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Oh wow, you had nice timing.  When I was looking a week ago or so earphonesolutions.com was selling them for $499!
For those of you who do use an amp (or dac/amp combo) with the SM64's, which amp are you using or which has been your favorite with the SM64's?  I understand that not everyone thinks an amp makes any difference with them.  Also I'm guessing you would want a more neutral amp since most peoples opinions of the SM64 is that they are slightly warm and a warm amp may add too much coloration.  Thanks!
Since it seems like a lot of people really like the sound of the SM64's would you guys say that they are worth $499?  Or were they only a better value when they sold for $399?  Trying to justify why I didn't buy them months ago when they were $399 and easily available in US, vs only being able to find them in limited supply at $499 now, and no used ones being sold =(
I currently have the EarSonics SM3 v1, and I have really enjoyed them.  Would it be safe to say that I would also really enjoy the SM64's?  I am looking to replace my SM3 because the cable on it is hanging on by a thread and is not removeable.
Thanks for the info ericr!  I e-mailed soundearphones.com this morning and apparently they no longer carry the EarSonics brand =(.  So it looks like the only way to get them in the US is EarphoneSolutions or the ForSale forum.  Damn.
Does anyone know if the SM64 will be readily available in the US again?  It seems like almost no one has them.  Soundearphones.com no longer has them listed, and amazon has them out of stock with no future date when they would be available.  The only place seems to be EarphoneSolutions, except they are selling them for $499 while soundearphones.com and amazon.com apparently had them for $399.  I'd prefer not to buy direct from EarSonics because of the cost (same reason for...
Interesting, I'll have to also look into those.  I had originally planned on just getting the uDac-3 by default since I liked the original when I got it a while back when it was first released.  However I decided to see what people thought of the uDac-2 and it seems like there were some changes with the sound/power that put a lot of people off.  So I figured I would start looking around for another option as it seems this segment has exploded since the original uDac was...
Hello everyone,  I am currently looking at getting a small DAC/AMP setup to use at work.  I have noticed that Schiit equipment seems to be very popular now and looking into the company I am very interested.  I was thinking of doing the Modi+Magni stack, or maybe the Modi+Asgard 2 however I currently only use IEMs (EarSonic SM3v1) at work.  Would the Schiit dac/amp combos work with IEMs like that (I may be getting new IEMs soon, looking at EarSonic SM64 or maybe Westone W4)...
Bumping for luck!
Hey everyone, I'm looking for some recommendations on getting a new pair of IEMs to replace my EarSonics SM3 v1.   Price range: $250-500.  I'd prefer around $250-300, but I'd be willing to go up to $500 if there is an IEM that is head and shoulders above the rest.   Music: Pop, Rock, Trance, Prog Metal primarily.  Occasionally classical and acoustic.   Source: Phone/tablet, no amp; so low impedance is important.   Optional features:  A...
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