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Currently having loads of brainless fun listening to this (I particularly like the funky guitar at 3:30) :  
 Active vs passive is a long debate, at least in audiophile circles. In theory an active design yields a number of advantages over passive designs, but as usual implementation is key. Also note that "active" doesn't necessarily means that speakers have an amplifier inside, but that the amplifier circuits are after the crossover, not before. You can have an active speaker with the amplifier outside (although it's unusual), and so can you have a passive speaker with the...
I quite liked the pair of CM1 that I listened to at an audio shop.    But if I were you I'd consider studio monitors as well, and take care of room acoustic correction. Preferably the room itself, but since this is seldom possible, electronic correction would already be a decent improvement.
 Have you thought about active monitors ? This would be a great way to get very good performance without having to find a place in the media cabinet for the power amp. I also suggest putting your monitors on a pair of Isoacoustic stands and if possible, although that's likely to heavily depend on configuration, digital room acoustic correction (since I assume real room acoustic correction is out of the question in a normal house).
 I believe I'm with you on that one. Did you try several filter settings ? I found slight differences between them, certainly not enough to change its overall sound signature (or signatures), but enough IMHO to maybe alleviate to a point what you just said. Anyway I'll probably have to wait for quite a long while before somebody comes up with something in a similar form factor that I don't dislike more than I don't dislike the Invicta.
 Nope, but I watch British Tv, the one on this side of the channel is apocalyptically rubbish. The commercial possibly is the only thing worth your attention about this car. Bascially, your choice is about stinky cheese from Guyancourt with an audiophile strawberry on top or fat sausages from Munich.
 Agreed on the sheen. But I still think the ones I've tried (DAC2, Invicta) are the smoothest DACs I've tried yet (there probably is better around). Smooth, refined, but more or less lean, thin with a more or less "synthesised" timbre.
 The Clio please. France counts on your support to get its economy going. Don't you want to taste a bit of va va voom ?
What puzzles me most is that if you find the Invicta's treble perfectible (I do too), you seemed to prefer the Lavry in that regard, while I would personally take the Invicta any time over the Lavry as far as listening fatigue goes, or the presence of grain / dirt / grit / lack of refinement in the trebles. In the same way I don't find it any less detailed / textured / agile in the bass than Dan's creation (but then you may very well argue that it probably should be a lot...
 I'm not too sure there always is a correlation between simplicity and sound quality - and even then this is a graphical representation of a circuit, which may be designed with bias (for example regrouping several components or dissociating others - for example, I'd like to know why they didn't put any power related components in their Directstream representation and decided to split the ESS chip sigma delta part into a "multibit sigma delta" and a "multple multibit DACs...
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