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FOUND*FOUND*FOUND*FOUND*FOUND*   Hello,   I'm looking for a Lovely Cube, silver finish, fully assembled and working.   I am located in Italy and I can pay up to 200€ insured shipping included.       My old feedback thread
Fine... I would go for A-T too...
No... Why closed cans with classical?
I watch the New Year's Concert of Vienna every January 1st morning on TV since ever. :) Highly reccommended!
The Oppo must be a great universal player and a great bang for buck, if you can afford it no brainer
I am only sure it's Rick Wakeman, can't tell more :)
of course you can play as many keyboards as your hands and skills allow you to  
Analog synths can't make polyphonies... 
Announced on March 31st LOL... 
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