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I just noticed the picture behind your turntable and laughed. 
Hey, Greyson. Where'd you get that lamp for your 1200? 
    Absolutely agree. Can't imagine a more reliable table. I love changing VTA with the collar and adjusting anti-skate with a dial. I only wish the stock arm/headshell had azimuth adjustments. An aftermarket headshell will take care of that though. :)
    It's true that they're a bit hard to see. Took me several hours to get it aligned properly. But hey, it's free and the Baerwald alignment sounds better than the Stevenson alignment that the stock tool provides.
Trying using a cartridge protractor from Vinyl Engine. They have a bunch for a few different tables and some universal ones. The one for my Technics SL1200 worked like a charm. Sounds great!
    Let us know how the new Pro-ject compares to your old MD3. I love the simplicity and ease of use of the SL-1200 line. Changing VTA on the fly awesome!
                  I don't think I'll ever part with my Technics. She'll probably out live me. Just got the TD-1200 fluid damper. Sibilance on some records is completely gone now. Lower noise floor across the board. HIGHLY recommended to SL-1200 owners.
                Not quite the looker but I lover her just the same. Had to show off my new Bill Evans 10" I got on Record Store Day!
Your mmf 2.2 is beautiful, brokenthumb! My humble Technics is no match for sexiness but it sounds pretty damn good. I just received my KAB TD-1200 damper. I am convinced tone arm fluid damping is a gift from the gods... I shall post pictures in a bit. 
Post more pics of that gorgeous turntable, brokenthumb!
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