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Better just order from the Japanese official distributor via a proxy buying service that takes guesswork out.
 True. Let go back to the program.
If you have your own way of baking a bread and you like it more than what your baker friend has made, I'll say more power to you. 
 It is safe to plug the T40 into the headphone jack. You will be double amping so it is better to utilize the line-out signal on the RCA jack instead of plugging into the headphone jack.
 Anything that coming out of the amp that isn't intended is my definition of noise, otherwise it should be the music. It might not fit into your EE definition but it is perfectly fine as my layman definition. 
 Distortion is a form of noise.
 Low gain means lower noise. You always want to start with lowest gain setting first, then turn it up if you don't have enough volume.
 Those are everywhere these days. Just about any smartphone except Apple comes with one. Try eBay or monoprice.
 Well, nothing bad for the amp, but you won't be getting the full dynamic range of the iDAD nano so SQ might not be at its best. It is a choice. If you don't hear any SQ lost then you should be fine.  Totally forget about that - yep, that might just work.
 The 3.5mm socket acts as a the switch to cut off RCA output when a headphone is plugged in. But sometime the 'spring' mechanism inside 3.5mm socket becomes 'lazy' after not being used for awhile and starts to contact each other, making the DAC catting the RCA off as if there is a headphone is plugged in. My suggestion is, use the 3.5mm instead, as it is internally the same signal as the RCA, so there is no SQ lost. Alternatively, try plugging the 3.5mm in and out a few...
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