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Gah! The shipping is 2/3 the cost of the player...Was going to buy it but can't justify it with the high shipping cost.
If you're going to spend $500 on an amp, might as well get the WooAudio 3. I've listened to both and the WooAudio is a lot smoother than the Little Country III. The LCIII is not bad by any means but with the WooAudio out there, it's hard to ignore it's call.
Hello Headfiers. I recently received a Little Country III as a hand-me-down from my uncle. I was wondering what tubes I should swap out the stock ones from. I compared this amp to my uncle's WooAudio 3 and the WooAudio blows it out of the water (for the same price too, mind you.) At this point, the amp sounds good but not spectacular. The memory of how the WooAudio amp sounded still haunts me. I've been reading the tread for tube n00bs but I haven't found much. Any...
Either headphone will leave you impressed. The only thing I would consider would be the comfort level. After using my SR125s and my friend's SR225s for a bit, I can say without a doubt that they do get uncomfortable after a while because they just rest on your ears (super aural?) while the HD595s envelop your ears (circumnal). I use my 595s most of the time now because I can listen to them for longer periods of time and I believe that they sound flatter than the Grados....
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