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/In   Was always tempted to get the Tridents, have the "older" version of that from a time long ago... but this seemed like a no brainer. :)
Yes. That's the one. And I talked to chuck!!
Hey! Not only have the pillows, but have a latex mattress with a bamboo cover.  Every other mattress had wear zones after a couple years, this one is like new after 5 years so far and was a fraction of the price!  Another added plus is it's completely silent.  Sorry, on to your normally scheduled discussions...
It might be too late, but here you go...  The "new" UE custom cable is for protruding sockets, the only place that I have seen that does this is UM.  BUT... if you use the stock TF10 sockets as Watagump did, you might be able to get a decent fit as the stock TF10 sockets stick out a bit not as much as UE's customs but a bit more than normal.  You can always probably a file and file off a bit of the plastic housing on the new UE cables to get a good fit.   I hope they don't...
Price drop, 20 bucks shipped. 
Sweet deal, must be pretty new as well, no oxidation on the cables or anything!  Good find!
As much as I think the 215's are a better deal than the 315's.  At 30 bucks, you can't really go wrong. 
Yeah they can be turned into a custom, it's just a tiny hole in the metal I think, would be fine in a reshell... it's not a port per say... I've had many Shure's and they fit similar to customs... so i don't know how much more comfortable they would be as customs... although if you change out the cable, it's a bit thinner.
The 315 is a vented BA.  The 215 is the Dynamic.
Selling a pair of UE500vi's.  They work great with i devices.  I guess I'm not a fan of the flat cables, plus they seem really stiff..  The earphones are in great shape, the UE white lettering on the chrome rubbed off, but the chrome finish is fine.  I don't have the outer box, but I have the inner as you can see in the pics.  The sound is pretty decent.  The treble is enhanced, much better than I get in my se215's.  Anyway in the plastic case is the extra ear cushions,...
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