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thats it!! i need hf1s... who wants to sell me one
bump/edit: also.. seems like some of the newer mid to high range grados have 8 conductor cable... any comments on opinions on that and how that would improve sq? i guess it would be very interesting to see if the quad recable trend goes by the wayside and emerge a new 8 conductor wire trend?
+1 for not worth it.. .unless you want to just practice and try recabling for yourself! good luck!
Here are some photo's you could use for your 3.5mm plug thread in the DIY section Regards, Sam
very interesting... id like to hear more about grado and their new stock 8 conductor cable ? are quad conductor cables going out of fashion? and 8 conductor wire the new hype?
ive been working in san diego for 2 weeks straight.. i love it here... and the women here are beautiful... cant go home ....... i wish i could post pics of last nights adventures but then id prolly be banned camped haha...
Quote: Originally Posted by jpelg x2. The use of the tv show as the vehicle for the story is quite innovative. I had total empathy for the characters. Those kids are all beautiful. x3
sorry to resurrect... but just had to bump this for more opinions..... especially on the upper ends .... and what awg wire grado phone uses in their phones? i guess im just trying to compare the 325i stock cable directly to the cardas 4x24 cable.... that seems to be a nice pairing and worthy upgrade....
1. find a member or learn to solder your own "plugs" *as seen in the diy make your own interconnect thread 2. find a mini 3.5 plug that you want to terminate with... either right angle or straight should be fine 3. cut off old plug 4. prepare / strip wire 5. solder on new plug 6. finish and enjoy that should be the rough outline... details of course should be filled in by careful soldering techniques. *edit... i personally think your best bet would be to find a good...
this is why i love this forum.. i was thinking about using a similar stranded gauge wire to braid and use in recable jobs... i knew this would be overly thick... i guess i just like the feeling of a thick cable (lol...) ill probably end up with cardas however.... not to go too far off topic.. but does anyone know anyone else beside moon audio to purchase cardas cable @ a good price???? search isnt providing much.
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