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thanks woody cant wait!!!! 
just took the test.... straight out of my MBP w/ grado hf-2 plugged directly in... im sick at home with a cold... (not sure if that affects anything) however i was pretty easily able to pick out which one was the better tracks ... i would agree that track/sample probably isnt the best test... very very minor increase in SQ on details from lows and highs
looks like im the new #1019!!!    :D   just completed a successful trade with HK-SENDS!    am im lovin em!
amazing !! love them!! thanks !
SOLD!! :D   ive been away from the fourms for quite a while... very excited to get these!!!  
panasonic lumix dmc-lx3 digital camera (leica dlux4's brother)
Bring it on: ALL or nothing.... -1000 out of 10 with this just being the absolute worst part of the movie.. HAYDEN PANITERRE KRUMPIN... or trying...
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