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sorry i think just ipod classics and the bunch.. not iphone 3 or 4
  Up for sale like new ALO Audio Cryo Dock cable, very lightly used (~18-20 hrs.)     Info on the ALO cable can be found here:     New will cost you  $85 + $10-13 Shipping My price $60 SHIPPED. (extra for int'l plz PM for more info)     this is the same cable from vvs_75.... this appears to be one of the older cryo...
i love my audioengine a5 w/ wireless adapter   and you can always add a sub... or you can do a2
WOW how did i miss this thread... hhaha   i had to renew my driv lic... so one friday morning on my day off i ran out to the dmv... took my iphone and my GRADOS 325 goldies.... i had them plugged in and was listening to them while standing in line (pretty quietly since they are open cans). a kid behind me came up and asked about my headphones and asked me if i wanted to check out his BEATS by dre (im guessing hes assuming i like headphones and mine probably looked...
i too would love to see someone open this thing and see if they can repackage it into a custom case and find a way to attach a battery/pack or something to it to make it a little more portable?   pure i-20 hacks/mods anyone :D  
i was going to mention dont forget the source ... shiny cables and all the other things you would need.... T__T  it did sound really good tho.... coming from a grado only house ... planar magnetics did sound really good/impressive/different
ive been out of the scene for a while... one day purchased some GRADO HF-2 w/ RSA PREDATOR ... the GF came home... and said.. "how is this any different from the other headphones you have and never use" the next day i see her in the living room on the couch listening to some FLAC music on my laptop she says" THANKS FOR THE NEW TOY... i hope you get another for yourself now"   a few days later we end up at T.H.E. SHOW in newport beach... we got to sit down at the...
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