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Wait... You use a CD player?
Count me in count me in!!!! (Is this enough or do I have to sign anywhere?) I'll be coming straight from Venice, so I don't think I'll be able to bring much stuff. My music for sure.  
Hello, I'm looking for a Lovely Cube  --- 220-240 V (euro current)     This is my old feedback thread, to add to the newer "trader feedbacks"     Thanks everyone
Interested. Is it sold?
    1. Are you familiar with SACD? DSD? Yes, I am   2. Do you own any SACDs?  Yes, I do   3. If so, what percentage of your collection is SACD vs CD or files? 3%   4. Is SACD/DSD decoding an important consideration when you're looking for a DAC?  Not at the moment.   5. If you owned a DAC that could be upgraded to playing SACD/DSD, what would you pay for the upgrade? Yes I would... In fact I'm looking for a bang-for-buck SACD-playing solution, being so many SACDs so...
Ah, and today I discover that America is new to Audio Engineering... +1 for the Russian girls though. Great point there!!!   P.S. ...Personal curiosity - I'm also a shoe collector - English shoemakers such as?
Hey, chill out.   The question was... Would not another Shiit balanced SS amp be redundant? no, because of other different features that do improve sound quality.     I don't know where you're from and it is not my business!
      Relax, I can personally grant that the Lovers thing, if true, applies only to Italian men.   That's because warming up the average italian girl is just like trying to freeze a hell. So... Make your choice lightly-hearted.
  You've completely misunderstood my statements.     China has hosted some of the biggest, greatest and highest civilizations mankind has ever seen. And so did England, Italy, Mexico, Greece, Irak... Each had its golden age... But the fact that  ancient romans did rule the world does not mean I would invest in an Italian spaceship manufacturer. These shoes will likely last forever though.   Try a pair of Italian schoes. Try a pair of sweatshop shoes. Keep them on for 48...
  Well, I think that making an SS version of the statement amp does make sense.   Relay-switched stepped volume control makes a significant technical upgrade, as each relay is matched. And I don't think it's the only upgrade that is gonna come.           I'm not American, but Made in the USA means know-how.   ...As for French wines, Russian dancers, Italian shoes, Japanese samurai swords or whatever else has been made in the same wherever since centuries ago.   Never...
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