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ive seen a drag technique done with a pin tip... alteast i think ive seen it done with one? is it not possible without a wave tip?
wow viablue is looking real nice... i think im going to have to terminate or build something with the viablue connectors...they make awesome looking sleeving and shrink as well... all very expensive as well...
i agree i know its been beaten to death here.. but why grado... why couldnt you just add metal blocks and rod locks.... that woulda made these just that much better..... PS1000i anyone?
just purchased a set of sram red... reynolds full carbon clinchers... another set of dura ace 7900... and finished off my colnago with all period correct parts... what an expensive weekend.. ill have pics up shortly!!
apple white macbook... 2.4 GHZ intel core 2 duo 500gb @ 5400 rpm hd 4GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM Intel GMA X3100
damn me likey too.. but ouch on the price... sheesh... plug-fi is killing my pockets!
have : check sig.. want: ps1000.... (sure why not)
thats it!! i need hf1s... who wants to sell me one
bump/edit: also.. seems like some of the newer mid to high range grados have 8 conductor cable... any comments on opinions on that and how that would improve sq? i guess it would be very interesting to see if the quad recable trend goes by the wayside and emerge a new 8 conductor wire trend?
+1 for not worth it.. .unless you want to just practice and try recabling for yourself! good luck!
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