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Could you share pictures of the actual set you are selling?
 I'm also curious if anyone has a comparison of the RNHP to the Lake People G109? The balanced inputs are very appealing.
 I think you'll really enjoy that combination. I know I have :)
I can't recommend the X20i / Herus+ combination enough. I look forward to listening to it everytime--sounds perfectly balanced to my ears, with nice bass impact. I can comfortably enjoy tunes on the road without missing my home setup; can't ask for much more in a portable setup 
 Klipsch has never just been about the SQ, at least for me. I generally hate the feel of IEMs, but find Klipsch's super comfortable. That said, I tolerated the X10/X11i for their SQ due to comfort, while I actually really enjoy the X20i for music. They don't sound great directly out of a phone, but when amped out of my laptop, they are one of my most enjoyable sets to listen to.
Probably, by warmer sounding, I mean the 880 is more veiled and has a smoother presentation as compared to the 1990 (A pads). The 880 is not a warm headphone by itself. Unquestionably, the 1990 has more body than the 880 in the lows & mids.
 As far as comfort, it is a step down from the DT 880 premium (I haven't tried the pro). There is more clamp on the 1990 and they will be just as warm. For sound, they each have pretty different sound signatures. The 1990 is more detailed and layered and has considerably more punchy low-end/bass. The DT 880 is warmer sounding, with bigger soundstage, and more natural sounding (to my ears). It wasn't just your setup, the DT 880 is a pretty bass-light can.
I recommend that you purchase the pads directly from Audio-Technica's parts department instead. Just email and ask about purchasing a replacement set of ESW9 pads (don't mention they're for the ES700).They charge $36.26 + $4 shipping for them in the US.
 For an iPhone 4S with iOS 7, the iPad CCK works perfectly with the C5D. JDS Labs recently made a blog post covering all of the DAC connection methods for Android and iDevices:
Really looking forward to receiving the WA7 soon. I just have a question for those pairing low impedance headphones with the WA7, such as the 25 ohm D7000 and TH900: which jack/output do you use? I've read the 1/8 "IEM" jack has an output impedance of 23 ohms, so I'm assuming that suits low impedance headphones better than the 36 ohm output of the 1/4. But, I'd prefer to ditch the 1/8 adapter and hook up my D7000 directly to the 1/4 jack.
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