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Im looking to sell my tf10 with the lune mk3 cable with the ipod lod buttons, its a very nice cable and the cable and both cable and iem's are in excellent condition....$300.00 shipped usd only
it is the mmcx connection i hate it, well its more like a love hate relationship but i love the 2 pins....all i can say is anyone who still has the warrenty on the se535 make sure to keep it and use it if need it. def.
very nice.
its more than likely we will not hear anything from them, and it makes me sick so many people support them in the amp section, when they are putting out this product.and refuse to address it.
Very Nice
anyone using them in balanced? and whats your setup i have the mk3-b>fostex hp-p1 just have not had the time the really give them a go wondered wondered what other peoples balanced setup we'ere?
good deal on the grado's
the fit ear f111 tried to bridge the gap andpay homage to the er4 but it wasnt clost to the er4 imo albeit a nice iem it wasnt the er4. just my opinion
 i love the proguardz they are my #1  Alot of people either love them or hate them more than the comply lol or they havent headrd of them at all. i find them to be excellenti find the star tips on my w4r and my um3xrc to be extremely comfortable i tried the shure rubber tips with them and i like them, however with the star tips you dont notice them so much so in your ear as much as the shures, the shures seem to build pressure where the stars dont.
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