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  westone star small greens are the best i have tried thus far, the bore is large, much larger than the etymotic's i feel like this gives the er4 alot more bass, highs mids and lows feel alot more effortless and i feel like its because the bore is larger giving you almost a traditional iem like w4r or um3x type open bore sound vs the smaller bore hole or port hole.....these are def the best i have tried.......also i have tested these for HOURS without pain or...
im looking to sell my shure se535 they are in excellent condition. they come with stock cable, (moon audio cable sold separately) they come with foam westone tips. im asking $250.00 obo shipped buyer pays paypal fees
For sale is mint 1 month old Moon Audio Silver Dragon Cable for with MMCX connectors for Shures and JVCs 850, 1100. It's 48". Memory wire removed for better comfort.    $140.00 shipped
im looking to selling a pair of etymotic er4p they are in good condition they only come with their iem's they have new filters in them, come with white tips asking $120.00
i am looking to sell my etymotic er4p  iem's they are in great condition new filters put in, i rarely use them as i have 4 pairs of the er4's so these were stored away on my desk with alot of my other iem's, they come with one set of white tips,and i have some foam tips i can throw in, comes with original hard box,paperwork ect. sounds amazing as the er4p do. im asking $170.00 shipp conus
how much are you looking to spend?
lod is sick looking
Nice to see that you like the cable. What are your thoughts.
Eh I think B or B+ they are great amplifiers definitely one of the best that I have ever used. You know it's the best when it becomes so expensive to manufacturer that the company has to stop making it.
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