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 Well, if the noise comes (or gone) only when you are touching the pot, then it is a sign that it is not grounded properly. But given it doesn't seems to be the case, and the fact that the PCB is already grounded to the housing, I doubt it is of any significant.
You have to use an memory app to kill UAPP completely as it might have some background service running and it will keep trying to detect the USB DAC that is not there.
Still I don't think an insignificant passive metal plate will cause noise. Must be something else at play here.
 With the difference in SQ between them, I'll just go with the E11K myself.
 Your CIEM must be really sensitive. I don't hear much hiss on E11K + SE530 myself, and it is the most hiss prone in my collection of IEM.
Hybrid earbud is gonna be some kind of a first. Have to give it to DUNU for being innovative.
 They will have it for demo on COMEX 2014 @ Suntec tomorrow, you can try it out if you have time to visit. Have the E1 and E3 with me right now. I think Creative has pretty good idea on what they are aiming for on different devices: E1 for the entry, E3 for the mid end and E5 for the high end. I am quite impressed by E3 actually. It is on the fat side but otherwise a very solid, multitasking devices that still sound quite well for the price. I think Creative is definitely...
EMI is a problem for everything that uses the MAX9722. It is one of the main weakness of the chip that there is just no real way around it.   E11K is well ahead of NX1 IMO.
Just received the press release of this and I thought some of you will be interested as the spec seems very promising.   TI's TPA6120A2 as headphone amp Cirrus Logic CS4398 as DAC OTG support for iOS and Android Bluetooth with aptX and AAC support Line in and out Optical in and out Dual headphone-out ADC for mic-in and recording. Build-in SBX Pro Sudio (EQ) support USB asynchronous mode 8hr battery life   The only thing I am a bit worry is that TPA6120A2. It...
Try reset the X5, restart the PC.
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