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  I feel like a lot of new vinyl releases have fallen victim to the loudness wars but I as for surface noise, I feel there's no difference between new releases and well cleaned vintage records. I love Arcade Fire but The Suburbs just sounds so compressed, even on vinyl. The Black Key's Brothers, on the other hand, sounds magnificent. I guess it's really down to the mastering!   Also, I'm an avid user of wood glue to clean stubborn records. It really works and sounds as...
  Crazy tonearm! Could you tell us more about it? How's it compare to the stock RB303?     
  Is that a Furman power strip on the bottom? How do you like it?    
An update on the P-100. I ordered another unit from Amazon. It arrived yesterday and I've been testing it since. It still hums. It's a real shame because I do like the sound it makes. Tightens up the bass and brings forward the background detail. Also makes imaging of the instruments a bit more precise.    Still, I'm going to return this unit as the hum really bothers me, especially during softer, silent parts of classical music. It seems to me that the P-100 is not...
Have you been keeping an eye out on Craigslist and Audiogon? Audiogon has a bunch of higher end stuff. I find that some good audiophile decks show up on Craigslist from time to time. Also, maybe bartertown at Audiokarma may be a good place to look.
@zhenya: Is that a KAB SL-1200MK5? Beautiful deck!
I love Amazon's customer service. They even refunded me the shipping amount! I'll try ordering another one tomorrow. I'll report back if that one hums as well!
Ooo I've been thinking about getting an MC cart as well. Been eyeing the NOS SAE 1000LT because there are so many positive reviews about it. What cart(s) are you looking at?    I have a Pioneer SX-850 that I would like recapped as well. It hisses throughout the volume range. I wonder what the problem is.
Yeah I've been thinking about that too. I should give the Pangea another shot. Just want want to be disappointed again. I ordered my unit on Amazon from Kraft St. Audio. They didn't have an option for an exchange so I'll have to just order another after the refund goes through. I wonder if the hum has anything to do with the V-LPS as it boots the gain so much.
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