, or at least degraded.
 Never noticed any obvious temperature difference on uDAC3, though I can't say I have ever paid any attention about it. I do expect all USB DAC to get slightly warm during use and consider that to be normal. But certainly not to a level that I'll call hot.
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