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A buddy of mine just got these yesterday and I had a chance to listen to it for a bit. Jude's review really reflects my initial perception of these headphones. They are very stylish - light on the head - and great for mobile use. If i had the change to spare, I would probably pick up a pair of these so that I have decent portable headphones to take with me when I travel.   Thanks for the review - great read!
A bump for your post! This is almost a steal for the DAC Wow at this price. I hope that those needing a budget DAC are not overlooking this post; don't miss out on this opportunity!
I homebrew beer!
I enjoy listening to classical and pop on my SR225s, though it may feel like it lacks a bit of bass for some pop songs, but I think its a good trade off if I could only buy one pair of headphones to listen to both genres. I can say for sure that I personally do not enjoy pop out of my k702s, but they are great for classical. Since I have not listened to the DT880s, I can not offer an opinion on that.
I've tried my HF-2s out of a Compass, Zero, and EF-2. I personally enjoyed the EF-2 the most, just my two cents.
I would avoid buying more than one Index/Mutual fund given the amount of money you have to invest. The transactions costs alone would kill your return for your principal investment. What's nice about certain Indexes, like the one I suggested: VHGEX, is that it's already diversified by asset classes and you get a global portfolio of stocks within the fund, a core fund as some would call it. Looking at your choices of the Schwab Funds, I see that you are going for a small...
Depends on what your time horizon is. You should look to longer term investments and use mutual funds or index funds if you are looking to build a healthy nest for your retirement. If you plan to leave your money in the market for 12+ years, buy a globally diversified fund like Vanguard's global equity index: VHGEX Experience: I will for an investment firm dealing specifically with long term growth for our clients. Will be more than happy to discuss your investment...
For under 200 I have tried the EF-2. This is a Dac/Amp combo, so if you already have a good DAC then this is probably not for you. But I really enjoyed listening to my HF2s out of this little amp! Head-Direct.com | YUIN
I have heard a few. They are not bad, but they do not offer as much value as other amps that are available. So I guess the bottom line is if you want more bang for the buck then the Pro-Ject amps are not what you are looking for.
Probably still back ordered. As long as you are not charged yet, then there is not much to do other than to contact Alessandro again to inquire about the delay and then wait some more. It will be worth the wait though.
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