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Im looking to sell my hifiman HM-601 Slim 8gb + 32gb 40gb Slim in Excellent Condition, asking $100.00 + 3% PP OR GIFTED
Im looking to sell my AKG K702 Cable, its a Nucleotide 6ft cable with Furutech 6.3MM Connector im also throwing in a Cardas HPI-A Adapter its wrapped in kevlar and under that is carbon fiber i believe is what peter said. im asking $75.00 obo Shipped Conus +3% pp or gifted
im looking to sell my mint akg k702 full size headphones, adult owned and cared for im asking $120.00 shipped conus +3% pp OR GIFTED
Im looking to sell Opamp's 4 BB 634U & 2 JRC 2068DD B098B 25.00 shipped gifted only    15.00
im looking to sell some bands, alo,toxic and ibasso 15.00 shipped gifted only
im looking to sell my CB11 interconnect. 25.00 shipped conus gifted or add 3%   excellent condition   $20.00 CONUS   15.00 Shipped
i am looking to sell my fitear 000 upgrade cable, this cable normally goes for over $400.00 IF its available. phenomenal sound with either the F111 or 334 from my expierence.   im asking 275.00 shipped 3% pp fees, or Gifted..conus   cable is in perfect shape!   (iems pictured with cable do not come with cable)
snt pm
im looking to sell my BTG_AUDIO starlight upgrade cable for the universal fitear. its sleeved, and has a oyiade 3.5mm connector very nice cable i paid 170.00 or so for it, there is about 2 hours of time on it? never taken outside or anything like that. im asking 140.00 shipped conus
im looking to sell my fit ear to go 334 they were purchased on 6/24/13, comes with the pelican case,ortrofon fits,stock tips,all accessories,001 cable ect.   im asking $1,000.00 obo
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