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Hello,    Here I am again asking for suggestions...   I'd be willing to spend around 100-130 $/£/€ for a pair of low-impedance headphones that will work straight out of an iPod         Here are my experiences with higher-end headphones in brief, to give you some suggestion criterias:   GOOD I currently own and love my HD650 for they fast response overall and for their mid-bass-oriented soundstage reconstruction     GOOD I tested the Sony...
Hi, when I spoke about music composition skills I didn't refer to the composition complexity (a tune does not have to be complex to be emotional) but to the ability of using the notes and the harmony rules (even if unknown) as if they were words or colours.   Example of which-notes-give-what (please watch until the end)    
Come on, let's not go with stereotypes.   This italian guy can't read music and yet he's got what harmony is.      
Hello, may someone help me? I can't figure out how to modify the titles of the threads in the sale/trade forums, while I see everybody else doing it all the time.   Thanks a lot
Maybe I could not do this but please forgive me....   If anyone has an assembled Lovely Cube to sell or wants to build up one for me...
FOUND*FOUND*FOUND*FOUND*FOUND*   Hello,   I'm looking for a Lovely Cube, silver finish, fully assembled and working.   I am located in Italy and I can pay up to 200€ insured shipping included.       My old feedback thread
Fine... I would go for A-T too...
No... Why closed cans with classical?
I watch the New Year's Concert of Vienna every January 1st morning on TV since ever. :) Highly reccommended!
The Oppo must be a great universal player and a great bang for buck, if you can afford it no brainer
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