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Quote: Originally Posted by Bonthouse I am so glad I got some 22ga when it still was available, it sounds awesome with my HD25-1 Gonna try the Neotech UPOCC 22 or 24 with my D2000 soon edit.. just saw this .... any additional comments about NEOTECH UPOCC wire is also welcome.. i think i may also go with some 22 awg.... now just to find it cheap and in clear!
EDIT.. obviously i cant read.... ill try neotech..
double post delete.
sorry to bump but i think im going to place an order for vampire to braid into some headphone cable wire... does anyone know of any other spot to get it today.. or is cable co still my best bet???? ill just be ordering wire btw.... also if someone has a good source for cardas 4x24 that would be nice also..
sorry for my wallet... my bikes dont know how to share so had to get 2 sets 7900 sets and this is the only brooks saddle that makes it hard for me to sleep at night!!! so beautiful
does anyone have any links to mini3s with bass boost and/or adjustable gain switches???? i havnt seen anything like that.... my search came up empty thanks in advance
this is probably one of the greatest/craziest/insanest/awesomest/weirdest/etcest threads ive ever read in mylife.. thank you for this...
ive seen a drag technique done with a pin tip... alteast i think ive seen it done with one? is it not possible without a wave tip?
wow viablue is looking real nice... i think im going to have to terminate or build something with the viablue connectors...they make awesome looking sleeving and shrink as well... all very expensive as well...
i agree i know its been beaten to death here.. but why grado... why couldnt you just add metal blocks and rod locks.... that woulda made these just that much better..... PS1000i anyone?
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