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I think the latest news is fiio decided to go with the e17 first. So I suppose we won't be seeing e15 soon.
This phone doesn't have a micro sd card slot, does it?
It not that hard to connect e10 to e9 you know. Just a bit harder than e7 to e9 since a 3.5mm interconnect is needed. I would say go for the e10+e9 unless you would need a portable amp as well.
But he have already stated that    
@feiao Will you make a clear version of your RC-UE1 look just like HPC-UE ? You know I have a clear super-fi5pro and it would look really weird with black cable
I don't think you can do that    
  And he also said in other thread that fiio have already gave up that idea
I don't understand what you are looking for but an e9 don't have a RCA input. Even it has a 3.5mm jack, but that means it is an analog signal, so there is no point getting an e7
E10 has a line out port at the back so that wouldn't be a problem but I don't think the e10 would be able to drive the lcd2
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