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Random question: Why don't the Marantz Quad receivers get as much love as the other 22 series receivers? I see the Quads go for a lot lower than their stereo brothers.
I'm sure having an international audience is a pain in the butt for them. I'm glad you've had a good experience with them. Unfortunately I don't live near any boutique cable vendors. There is Moon-Audio but they're located in North Carolina. Their Silver Dragon IEM cable looks really good but expensive!  
Thanks for all the help, guys. I'm suspecting the RCA jacks at this point too since the hum is really bad on the phono inputs and fine on the aux and tape in/out. I'm going to order some more Deoxit and blast her clean. I'll also check for any leaky caps and cold solder joints while I'm in there.   
  None of the other inputs hum. I'm currently using a V-LPS into the AUX as a work around for the phono stage. I'll definitely take it apart and give the jacks a good cleaning.    I grabbed some mascara brushes at Sephora with my girlfriend. These things are perfect for cleaning inside the RCA jacks!   
Yes, I definitely frequent AK as well but it seems their site is down for today. I'll get a big can of Deoxit and make sure to doubly clean all of the jacks and switches. Last time I had her open, everything seemed fine. No obviously sign of leaky or shorted caps. I did have the turntable hooked up to the grounding post but it didn't reduce the hum at all. It's quite strange.   
Does anyone know of a place in the Bay Area, CA that restores vintage receivers? I just tried out the phono stage on my SX-850 and it hums really badly and the channels also cut out  from time to time. Wanted to recap this myself but I've never done it before and I don't want to mess it up. I really like the 850 and want to keep it alive!
Nice! Playing Sufjan Stevens The Age of Adz. I love that album.
Sweet score, Skylab! How do they sound?  
Looks good! What speakers are those?    
The DCM Time Frames were a bit too big for my humble room so out they went and in came the Paradigm 3se. Scored them for $50 on CL and bought the crappy Omni Mount stands myself. They image quite well and sound better at low volume than the DCMs. I do miss having the DCMs to crank up when the house is empty. I'll store them for the day I get a bigger place. 
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