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Posts by ClieOS there was a slogan contest? Guess I am a bit too late.
 Sure it is possible, as long as you don't mind taking the earpeices apart and do some minor soldering / modding.
 Actually I will do free translation for any Chinese audio company. Already helped a couple of them here in the past.
 AV One did bring a couple of (then) latest EarSonics IEM to last years CanJam, so I can't imagine why they wouldn't keep doing that this year.
@gnychis you were kind of at a rather bad (or actually, worst) timing when you were trying to contact FiiO as Chinese New Year 2017 was at January 28th, and in general most Chinese companies will begin to shutdown about a week before CNY and only get back to full swing at least a week or two after. There is also typical that some employees will just decide not to come back after CNY at all, without prior notification no less, and result in shortage of manpower as well as...
 The original phase comes from FiiO's Chinese motto ‘音乐,乐无限’. Though you see two '乐', it means two different things (and pronounced differently) - the first one means music, the second one means happiness. The most direct translation would have been 'music, endless happiness' (or as I prefer, 'music, endless fun'). Then of course that kind of lost in translation when it turns into what it is now.
 Yep, that will work - with a small downside of adding the extra length.
Greatest can be different thing to different people. While knowledge is useful, note that it isn't a 100% substitution for experience and taste.
 Nothing to share at the moment as I have not received my Taobao order yet. Forwarding service can be quite tedious sometime.
 Yes, of course.  Compared to my old ER4 with its well wore-in stock grey tri-flanges, the difference are three folds: (1) bass texture is enhanced a little while the quantity remains mostly the same, (2) treble gets slightly brighter and (3) soundstage opens up more. The (1) and (2) become lesser on ER4SR with Snug when compared to the new transparent tri-flanges, where (3) is even more obvious. I'll venture a guess to say that it might have something to do with the...
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