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Jason, you guys put the USB option in the amp page :D
Well, one thing is to name a product after a mythical place or object, another is naming it after a God.
  Yeah a planar-magnetic amplifier... That's what we've all been waiting for
  That's what he himself wrote/anticipated. Did I miss something?    
  Lovely! Thanks!   Take your time & Congratulations for the successful enterprise you are running!!!      
    I see what you mean, but up to know these guys have been much more "essentialist"...
"Mid-End" will be SS, the "reference" will be hybrid.    
I hope they will look alike. The Schiit amps so far are SO BEAUTIFUL. I really can't stand knobs "in the middle", really...
You are right, in fact headphone balancing is seen as a marketing gimmick by many; for those, technical justifications supporting it seem "meh".   To me... It depends from the circuit. For instance there are few some current-output amps that seem to be FTW, and that cannot work unbalancedly.   Jason stated that "it won't be just another amp sending an inverted signal"... So I'm very curious and waiting.
Yes, WMP is not popular in the audiophile community.    More versatile MPs, such as Foobar or Media Monkey are quite more widespread.
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