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 I'll really suggest you start by this: 3 channels amp and run it on 18V (dual 9V battery)
Got my FS+ yesterday, only have a few minutes on it so far but I am already pretty impressed. As expensive as it is compared to the older models, this one is a keeper.
 X5 wins by a big margin, IMO.
 I know what you are talking about, but we are not actually talking about the same thing so it is kind of pointless here. Just want to add that Bit Perfect is NOS, and by definition, NOS doesn't have a filter. That's all.
 Your question is a bit confusing - do you mean whether you can use E3 as purely an amp for your iPod Classic 5th Gen? The answer is yes, but you should consider getting a line-out dock for your iPod if you haven't planned so. In fact, there's probably the only way E5 can / should be used with iPod Classic 5G as E3's DAC only supports Apple devices that run on iOS7 and above.
 Well, if you set the Windows to output 16/44.1 by default then obviously there won't be any oversampling. The filters are capable of oversampling, but you have to tell it to oversampling in the first place. Or else it would have to upsample everything, which isn't the case here.
 Yes, it is not exactly portable due to the blocky design.
 MUSE01 + HA-5002 is fine to my ears. Though I prefer BUF634 for the extra smoothness. It is a personal preference thing, I guess.
 ... no till I said so 
 E18 has better amp section while nano iDSD has better DAC. For overall SQ however, I think they are more or less on the same level. However, the harder the headphone to driver, the more E18 will have the advantage. If it isn't any particularly hard to drive headphone, I'll suggest your friend to pick up the one the has the feature that most appeal to him/her.
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