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Love the green glow of your Yamaha! How's it sound compared to your WA2?  
Yes, I cleaned out all the switches and pots. I even cleaned the RCA jacks. I'll have to find someone in the Bay Area to take a look at it for me.
It hisses without any music playing. :( I gave it a really good cleaning with DeOxit and that got rid of the scratchy pots but the hiss remains. It hisses with both speakers and headphones, though it's more noticeable with headphones. 
Quick question for you guys. I have a Pioneer SX-850 and it hisses throughout the volume range. I noticed that if I engage the high filter, the hiss disappears completely. Too bad as it makes the sound anemic. Is there a way to get rid of the hiss completely or it just the nature of this receiver? 
Hey, guys. I just posted up my review of the iBasso D-Zero on my website. Let me know what you guys think.  
So I tried to play music with the mute switch and without it and it sounded exactly the same. There's the same amount of hiss. There's no drop in hissing when switching the mute switch on and off. 
Hmm that might be it. I've been using my K702s w/o the mute switch. I couldn't turn the knob past 9 o'clock before I felt like I was going to go deaf. I'll try it with the mute switch on tonight.     Thanks, moodryn! 
I have an SX-850 and it sounds phenomenal but it hisses, even at low volumes. I noticed that my dad's much more modern Kenwood power amp does this too. I was wondering if this is just how it's supposed to be or if I should be looking out for something broken inside the receiver. I've opened up the 850 and visually inspected all the caps and resistors but everything looks great.    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Hoarders: Audiophile Edition.
Dear gods...that's quite the collection. I would love to get my hands on a vintage tube Fischer. 
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