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ahh.. i was totally sold on some MTPC or MTPG but i can't help but look up and research every thread on UETF10s. i actually was looking for some fun slightly colored bass heavy in ears... but i just can't help but thinking I'm going to love these UETF10s despite the looks and comfort issues. i currently have a RSA PREDATOR which i hear matches up quite nicely with the headphones as well...  also the fact that i can upgrade the cables could be nice, probably get something...
not sure if i was on before or after i had my grado 60s but I'm sure it was really close to then
  long time member here.. (posting here and there as it pertains to me) i think this is also something i notice quite a bit.  its like i can leave the forum and come back every few yrs and see literally the same questions flooding the top.  with a few other flame threads mixed in.    What headphones for me?  are grados good? beats/bose sucks! post your opinions  etc.   but in the end even though there is an increasing number of equipment, gear, etc. there will be an...
ha i knew this question was gonna come up somewhere ... i think i am for sure... after owning and climbing up the grado chain and reading some prelim reviews i think the ps500 will be right up my alley.
sold sold sold! thanks bronco
sorry i think just ipod classics and the bunch.. not iphone 3 or 4
  Up for sale like new ALO Audio Cryo Dock cable, very lightly used (~18-20 hrs.)     Info on the ALO cable can be found here:     New will cost you  $85 + $10-13 Shipping My price $60 SHIPPED. (extra for int'l plz PM for more info)     this is the same cable from vvs_75.... this appears to be one of the older cryo...
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