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[NOTICE] Those of you who frequent Chinese headphone forums / Taobao might have found a new Celsus Sound earbud model called either 'Gramo One Pro' or 'G1 Pro' selling around US$270+ in China right now - avoid it. I contacted Sonic Unity (Celsus Sound parent company / brand owner) and confirm that it is not actually from them.
You can force a 0.78mm pin into a 0.75mm socket, but the socket won't hold a 0.75mm pin anymore after that, at least not securely.
 That was back in FW2.0. UAPP becomes somewhat glitchy after beta firmware (3.0+). Try also select 'Force 1 packet per transfer'
Astrotec is a well-known name so I assume some seller will pick it up soon. I haven't spent much time on it yet, but I can say I like it more than Lyra 6. Lyra 6 doesn't sound particularly 'flagship' to my ears, at least Lyra Classic does it better. As for Svara L, it comes from a very small DIY maker from Taobao. I am not sure I will call it ToTL yet, as I too haven't spent enough time with it - but it is overall a very good sounding earbuds, plus pretty good build quality.
Astrotec Lyra Classic (Lyra 3rd Gen.) Svara L
I listened to it briefly on CanJam Singapore, and can't say I am very impressed. Just didn't strike me as a $200 IEM, but more compatible to the level where the $100 triple driver 1MORE is at, more or less. I remember the 1MORE guy (who has no idea who I am) asked me how I feel about it after the quick demo and I told him 'it is okay' and he seems to look a bit disappointed as he was expecting a more 'enthusiastic' reaction. However, I do think 1MORE has reached their...
 Even APureSound, as far as I know, doesn't build ER4 cable to spec. Though whether a person will like it or not is largely an issue of personal taste. I don't like the stock cable much as well, thus I am using my own DIY cable, which is actually based on Lunashops' cable but rebuilt to proper spec as ER4S. It doesn't degrade nor improve the SQ in any significant way, but does improve the ergonomics and that's a big win in my book.
Note that none of the ER4 cable you can find on AE / Lunashops / Taobao has built with the proper resistance following Etymotic's spec. They will not give you the exact same sound as ER4P / ER4S / ER4B.
 Two of the biggest failing points for MMCX connector are (1) the free spinning, snap-on design eventually gets loose / misaligned over time due to frequent motion in use, causing 'blind spot' (*disconnection) to happen and often require a change of cable (*easy) or socket (*hard) to fix. (2) the delicate nature of the snap-in design is also sensitive to dirt / dust / moisture (*rust) built up, which is almost unavoidable as it is in so close a proximity with oily ears. In...
 If that makes anyone happy, sure.
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