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You are right, in fact headphone balancing is seen as a marketing gimmick by many; for those, technical justifications supporting it seem "meh".   To me... It depends from the circuit. For instance there are few some current-output amps that seem to be FTW, and that cannot work unbalancedly.   Jason stated that "it won't be just another amp sending an inverted signal"... So I'm very curious and waiting.
Yes, WMP is not popular in the audiophile community.    More versatile MPs, such as Foobar or Media Monkey are quite more widespread.
- Yes, you need to fix the tracks tags in order not to get the mess   - FLAC is a lossless format. From the quality point of view, it's a PCM equivalent, like the WAV. 
      So... Two different sound-signatures?   thank you very much, really helpful. That's maybe the reason why I see some people here and there finding some ATs "too bright"!  
Can't tell, sorry...   Try to give these guides a read  
Hello again guys,   I've got interest in these ones   Audio Technica ATH-A700 "import"     But... Is there an Audio-Technica sound signature?   I've owned the M-50 and I did NOT like them at all. too bassy, slow and coloured.   Are these ones much different?   thanks a lot
I don't use EAC, but look for something to to change the bitrate or compression options.   There I read "128kpbs". You want lossless encoding...! A CD is sampled at 16bit/44.1KHz  
  Well, if you want to give it a try, some excellent titles (Stravinsky, Beethoven) have been recorded in Blu-Ray also ;)
thank you very much, so many to look chase :D
Thanks but those ones are way out of budget...
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