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Quote: Originally Posted by Parafeed I have a tear in my eye too! I do hope the fuse arrangement is just because this is a prototype and it's not normally like that. That's a little bit Mikhail for my liking! I think this is just how he's doing it now. The fuse in my HD Super Custom is internally mounted as well.
Hows the build quality of the bottom plate / cover on the 250? It really looks like Lloyd went the extra mile for these units. If there's one complaint I have about my HD Super Custom is that the bottom is really inferior in quality / detail compared to the rest of the unit. It's just a very thin piece of sheet metal, roughly cut and wasn't even de-burred. Edges are quite sharp. I've really been wanting to cut a proper bottom for mine. Any chance of seeing pics of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by robm321 ^ You just wanted to show off your amp - it's looks awesome! You caught me! Despite it's beauty, it DOES have the sound to match...!
I've been using my GS1000i with a Mapletree Audio Design custom build, and it's a beautiful combination. From what I gather from other MAD owners, you can't go wrong with any MAD amp + any Grado headphone. Here's some pics:
Don't really have any use for these anymore. I'll see if I can find them a new home. Both sets of three are "seconds" or "B" stock, meaning they have minor imperfections such as light surface scratches. Nothing major. BDR - Those Things MK4: Squares + Cones + Screws (x3) SOLD USD BDR - Cones MK3: Cones (x3) SOLD USD Paypal (+4%) or USPS International Money Order. Buyer pays actual shipping cost.
I'd be pretty pissed off about it. My audio gear is set up for 1/4" TRS plugs, I don't even own an iPod or portable MP3 player of any kind. Having Grado inexplicably switch my cable without notice or reason, I'd be sending it back and demanding the postage be reimbursed for the inconvenience.
Quote: Originally Posted by snejk Grimspoon, although I'm quite clueless on soundcards, maybe another (better) source might be a bit more revealing to your tuberolling. Then again, I haven't gotten around to any rolling yet so what would I know? I can't help but feel that my source is a limiting factor as well. I don't think the inside of a computer case is a good environment for producing fine audio detail.
I've been using Black Diamond Racing "Those Things" MK4 (The cones screwed onto squares) and to be perfectly honest I can't really tell the difference with or without them. I also have a set of three BDR MK3 cones, and similar to the BDR "Those Things", I'm not really appreciating any discernable change in sound. In my situation, things go from bad to worse as I received my NOS Sylvania TMBP tubes in the mail today, and after some time with them, I can't even tell that...
Grado's foam pads will disintegrate over time, and replacements aren't the cheapest things in the world - especially if you're rocking the GS1000.
Quote: Originally Posted by DoYouRight VinylSpinner! Who did the recabling they look identical to the stock cable and the y splitter! That is sexy. I thought you could have it done directly from Grado upon request.
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