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I wonder if I'll have enough money for this when I'm 60 years old...Goal: set.
Save your money and buy an amp. The K702 shouldn't be lacking in bass. The bad bass you're having is probably because it's not being properly amped.
Great posts about the K702. I was disappointed by the K702 initially but that was because I was using the wrong amp. I have a Little Country III hybrid tube/solid state amp that sounds pretty good, but a little bright and hard, especially with the K702. I bought a vintage Pioneer SX-850 for $100 off Craigslist and have been truly impressed by its sound. It's smooth and more relaxed. I also feel that the Pioneer is slightly more dynamic, probably because it's super...
If you're worried about oxidation, you could always just tin regular speaker wire with some solder. Haven't had a problem with tined or bare wires.    
  Quote: I believe cables make a difference too. I can hear the subtle differences in presentation between my Kimber PJB and Synergistic Research cables. It's definitely hard to justify buying a cable that costs more than my turntable though!   
  Well said. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the technicalities of our gear that we forget to enjoy the music.     
I did some research before buying them and it seemed like a good deal so I went for it. There's a dime sized hole on the "sock" for the left speaker but it's only noticeable up close. I really like the imaging and the mids/highs on them. I just wish bass went lower! The bass doesn't sound realistic enough on my Bill Evans recordings. I really hope that they're not broken but I wouldn't be surprised since they were only $40.  
  Do I spy some Audioquest Colorado interconnects there? Always wondered if DBS made any difference. What do you think of such expensive ICs?   
Is there an Audiophiles Anonymous? I think I'm ready to join. Here's my newest edition. Sounds OK with my SX-850 but VERY light on bass. Even lighter on bass than the K702!    DCM Time Frame TF-500. For $40, I couldn't resist.   
That's not cool. What's the smaller Viablue look like? Did you try talking to them about it?
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