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I recommend that you purchase the pads directly from Audio-Technica's parts department instead. Just email parts@atus.com and ask about purchasing a replacement set of ESW9 pads (don't mention they're for the ES700).They charge $36.26 + $4 shipping for them in the US.
 For an iPhone 4S with iOS 7, the iPad CCK works perfectly with the C5D. JDS Labs recently made a blog post covering all of the DAC connection methods for Android and iDevices: http://blog.jdslabs.com/?p=838.
Really looking forward to receiving the WA7 soon. I just have a question for those pairing low impedance headphones with the WA7, such as the 25 ohm D7000 and TH900: which jack/output do you use? I've read the 1/8 "IEM" jack has an output impedance of 23 ohms, so I'm assuming that suits low impedance headphones better than the 36 ohm output of the 1/4. But, I'd prefer to ditch the 1/8 adapter and hook up my D7000 directly to the 1/4 jack.
Couldn't agree more. Blows the M50 and COP out of the water.
I've had no issue driving the DT770 Pro-32 directly out of an iPhone 4S. The audio quality of the iPhone 5/5S is supposedly worse than the 4S, but it shouldn't sound as bad as you describe. Also, this wouldn't cause a problem exclusively for the iPhone, but if you are using velour pads, I've heard they alter the sound signature in a negative way, especially in the bass department. If you really find the DT770 lacking out of your iPhone, you might want to consider the...
Bump + price drop.
I bought these B&O A8s a few years ago from the Apple Store. I'm not a big earphone/earbud guy so they were only used on a few occasions   The earbuds/earphones work perfectly and are in almost-new condition. Sale includes the earphones, original box, manual/guide, extension cable and leather case (see photos).   I am selling them for SOLD including shipping (USPS Priority Mail/UPS) anywhere within the Cont. US, payment accepted through PayPal. Not interested in...
This listing is for a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 that  are in almost-new condition and have probably only seen 5-10 hours of use. Sale includes headphones and original 1/4 in adapter (see photos).   I am selling them for $65 including shipping (USPS Priority Mail/UPS) anywhere within the Cont. US, payment accepted through PayPal. Not interested in trades at this time.   Feel free to PM me with offers/questions as this is only my second classified here at Head-Fi.
Offer Pending.
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