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 Sometime around mid Oct. is currently the best estimation.
Pretty sure I am the first person to order it. Should be here with in a day or two.
Not C770, only C999.
If it is from China, quite possibly it won't be genuine.
 It is called 'PCB pins'. Search the company Mill-Max and their category on PCB pins - you will want the solder type, not pressfit type.The one I used are is -Max 3121 (for one sided opamp adapter) and you can find it on Mouser.
 Just in case any of you missed the news, E12 / E12A will be phased out soon and replaced by A5 - which is basically combining the SQ of E12A with the output power of regular E12. Should hit the shelves by end of Oct.
 I don't know anyone who currently makes an one-piece 100ohm 4S cable. But those Taobao cable should still work if you can get a new 100ohm impedance adapter,
 You will need a 100ohm adapter for a 4S. A typical P-to-S adapter is 75ohm, as the 4P's cable already has around 27ohm or so. Taobao's cables don't have any resistor in them so they are just one ohm or so - with a P-to-S adapter, it probably sound somewhere between a 4P and a 4S.
  X5 should be fine driving most high impedance earbuds.  While I do like Wolfson, I won't go as far as to say they are the best.
Note that none of those taobao cables has any resistor built in, which means you won't be getting the exact same sound as 4S.
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