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Sorry to hear that :(   Luckily my Lune cable is still going strong. I do baby it though. I DO NOT want to have to send this back overseas for a replacement.     
Truth! I used to sell those Skullcandies at my old job. They sound pretty terrible.    
Ha, sorry. The thread updated while I was looking for it. Had to refresh the thread. Thanks!    
A link to the HD 25-1 II would be helpful. I can't seem to find it.
Sounds like you need some DeOxit. My Pioneer did the same thing PLUS the power switch was SUPER sticky. Like moving it through molasses. Picked up a small can from RadioShack and blasted the pots and switches. Do this with the faceplate off, obviously, and move the dials and switches the full range of motion to rub off some of the oxidation. It could take a couple of hours to a day for the effects to show fully.    Good luck!  
  They seem to get high praise from all of the online audio sites. Specs don't tell all, as we know here on headfi!     
They look like Audio Engine A5's P4's.  
Ha! That'd be pretty funny. I have an ottoman right now but this would tie the room together. :P   Perfect for the forever alone guy in your life.  
I would paint mine to be an OPA627. This is deliciously nerdy.  
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