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im looking to sell my ipod classic 7th generation latest EUC 160gb, excellent conditon, works flawlessly Asking :$180.00
Cypher labs theorm 720 dac excellent condition comes with all accessories $300.00 free shipping
Headphones are in great condition barely used. They are priced to move 90.00 gifted shipped conus
DUDE  LOOK at teds cabes save your money but something of quality dont risk breaking your iems, seriously.
i was not refering to hifiman refering to owning fiio i obviously know they dont, i was just stating how they too lack luster just as much customer service as Fiio. i cant believe people are even still thinking of buying these cablesi learned my lesson the hard way, as did some others, it amazes me that companies can just put out a product with no service behind it.   thus, why i spend all the money i do on ALo cables, or Whiplash Cables or boutique Cables, they are...
yeah, i am going to do probably 200-300 hours and see.     what did you find in the burn in that made a difference, also what did you use to burn them in just your regular music or pink or white noise?
i must say my high hopes are slightly let down with the k712 pro, im not going to sell it, theerial number is low 3942 maybe it just needs more burn in.   comparison to my 7 bump Akg k701 Serial Number 15236 W/ bass modded,Outter Grill Foam Taken out,Driver Foam Left In and it has the stefan arts eraquoix Cable, this Headphone is something to reckon With, ThIs headphone is EXTRMELY clean, its like looking through a window outside, everything is bright, crisp, clear, once...
For Sale HP-P1 w/ Up to date Firmware 1.1.2 W/ All Accessories im Asking $100.00 gifted im not looking for trades, this has been very good to me and its been adults owned and taken care of. ALSO cOME wITH A VERY NICE Forza audio 30 pin to USB ipod Dock!   $100.00 Gifted SHIPPED QUICK SALE
price firm?
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