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Nice set up! High five for another Bay Area Technics 1200 owner. Have you modified your 1200? Also, What vintage receiver is that?   
Beautiful table, TubeDriver. How does the nude DL-103 sound different from the stock one?
I love me some bokeh too. :D  
Last week I ordered a Pangea Audio P-100 to use with my Musical Fidelity V-LPS. I was very excited about this upgrade since Stereophile raved about how it was such a significant performance upgrade. I was using a Pyramid PS-3KX with the V-LPS for the past 6 months, which was already a great upgrade to the stock wall wart.    I received the unit, swapped everything out and flicked it on. I immediately heard a hum and my heart sank. I thought the whole point of a...
Couple of pics of my Grado Prestige Gold1 on my Technics SL-1200M3D. Great, lush sounding cart for the most part but doesn't track as well as I would like.    
  I just noticed this gem watching Sons of Anarchy. Anyone want to identify what's in this setup? Looks like a Marantz 2250 on the bottom.
I have a Spin Clean and it works OK. For $80, I really expected more. There's a certain break-in time with it too. After cleaning about 30 records, it starts doing a better job. Right now, I use the Spin Clean as a preliminary wash to get most of the grit off. If it sounds good, I'll leave the record alone. If it still sounds noisy, I use Titebond II wood glue to clean the record. It takes forever to dry but the results are incredible.
I definitely hear a difference between different types of cables. The most obvious is switching to silver cables if you're used to copper. Differences are subtle but they are there.  
Hey, moodryn. Do you find your Pioneer hisses if you have the "High Filter" engaged? I noticed that my Pioneer hisses like you said, even with the mute on, but if I have the high filter engaged, the hiss disappears. Don't know if I need to take it into the shop or not.  
I don't know why I didn't see this reply before! Thanks, Lou! This place looks awesome. I'll definitely look him up when I'm in the south bay.  
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