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 I would have just used some tissue or some light sanding. Applying solution to socket might increase the risk of shorting-out
 The DAC has no bearing on this matter. It is the USB receiver that determines whether it will work with your smartphone or not. E07K uses a Tenor TE7022 as USB receiver.
 Try this: take the opamp and buffer out, find something to polish and clean the socket as well as the pins on opamp / buffer.
 Not for about 3 yrs now.
 The USB receiver are different between E7 (PCM2706) and Q1 (Bravo SA9023). However, given both USB receiver should support USB Audio Class 1 without any problem, there is still a chance the Nokia might work.
 That will be more of an IEM than an earbud. Besides, so far the feedback I have seen seems to pointing to a less-than-average sounding earphone.
 Let wait till it is actually out.
 Haven't taken any picture yet, but it looks identical to Headphone Association 400ohm earbuds. The only difference is the Hi-Z logo on the earpiece.
The Hi-Z 400ohm has arrived, here are its measurement against Headphone Association 400ohm, both naked as well as with foam:     The graphs pretty much shows how I have heard between them - without any foam, I like the Hi-Z a bit better, as it sounds more balanced to my ear while HA tends to be a bit more forward on the mid. With foam however, I prefer the HA a bit better as Hi-Z becomes a bit too smooth. But as you can see, the tuning is actually not that different...
 There is a B200?
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