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    Is that a Denon DP-23F? My dad has that in his rig. Doesn't sound too bad for a fully automatic. :P
    Yep. Same here. Those willing to spend a bit more money should look into the cables from Moon-Audio.
Sorry to hear about your Null Audio Cable, JTV. I've had my Lune cable for just over a year now and it's held up great. No issues except for the fact that it tangles quite easily. I do commute with them everyday now so they'll really be put to the test.    This is the problem with buying something overseas. We can't easily get support and warranty work done. I much prefer to buy locally, or at least in the United States.
Definitely the best episode of Head-Fi TV by far. My jaw was on the floor for the whole 35 minutes looking at all the gorgeous gear. Keep it up!
What do you think of those Herbie's feet? Worth the money?  
That Marantz TT-15 is so beautiful. It's quite a deal with the Clear Audio Ebony cartridge as well! Definitely a tempting purchase down the line. :D
  How do you like both the HE-500 and LCD-2? If you had to choose one, which one would it be? :D    
LOL "Pretty pictures of ugly music." Cool looking vinyl you've got there!
I believe a VPI 16.5 is about $500 new.   
Definitely a pain! I know what you mean about getting "audiophile" grade vinyl only to be disappointed. I purchased a 180gram pressing of Ella and Louis and was disppointed that I could hear Armstrong's trumpet play in the right channel BEFORE it was supposed to. Seems that the grooves were cut so close that it contaminated the earlier grooves with noise. Truly irritating!   
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