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Yes you do. I was asking if you could also put the Mani phono preamp inside this daisy chain somehow.
I don't get whether one will be able to switch between the Loki, the Mani and a DAC of choiche without another switcher.
I was waiting for a phono preamp from you guys
OMGWe do not collect downloaded mp3s. We collect CDs, DVDs, BRDs, rip them on an Hard Disk and playback them from there. We also pay the download of HD audio files.You know, Hard Disk playback offers not only higher quality playback, compared to optical devices, but also gives a much more comfortable and quick access to our (giant) libraries.My CDs and DVDs stand proudly on their shelves, but looking for them anytime I want to play one and putting them away and switch...
I do own a CD collection and keep buying them, but I also do rip them...!
Wait... You use a CD player?
Count me in count me in!!!! (Is this enough or do I have to sign anywhere?) I'll be coming straight from Venice, so I don't think I'll be able to bring much stuff. My music for sure.  
Hello, I'm looking for a Lovely Cube  --- 220-240 V (euro current)     This is my old feedback thread, to add to the newer "trader feedbacks"     Thanks everyone
Interested. Is it sold?
    1. Are you familiar with SACD? DSD? Yes, I am   2. Do you own any SACDs?  Yes, I do   3. If so, what percentage of your collection is SACD vs CD or files? 3%   4. Is SACD/DSD decoding an important consideration when you're looking for a DAC?  Not at the moment.   5. If you owned a DAC that could be upgraded to playing SACD/DSD, what would you pay for the upgrade? Yes I would... In fact I'm looking for a bang-for-buck SACD-playing solution, being so many SACDs so...
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