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I think every "combo" producer call their combo's that way. They do not always price it that cheap though. 
Hi Jason, My idea for an end-game preamp would be an active stereo preamp AND monitor controller to put between the sources and the monitors (or power amp), but also between the sources and the headphone amp(s) featuring: A) Multiple FIXED-volume line-level outs that would just connect the preamp to someone's headphone amps. This way, you can put the preamp between the sources and some power amp, but also between the sources and the headphone amps. Like, two balanced...
In the end I think I will find myself spending 100 extra €uros for a pair of Momentum. Well, they do look cool, and are also mic'ed!!!I still hope not to have to though. I don't spend that kind of money in stuff I throw around and that carry in a bag with lots of other stuff etc. 
Thanks. I don't know man, all the AT's I've tried have the low mids too colored to my ears.  
Hi man, thanks for your answer Actually, in my mind, fatiguing would mean just "tiring, exhausting, draining"... I've never associated it to any particular frequency range.Just to closed-back headphones LOL. I think a flat headphone can be as annoying and tiring as a sharp one.I think I need a little more transparency, a little more openness. Not a sharp headphone, but just to perceive some more air and chime.cheers
Hi everyone, I'm back!  And my reference rig would still be my Lehmann clone + my Sennh HD650s! Why? I would need you guys and girls to suggest me a pair of closed-back, over-ear headphones for portable use, - "unamplified"!!! - (i.e. to be used with a smartphone in a library) that I would be able to bear. Please mind that closed-back HP's are generally way too fatiguing to me. After 20 minutes or so, I find myself taking them off in some semi-conscious state of utter...
wrong section
Yes you do. I was asking if you could also put the Mani phono preamp inside this daisy chain somehow.
I don't get whether one will be able to switch between the Loki, the Mani and a DAC of choiche without another switcher.
I was waiting for a phono preamp from you guys
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