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looks like im the new #1019!!!    :D   just completed a successful trade with HK-SENDS!    am im lovin em!
amazing !! love them!! thanks !
SOLD!! :D   ive been away from the fourms for quite a while... very excited to get these!!!  
panasonic lumix dmc-lx3 digital camera (leica dlux4's brother)
Bring it on: ALL or nothing.... -1000 out of 10 with this just being the absolute worst part of the movie.. HAYDEN PANITERRE KRUMPIN... or trying...
what splitter are you using at the Y? is that viablue? and what size is the entry and exit and what guage wire is that? beautiful cables btw.
Quote: Originally Posted by fatman711 No, go to they sell the vampire for $1 a foot - CCC 20gauge I think in PVC. It's been a while, go check it out for yourself. go! is this the stuff??? because on percy i guess its now $2 a ft.... for CCC.... and whats magnet wire?
i use the black and decker works fine works great with all generic dremel attachments and is half the price! however working with a small hand held rotary tool made me realize how much more i needed their larger counter parts.....
Quote: Originally Posted by guitarplayer Vampire hasn't had any of their CCC wire in stock for quite a while, they have the OFC with PVC, but none of the CCC with PVC. I used to offer all the Vampire bulk wire for sale, but haven't been able to get it in quite some time. I think the cost of copper drove them out of the raw wire business. Too bad, it was a nice, inexpensive, wire. Peace, Lee ive been in contact with vampire wire for...
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